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Hogs In The Apple Orchard

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Frora the Ani.;ric;in Agiicull.uUt. Nnbocy senda sucii uppie to market as rnv neighbor John Jacob. He uiways has ipples to sell and guts the highest priee. Fulks preior fair, large applos; mui such aru alwuys paoked in Jacobs' Inirrels. You might searoh them with : candía and not fiad a kn:tty fruit r a worm hole. Such Rhodu I-land Gi-Boninar and Roxbury BuMtfa I have never met with in the old States. Thoy are au hand -ome i anythingin tho virgiu wila of tho nest. I was gning by Jacobs' orohard last Slimmer, and I had the curiosity tocall nud examine lor mysulf. Says I, "Nuighbor, what is thero in your soil tbat UKikes sinch tiinoolli largo apple.-? Thev ure a ihird larger ihati unyihing 1 caiget, und my trees look a well as yours " "The secret is not :n the soil," John replied, wüfo a twinkle in his oye, "bilt on it. Do yon seo thosu gruntero there? Mv pork bringa me fiity cents n pound, - i-ig:t in tlosh, und the balancu in Irüit 1 bejrao to pasture inv orchard ten feur 10 with hogs, and 6Ínce that linie l h ivo had 110 troublo with winmy fruit. Appli-n, au a general thirrj?, dof i 't lail from 'h tree unlM BOmetliing ík tho matter of them. The npple-worm and curculio lay their eggs in the fruit, and lliu apples drop early. Tho pia t'evour the apples, and by September overy unsomid apple 18 íoiio and I havo nothinij hut tair fruit left. - The erop ol Rsectsfnr the nest war is destroyed ly tho pig. They root round under the treos, keep the soil loose, manure the land some and work what maJiure I pread The applos help the pig, and the pigs hlp the ajiples. 1 Siiw John's secret at once and have prolited by it I never had 8o few infcects as tliis fprinjt, and I give the pigs credit lr it. In turninff tho oruhard into ; pasturo put in 2''o' - p' 'llll( pikes wth Bno'itö like levers. You rnight loso tie'.'s as well as insects in that case. But well bied animali, tvilh judicious snouts, will root in a subdued und chritian-liko inunnor.


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