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Death Of Major Fairbanks

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Thu followiDg diepatoh was received Friday tifternoon by Mr. II. II. Hodgson, brother-io law of the deceased: "Washington, July 25, 1S62. "Mnjor Fairbaoks died this morning. We start with his ruinuina to Detroit, Sunduy. "II. J. ALVORD." Major Pairbnnka was ono of tbo tneinbers of tho Detroit Liffht Guard, in whieh lie took tntich pri'de. He enli.stcd with the First Michigan regiment of threo inonths' troopg, under thogallant Ooi. Willoos, and was Adjutant of tho regiment. Ho re-enhsted for the war in ihe 5th5 Regiment, under Col. Türry, nul was Rppoiuted Major. He was in the battlo ''i Buil Run, and was in the hard figlit at Willianisbnrg, and the late series of battks on tho]y,where he reeeived a fatal wound in the breist. Majar Joha D. Puirbanks was born in Charleston. N. II., we think, and at tho time of his dealh was about tbrtytwo years old. lic had buen a reident of Detroit over fifteen years. ]Ie was in his early days a clerk for our respected fL-llow-eitiüur, Chauncey Hulbuit. but for a number of years has been a tnember of the finn of Hayden ie Faiibanks. Somo four yepr.s since, wlien elected a rneinber of tho Common Council Irom theGth ward, he withdrew froin this finn, and beeamean employee of Messrs. Lymaii Baldwin & Co, which siluation he lult when the war broke out. Major Fairbanks was vvell known in Detroit, and universally esteemed for many qtialities. He was an exernplary citizen, a true friend, and a bravo soldier, who has offerod up his life for the preservation of those freo inutitutions he lóved so wefl. líe was a oommunicant in Kt. John's Episcopal Churcli, in tliia city. Ho leu vee a widpw and no children. Mrs. Fairbanks was with him during his last


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