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Money lo Lcnil. f TAN FURXIÍH MONKY on ruaonal)le Urn inJ long time on goud Kuim securitv. E. W.MORGN. Aun Arbor, July 22, 1SC2. 8621Í TO ARMS ! TO ARMST FKIJLOW CFTZEN:?, Svereïgiw of the Crcit RépaV lic.our inertie are in danser ! Au unspariog,un irrupüloud f (je is at the Castle-gate ! rr 1 1 : 1 1 wi m.!Tt ounelvea 'o be taken? Shall we Bit tjutetlj in uur places while traitors rob ua f our bïrthriglit' (JnO forïii , To arun, tiïeo I I-et us show by oar (iof'U thit teenceof huroes ari not extinct- th:it we are worthy tO ii.hTit tl e land our ffctberí ródeemöd for m The I'rosident calla for 200,0 Ü inoie men. Iienumber that money cannol suppiy tlieii places. Our frienda on the taille plain cali U u for bèlp. Can we refuse thenaf- Dutjr, païriotism, frienilship, all c;ill uu 'o be soldier, anl urse us tolill up the ranks of tbe Union Armjf.y VyOmpany, for iiiê Twent'eth Regiment, ia not jet fatl, but I hope will be in ton days. ThoM wlio v'h lo join m.v Coinpny and go wilh me sboaM glve m their names iiumcdiately. WKNDELL P, WILTalE, Captad. ÜO FOR EtTBOPE 1 .IJSWMk STEAH WKKKI.Y TO , íá LIVERPOOL, T-7Ïf ip 'iVSn il JT. iiVm COR K. Ireland. LIVERPOOL, NEW YORK & PHILADEIPHIA 8TEAMSH1P COS STEAMERS. CITY OF I.ONI ON, i CITY OV MANCHESTER, ■510 Torn. 'VSitoai. CI1Y OF NEW YORK, ETSA, T1 Tod. 25C01ons. KlllNUUKtill, '_'197 TonJ. CITY OF BAI.TIMORE, KAtJGAROO, 1S74 " 2367 Tona. GLASGOW, 19 3 " CITY OC WASHINGTON, BO3MIORUS, 448 " 2880 One of the above Steamers wiil leavo NTew-York erery SATl'ROAY. f noatl, from I'ier 41. N, R. nnl Unrpocl every WEUXEáDAY. Ratea of Passage. HRST CABIN,TO LIVERPOOL A.N'U L'ORK, t& " " '■ LOSOON, 90 " " ' I'ARl-, HAVRE, HlMUl'Rü auil BKKMEN CABIN PASSENGEIiS have n'.thing to provi fof thovoyagc, andaré alloweJ 20 cubic leot iS lugi! Tree. STKERAGETO LIVERPOOL AND CORK Í35 " " LOXDOX, (by rail from Liverpool,) M " 1'akis. .....: " " HAVRE, HAMBURG aml UKESIEN', 40 Thce ?tcaraers in built ie wateT-tight irou st-cUoüai are supjjliL'l with [i:ilcnt lire annihilxtor-s au l carrr uspvriöoCAd Surgeons. llieir averago pasMigy MWU tbü Allanti in from 10 to 12 lays. and tho accoMTOoJ' liou autl attealuuoe is oaual fcu tlmt oí aivy &tMU3n iaat. . TICKCTS SOLD for both av. hj K. B. POffD, At tlic office of the Michigan ArgIURECRUITS WAlSTTED, A Reoruiting office will b opLMied ■ R ftt tlic store of SluwsorvA Geer, to fill A ■tt out a ooinpauj being oi'gniii.oil fur jfi Pn the SÓth Regiment. The thinl Pfl ]n ar;3ion;l District should not bo M ií!; bind the rest. . OUIt COMTRV CAIiS! Michigan preserve the reputstion of hor gallan t Sons. Sien are wanted, ní disciplinad men to lend them . An opportunity is iinw afforded to join a compnny with gooi and abie officers nlio h'ive teen service. Thosc wisliintojoin should enroll tlieir naracs noie. Tliu will secure ihem a pofiitioii in the Regiment. An extensión wilt ie cel unlil after hartest. Ke Teren cee - Gov. Felch, Rev. Sam'l. Corueliu, Dict. Woodruff, James B. Gott. Fürtber partioulara furnisbed at Slawsoa and Gi'er's store. ! 6G2tf WM H. RANUALL, Captain. Mortgage Sale, Dl'TAl'LT havir.g boen made in the coirütion of ' mortgage, executed iy James HiitTey, of Frcedoiftj in th ('uinity Of Washlrnaw, an.l SUta oí Michigan, i to lianiel P. Keyes, of Lima, Countv aforcsaiil. bcarin : rtato tlie S9tb chy of Match, A. D. 1ÍSB, i'l iccordeJ the sAme Uav in lUo Reglster's Ollice of sait oount, ï2 n'cloek, P. M.InLIbcr is ..f MoctjLags, paje 265 wüicll saiil niortgago was dulv assigue'-t bv the s'" I'aniul P. Keyesto Thomas II itf'v on tlio lèth 'lay "■ Fcbrnary,.. 1)., 185!, am! recorded on the 2Sth iï of May,"l857,at 1IJÍ n'clook, A. M, in l.ibi-r 18 Mor1j;aires. p.nge 5i and it'tf !7ju(1s asigtiod bv 1 irnaas llaiTcy to Hargant HalTey, on the Utli .lay uf Julyi i-."3. ;lnil roconlotl in the Regwter'a ofhoe of Wasïiten Oounty afoesaU, on Ita, Tth day of April, 180!, at 10V o'olock, A.M., in Liber 1 of Mortgages, page 2f5, o trhjol) Baid r.ioriij.ige tliorc is cïairaei to iliie at tbe iltt bfrt'Of, threc hundreü and thirty-one dol!ar. J101 fxty-four cnto,aud no uuit or prüceediiij.'; at la liav' ing beun institutetl to recover the debt nutf Uic or af part Lltt'reof. and tlic power of sale in aitl nutrís! imvinp bceome operativc, Holioc i licreby Riven tM on tbc 23'hüayáí Ooiobtr, 18(2, at 2 o'clnck in t"f afterno. n llio front door of Iho l'oun House, in the CnnjiH of Wasbtenair, avA Stat ot Michigan, Ihorc will be noM at public venduc to IW hilu-st bifUior, the lftn(l6dnBcribcd in Kaid mortagft or so mucl;tbere.f a". may bc noces.ary ir HAtisfy aiaiuntduoat Ihotlaleof tlli notice, with the expo"' fies of Halo, viz: All that cortain oiece or pareel of lïu lyini; in the town of FWinm aforesaid, aDd describe a's followK, vu: Th weit half of the north-west qf ter oí toction Kumber flvo. tonnsliip thr oo range four oatt, eontaining ifty-all acre? and fb"'V eight huodredths of fin acre. MAROAftn HAFFEV, A.Eigne. Jonpi N Oott, Attoratj' iBti, j-a; 2. isea


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