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Relief For Sick Soldiers

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Communc:ition i'rum QunrtermasUr General t unlain. Huvinir recently visited tho army on Jumes Biver and learcod their wants, by dirtHJtion of our Governor, who i ever wauhful ui the welfare of the eoldierrt that have so nobly ropreieated our State, I furnistaed our eieü with a tekuporary supply of comforts, at tho ézpuDM ui' the State; bul as this supply is only B ten.porary ono, our mui willsoon miffbr, tinlesa from our abundancè they itre iurlher relieved. Our Boldiera have lived so long without vegetable diet thnf it iá of the utmost importiincü, not only to thu sick, but to tho ivell, that suppliea shuuld be luniished promptly. A kind Frovidencü has íurnislied us berriïsand fruit in great profnáiop, intimating to us that, aniidst an abundancp, wo shoulil not iorgut our patriotic citizon soldiers vho havo ristud their lives in main tujnins; our go eminent, lo entibie us to njoy in pence God's bcuntiés, I ain dircuted by tho Governor to appeal to thosu hu are permitted to livo peacefully at honie, to devoto a litlle uf iheir time and a frmall expenso, in dfying and preparing fruito (or the uso of our Michigan t-oldiurs in thu Army of the Poti-inac, believing tliis apDflul will Iju responded to so chcurfullv and liberally that nut only the .siuk wül bo relievcd, but tliat urinugb may be furoisbed that the well may share in yur liberaliiy, thereby preventingsickiilw, and saving many valuab.'e lives, bt'sides telling theni that the:r edoria aro aipreciated and reinernbered by friends at homo. Tho ladrea and the children can now havo nn opportühi'y to busr '.heinselves lor a short time in this laudaMu uiukrtaking, and will bo uro to rectivo the grateiul thanks of tliu soldiert) mado comfortablo by their atiention. All kinds of dried fruit.s are noedod. Dry your currants, chenies,raspbeiries, &j., in silgar; also tnake thera up in jellies and jams. When blackberries are abundant,put thein up in preferuaco to other benios or fruits. Dried apples and penchos will also be very acoeptablo. When tin cans can be had, they had better be used in place of glasn or uiirtlien, on account ol weiglit and brea;:ge. Seal up the jollies securely, and pack in barrels in preference to boxes. Picklefl of all kinds ia vinegar are desiiablo. Pat them in packages not iarger than half barrels. It ia desirablo that as many as possible of these soppliea bo forwarded to me ut Detroit, before Sati-rday, Aiigut-t Ëth. with the freight puid. JlaiU euch barrel or packago with n strong card, wiili the contenta marked on each package, that they may be readily assorted and re-niiirked for tl.eir final destination iilso write by mail deseribing each packago. Letters, and, when tho parlios have oon tribu led to this general supply, s.-nall ]i:ickages, not exceeding tivo pounds in wt-ight, will be cheeclully taken carej of and dislributed to individuril ineinbers of tho First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, Eighth and Sisteouth liugunents, on James River. These suppliee go to nosanitary commiltees, but. by diroction of the üovêrnor, I shall take them direct lo our own .-oldirrs, and persoually deiiver Ihem to ach regiment.


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