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I'UBMSHED svERY Fkidav MOMMIG, in tho Third Story of tho üïick liluok, cornur of Main and Uuicn Strceta Uw ÜrM fcljíeítfto Co., M'cbigw Kntrancc on Huren átroet , uposite tLe Kranklin. ELIHU B. FOND Jüclitor and. IPublislier. tKSMS, I,5O A ÏEiK IN ADVANCE. ADVERTISIKG. On square (12 Unes or Less) one eek, SU cents; and 16 eats evei-y inaertkin ther. aller, tMB thun thretJ" wlm 3 montlis.. . .$3 Quartercol. 1 year 2C né do 6 do ■■■■'■ Ulfcoraine" " j lveir .8 Half do 1 year Bt Aiivcrtlsoments unttccompanied by written orverfÏÏirections will b puilúhfd untfl Otderei out, and Charged accordiugly. !cal advertisenients, first inscrtion, 50 cent per olio !5 cents per folio for each subscqupnt insertion. B'he'n a postponement ia added lo an advertís. m nt the irhole willbe ohMgcd the wme as for firat mscition. JOB FSÖijTIlSrO-. PampWets, Hand-bills, irculars, rards, Ball Tickets, ,nd .tter rietie. of 1 . in and lancy Job, ooitad .thprompíKíM.jnáinthe best sttu. BOOK B1NT1TKG. Connectod with tlw Office is a Bo Btodery 1B cliarge B.aeat and .'... -,1,1o m!n„er, at Petro.t pnces. Ln raDct,toBin.lervniro,iK-l) "-l's Offi


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