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Washington, July 28. Tlio Petersburg Expras of the 20th says, editorially ; " Whilst iré are dis posod to believe this is pretty generally the truc aspect of the matter at the North, our belief is uevcrtholess uot founded upon the statements of the Yaukee journals, aud we cautiüii the people of the South not to allow their minds and measures to bc inüuenced by such wortbless authority. " Again, we should repudíate all tliis tattle of them about the sluw progresa of recruiting, and look upon it üs ouly a ruse by whieh they are seeking to throw the South off her guard, atid thus cause her to relax preparations for inereasing her forces and strengthcning her defenses, so as to put berself in a proper position to cope with a largely augmented Federal anuy." The samo paper has a telegram dated Knoxville, July 24, wLiofa says : :'Col Morgan seads by special courior to tho headquarters of Teunessee a dispateh froin Georgetown, Ky., stating that he had taken eleveu oities aud towns, with a very hcavj amount of nnuy .stores, and that he has a forcé Bufficient to hold all the country outside of Loxington and Frankfort, whlch places are chiefly garrisoned by Home Úuards. The brigades betweeu Lcxington and Cmciunati have all been destroyed." ïbe Examiner says ; " At a late liour Sunday night, we were informed that a skirmish took place yesterday niorning at Malvern Hill, betweun a small portiou of our forces and au advance guard of the enemy. We could iiot learn the particulars. Scveral soldiers wouoded in the skirmish arrivcd iu the city last night." The Examiner also coutains the following : " Twenty two pieces of artillery, part of the cighty pieces taken by the Jritish from the Russiaus at the battle f Inkennan, acd presented to the Con'cderacy by Britisli merchants, brought ver in the Nashville, have arrivcd at Maeon. They ber.r cvidence of having een service. Witb. fiouie alteratioos hey will hereafter spoak for theinselves n a uiannei1 high'y creditable. Soine hirty eight pieces moro aro espected at he sume place " We find the following in the edi'orial oluiuiis of t lio same paper : ' The tjreat cecsity of maiiitaiiiing our army in its atuial efficiency = nianilest to every lie Our enemy bnñkd, but not bruken, nd u giant in power, is gatlicring bis orees and ordciing eiiormous leviea of Vesh men, &e. He is prepared to reew tiie onset with frantic euergy - 'bis s no time for our soldicrs to scater ; on the contmry cveiy man should e a t Ins post ready to resiüt or strike." The Charleston Meroury states that lie s'eaiiiers Nasbville ond Kate, which ecei-tly brouglit valuabie carfíoes of rms ai.dainn)unitioninto a Southern port, iave suceeeded in muking thelr way out o sea in spite of the blockado squadron t the port whero they cscaped,"


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