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Foreign Recognition Of The South

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KRN CONFEDEUAOÏ. It id B!I(] by pül'snns wh.i assuine to know tho sucrets of tho leading secesión sympaihi.ers in tho N"ltb, tlnit the recent nows ircwn tha rebel agenta in Londen nnd Paris ia extremely gratifying to the traitors. The gist of t his reported intelligvnce ia, that tho Engüsh and Frencf) governments h.tvoba coma saiii-tiod th;-it unlesn Charleston and Bichtnond can be inimediately taken by the Federal troop, Rtervention wouid have to becorne a necessity, and recognition of tho Confedérate govorn inent cons tule its result. It ij iep resenled that Slidil -has, after many interviews with tho menibera of tho French administration, mado np his rn nd that the Sinpernr is well disposed tnward the South - the rettson beinjf thut his designs oo Mexico can only be carried out, in cor.neotinQ with the independente nf the Oulf Slates and thrcuigh the arined assistanuo they are piesuined to have proilered Louis Napoleón in elieoiing tliose designs. - A Biikiiiiciro coirespondont of the N. Y". IJtrald dtates ihat the following is the progran.ino, as reported among the leuding seeeesionis's there: "The E ni per or has sounded Mr. Dayton on the subjeot, and fonnd that tliere is no hopo of his over gaining the consent of the United Suites, muub loss its aid, in nny su;h projjot, which would, indeed, rosnlt in the crection of n inonurchy in Nerlh America; and he is, thorofure, exueedwigly anxious to make fucti a troaty with tha Southern Confederacy. It would si'ein ihat Mr. Südell has been :isured of the active inlervention of the Fronch Emperor in behalf of the Southern Confederacy, even to thy nxtent of furnisiiing troops to servn in America, on coiuli ion of a treaty being made to the effent that the Soul tien; Oonfederauy will nut only not oppose his designa in Mexico, but will, on the olher hand, as.-ist thoin after the present war is over, with a: forcé of 100,000 troops. Mr. Slidell can seo m objeción to itucta a iroatv being mide except that at soine future lime the Southern Confedeiiicy will wish to annex a part at least of Mexico, f not the wholo II' such a treaty, theieforo, should be presented to him, he would endeavor to have inserted in it a olause by wbich the consent of the Emperor will be Rtipulated to tho annoxalion of a portion of Mexico to the Confederacy. As the secessionists nre ready to demónstrate thut neither Charleston nor Kicbmond can be taken by thr Federal troops, they nre in a high state of glee because of the abovo roports Irom abroad. A Washington correppondont of the New York Wrld furnishü! un assoti ate rumor, which also tended to choer the hearts ët the Northern secessionisti1. It is that JeflF. Davis has cent a special mussenger to the Courts of St. James and St. Cloud, wilh dispatches of a private nature dimnding tho immediate recognition of the Southern CoDfederaoy. - Boston Journal.


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