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The Crops At Home And Abroad

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Jlirijipn jlrpl Krm iho N. Y. vv'orld. It i bow tólerably well -otled that the Europeun demand lor American gralii 11 not bè as lurgti for iho e-mi ing e it has been tur the past year. T-ne gmiii erop of lSGl in Europe wih, oa tli wh'le, a failure, ov;ng lo 1111uually wet wealhur, wliilu llio American crup, iiHhoilgll not as abmiriiinl by perhap'tonty pr cent. au in 1800, whb largo o"oiiji.), willi vvhat was lef 't over tii in tl o pieviuu yeur, t iurn'bh on iiiu.ijn.-e amount for export. Tlio pood Borvice it JiJ iw ia tlio fuilure of tho csottiin rcMiitlar.ces ubroud ia til, but wo foaf iliat tlns yoAr our export of gratri caiinot ba as 1 iryo by n:any inüliii,s ijf bushels as it was Uft year" tfhould we import as laig;ly, iiiid no c'tton go lorwurd, goi] wilt go forwai d in ivat qnuntilieö tü p:iy , ance; and ihis uiiplens-int touUunoy of thinys will ba lusoelonued by our dpreciated paptr currency. The tulliwis HU'iiiuury will give an idua of tho stato o( tho crops iu Europo as pur tast udvic: In Alguiiaanl Italy tho har.est is over, but ihe erops aio les.s thfln an ' average, though largar than last year. Iu Spain the wheiit 'm benig gntliered, oud Slioutd fair vveather tnld out, a fair erop will b.j róalized. In Gtirwany ti)i'i-j will be loss ihun an average erop, and iiiL's;![iK is irnu of Southern Kuseia. Tho erop in Franco will bo lair if the harvcsting wmithër i only fair. - Thi) probpeut in Ëngtand is not g';d, thongh inuch botter than last yoar.- Fine vveather beture and dnring harvest would niiike a great d tïoronco in tho yield. Tlie orep in Northern Europe does not promiso moro than au average. In this country the erop will be fair. East of tha lakes iho whuat md rye crops will be obiindiint. Trio lall wh'.at at iho West will bu f.irabove tlio nverage, wliiiu thy .pring heat erop -ill l;e iniich .sma'lor t hun usual. The diversion oí' labor to the war vill probably diminish ihe yild of our farms fiflëcn per cent. Tu this ia to bo added the loases caused by the ravages ol war in tl;e border States, whiuh will make a serious ditlercuce ia the net re su:t. It will thus be seen that there will be an abuudahes of flour and wheat for home uso, and plenty in addition to esp ft, should it be neeuüd abroad. The procpect for hipoiéntó throusjhout thu yer is good if not so promising :is lust year,


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