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of Jacksoli, g announced as commandant oi' tlie camp of tho 20lh Iufantry, to fundcvous at Jackson, from wliicli we Emppusu that Col. IIlguks dcclined - Col. LlVEKMOiiK was a delegato to tho Charleston öönvention and has nevcr Iiavl ny love for the "seccóhers." We judge that be eould light tbeiu without any scmples, though è dcn't know that lic desigug to tai o tlic tield. - Licut. llirain S. Warner, of Marshall, has been appointed Adjutant of the regiment, and Liout. Jas. A. Diviglit, of Ypsilanti, Quartermastor. J&3ST" The annual meoting of the Michigan State Teachers' AasoOÍáilou is to ba held at Ilillsdalo, August 19th, 20th, and 21st. Arrangcmeiits have been made with the scveral railroada to I gwofiee return tickets to the sevcral members present, aud the officers hope íor a largo attendance. %ÍÍ" Gov. Maqoffix, of Kentucky, has issued a cali for the Legislatiuo to convene on the 14th iust., to provide ineshs for the protection of the citizons against luarauding bauds, aud to consider the latü action of Congress and the President touching the slavery question. jg"A cittzen of Detroit, too modest for a wor.der to permit thu public to have bis name, has placed 100 in the hands of Col. Moiliiow as a bounty to bis llegimental Color-lJoarcr, and pledges tbc bcarer SlUÜ moro at the close of tbc war if tho colurs shail uot have been lost in battlo. L LT Gov. Tod, of Oiiio, bas ovdercd tbc enrollment of uil ablo bodied men in the State, and given notiee that if the new rogunents are not filled hy the 18th inst. drafütig will comiiience. Tbe ''Buekeyes" ought not to wait for a draft. Ohio is a ' border State,'1 aud 'the wolf is at her door." Ei? Ciias. A. Thompson, Sr., of Kal amozoo, has beem oofrwnlssioned by the Governor as Secniid Liöntenant, was mustered into t,he United Statea service on the 24ih tilt , and is actively enI gnged in reccuiting;a compuny for the ! 19th Michigan Jnfantry. Ciiahlf.y gradnatt-d at the University in 18GJ, and has 6Íii(jo studied htw and cnterecl into practice. Ho is a young raon c pood Killen t and greafc onergy, and we tliink will rnako n first-rato offioer. AVe wish him suo;:css in his new fiul'l of labor, and trust that lbo boys of Kfïhiïnazoo will rally a round him, and then et and by him u long as ho "l'ollows the ihg and beeps step to the musio ol tho TJnion." - IIkmky A. Faas, a practical prin ter, a fino scbolar, and good lellow - of lato local editor of lbo Kalamazoo Guzette, - s engnged with Ciiakley in ge'ting up tlio oompnny. Mr. Ford attoiided one courso of law leotures bere, :ind won a liost of iiiends. X5S The ru:i. ñus of Miij. John. D. Faikbanes, of ihü F.l'th Michigan Infuiilry, arrived in Djtroit on rJ'ie.dav iiuiniiiig, and tho funeral obsequies took plaoe yesterdny. Tho attendanco w:is largo and tho services impressivi'.


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