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Business EimiBtt. " CÁRDS! CÁRDSÍTCARDS!!! how itis d'-no All Losses promptly adjustecl. MERGHANTS' IKSÜFANCE CO., OF HARTFORD, CONN. Cash Capital, $200,000. Toni AsseU.Jan. lst, 18(2, '?l liabilities, - - ' _ .j V MARK HOWARD, Tiesident. E. Tiios. Lobdell, Pccy. Th. un1ors!i;nP,l h been rpHnted ,1 for the bore reliable O.mpa-.y. and will effect inuwnce agaijst lossei by fire at reascmableralcs r r{)ND Ann Arbor, June2, 1S6S. 855lf W. N. STRONG - wira- NALL, DUNCKLEE & Co., .d a;Snmtn. of Furnishing üoods, No 74 Woodwaid Avenue, , , , . HETT.01T,Mich. Corner of Lamed st., - q , 3.0rderS solicited andproroptly tteoflea toft 809)1 " RAYMOND'S Pliotograpl.ic anrt Fine Art GALLERY X„ 205 and 207 Jefterson Avenue, DETROIT. Wfff ze. -"-"gï; finí and. " YToTö. f. Inn Arbor, - . rG SUTIÏERLAND & SUN, k-Mourc Perfect BHtiafaction güaranteed. 'i'. BÍSDOH &HENDERSON, DEALERS in Hardwar,StoTM, boa furnishmggoodi, Tin Waro Sc te. , Nwr Blook, ttotn Strt. aTpTIíills, „„.„ _ staple Drv Goods, Groceries, Boots and D Sh and Ready Made Qotkng, liaron Stret Ann Vrbor. . , ■ BEAKEs fe ABEL, Í Co's Boot alore, Ann rnn- "ÜAÑGSLEY ÜüRGAlf, A TTOBXEVS, Counsellors, Soliettor, and NutartefPub Le%ave Books, and Hats „hoiring tttle. o! . tand. I, the lounty.undat.end toconvejancingand col jmands. and to paying taxes and choo interest ín ai.y árt of the State office east .' of the Square. Ann Ar"wTTEwnT d., ST of Hurón slríet, Md M houM Wo.toi División Itreet, Aun Arbor. _________ O. COLLIER, II jTakümctcrkr and dealer in Boots and Shoes. 1 LVI door West of the Post ' fflce. inn Arbor, Mich. MCOUE & LOOMW. ruTOTCTDinn ani Jealcr in Boot and Shoes, VI Phoenl Block, Main Streel, oue door North ol Vafhington. ' nMiUTTËlMAN & CO .., tïTHOLESAi.E and Rctail dealers and manufi.cturerR of W KearWMadeClothmg, Importera of Clotlw, LassiTW.Doeskins, &c No. 5, Xew Block, Ann Arbor. C. B. JPOItTEK, ----a. Surbeox Dextist. Office corner of Main 4S Wt "d Huron streets, over Y. Bach's slore, WmTwagner, DKAI.KH in Bady Made Clotlnng Cloths, Cassimeres and Vesting, Hats, Caps, Trunks, Carpet Bags, &c. Main lt t Ann Arbor. __ BACI1 Sr PILRSON. DEiLERBinDry Goods, Grocerie, Hardware, Boot & Slioes, kc, Main strcet, Ann Arbor. S LA wl$ÖN&GEEK, (ROCïRS Provisión & Comwifsion Mprchiintf-.and deaJT lersin Water LlME, Land 1'i.astkí, and PlaSTEK of door Kas! otCook's H.itel. g. :. blisb, DSALERinClocks, Watclifs, Jowolry. and Fancy Goods, at thesign of the Bi J Watoh, N'o. 27, Phojnix Block " TTö. watts. DlAtBRinClocks,Wntches, Jewelry and Silver Ware No 22. Xew Block, Ann ArVior. " T. B. FREËMAN. Barrer and FoshionabLe Hiir Dr er, Main Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. Hair Fronts and Curls kept imt;intly on naad. SCHOFF' & MILLER. ÜBL4LERS ia Misccllanoous, School, wd Blank Bookp Sta tionery, Paper Hangings. &c, Main íítrRet Ann irbor. D. DeFOREST. IÏTholesale and Retail Doiilfrin Lutnner, Iath, Sbin (ïles, Safth, Doors, Blind, Water I.ime, (Jrand lïivpr laster, '.'laster Taris, jvnd Nüh f all ilaea. A fntl and perfect aortraent of the above, aml all othiT iinds of buiUing materialn cnnstantly on hand at the lowest poü.siblf rat-;, on iHtrnit trfot, a few rods from the Railroad IVprvt. Also opcratin1 extensively in the Patent Cemont Roofing, VASÜTE"S ÏÏfcOUN'TY BI BLE SOCIETY. Iïpositoey of Bilile nnH Tentamcnts at the Society ' prioes .tW. C. Vnorheis'. CHAFïNrWOOD & CO., BUCESeinRi to MANUFACT"KF.Ee OF Irixa.-t, Bools., AND - COLORED MEDIUMS, ANN AR BOU M1CH. SPECIAL NOTICE TO CUSTOMEBS. ALLaccounts over sii months rai be Bettled at onci. Ca.ll a the offico anrtpay up A well selectedt stock of New oofln Cheap for Csh. 821tf MAYNARD , STKEEINS i TTII.EON. TH IÍ PEOKIA MARINE & FIRE ] NSURANCE COMPAN Y, OF PEORÍA, ILLINOIS. Capit], $500,000 on of the HEAVIEST, SAFEST and BEST Insuranee Co'a. ie t-he U. 8. Insures on reaf;onable ternas, and a nyn pay proiajtl.v. fhere i do bettor Fire Inturanc Coxpaujr


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