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"conditional Unionism."

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Dcfeocrata, because they havo insistcd that tho tJoverntuont imiat put down the rcbollioi) without trw.pHn the Consti tu'ion' uuder fout; béoaueo tliey h;ive urged respect ior and obodie&eo to the }ny liüo engaged in g tho robe! b'ic!; to thcir ollegmnce, havo been s. .! '1 al as "■■flnditioiinl UuiOD niG.ll." But Uopublicung muy 'demaiid a poli'" ia::' iuMi-t upoii Copgress legisla tingor the States, and upou the President issuing proelamations uullifying the plainest provisious of ihe Constitutioii, as a condition of their voting supplicsor encouraging onliötments, and it is all right, - i Tliiá is the differeneu betwist tweedie dum and twccdle den, a solution of the vexed question which has so long troubled every school boy. A caso in point. Congress has passed a confiacaticn act, whiuh bj the higliest authority coofessedly atraina the Oonstitution to its utmost, - even if it does not cscccd the bounds, - and the President has issued bis order ! for tho enforcemeut of tbat act. The act, the Prcsideut's preparcd vuto messiga dcfiotng his iuterpretation cf it, and his order for i's esecution, we gave in our last issue. The radical Rupublicaas do not likc this ordur; it is not stringent enough; it is not bitter cnough to drive olf the Union men of the ''Border States;" it does not proc'aim absolute freedom to all the slavos of the South, and it, theret'orc, acoordwg to theso radicáis, souuds the deoth-knell of lbo Uuiou. Ilear what tho New-York Tribune says: "If tliis is all that is to be done by thu govermuout i.i obcdience to the confisoulion-emaucipatiou act, then the Union cause will have boen Jalalhj wounded in the house of ils frunds. No ecjuivocating, higglintr, tiair-gplittiug, hnug-Dack policy will now save it. Uule-s the alavés aro giveu to onderstand - and that specdily - that the Union wants their services cuough to give theia liberty therefor, tlien the rubelliou can iievev bu put down." Tho President inakes bis order corres pond with the constitutional provisions of the confiscatinn act, wisely ignoring the uneonstitutional features, vvlieieupou we aro told tbat the Union cause is "fatalli wounded in Uw house of its friends;" that - a fair iuterpretaticn of tbc languago - if the Constitutiou is to bo observed, ulhe rebellion can never Ie put down." Is this conditioinl Uiiioiiitiii? Is this patriotism par excellent? Is thÍ3 a gener ons, wbole-souled support of the Governmeut? Does this indícate the least desire for a preservation of the Constitutiou and a restoration of the Union? BO Tlie (iovernaí oí Pennsylvnnia lia eailed out his quota of tho 300,000 men, '21 resirnents, for nine monttis ínsteud of Ihree years, and the President has ordéred thern mustered n tur ihat time. Tiüs is dono uncler eet ion 3 cf an rtot pwrad just beforo the uïjournment, wbich aiilhorized the Prenideht to.. accept 100,003 ninu monllis' volunteors, Pennsylvania is the only Stuto tfi-at has clíiimed tho benefit of thu short term prdvi.síon, and need not be proud of liur didtinolion. These iiine-inonths' mun gct a bounty of $2-3 hen mustered into service, but no bounty when disoharged. - Section 4 of the sumo act autliorizes the President to accept tho servicos of enough voiunteers for twelvo months, if Dot sooner discharged. to fi]l the regiint'iits now in the field. Tho bounty to this clans of volutiteers is fixed at 6óO, one half to bo paid on being inustercd uto service, and the balance when disuharged. Perhapa Gov, Blaiu mtghl tho more readily fill the Michigan Rogiments in the field by ordering tho enlistraent oí men under this section. Many imn would onlist for one ycar who think they cannot for tbreo. lör Tho City Council of Detroit has voted a loan ot $40,000 to próvido a bounty of $50 to cach resident of the city who sholl enlist in the new regiment?. Tho lonn is contingent upon the next Legish'turo and a citizona' meeting sanctioning the.ict,and citizens are to lend tho city the money, running t!io risk oí ita being repaid. ín nddition a citizens fond is being raised sufficiont to givo each resident of the city enlisting in Col. MouROw'a Kegiinent an addilional bountv of 030, Miich wil] ma';e a bounty oí $80 to recruits for tlie 2 th. This ouglit to insuro tbe gpeedy filling i:p oí tho regiment. ni - i


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