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Cowardice Among Officers

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General Kuyes, i.i his report of the baldo dí Fwr Ü;iks, maltes sotne reinarles upon tho dJethntrtful subject of cowardice, froiti whioh we nv.ike an extract below. It a to be wished tbat such nn anergetiu poliey ns ihat expresscd by öeneral fLeye? luid been gunerally fulloued, and iliat confessed ciiwardn bearing oiMiwnwsions had been striotlv dealt with, as req'.iired bv the discipline jf evaiy goaé urniv. The General miy. : "1 iliould ba glad f lbo name et evory individual who kept liiti piaoe iü llie lang striiirgie oour.l ba kliown. All tliosu deso; v praise and reward. On lila ollier hand, thu men whft lift thu rnnks and the fihi, and eNjiuckdly thu ollicers vhf went away wiitiout o'-ders, liniikl ha icoown and held lip to senrn. In s;inu of ihe ivtreuting groiips I (tineoved iffieers ; and so:no:iines the offl ors wero i'urtliest in the rcar. Wbat hope cii'i we havo of tho ealuty oj ;he country, when even u few military cffi cers turn thi-ir backs upon the enemv without orders? Sueh {Heers should be dischargad and diugmoéd, and brave, miMi advanccd to their places - Thu task of retonnation s not o;isv, becanso miK-h tr'iie maniioess has been sullochted in delnding theorie, ;nd the iuiprovement ui 1 not be complete unlil vulor is more csteemed, nor unt:l ve adopt ns a maxitn that to decóralo a oward with slnnild.-r atrapa is to pave the ruad to a nation'e ruin."


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