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Three Hundred Thousand More !

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From the Evening l'ust. Tune- "The First Gun is Fircd." We are coming. Futher Abraham- thrce hundrci tliousand more, From Mississippis winding strearo and trom Ni-w England' shore; We leavc ur j.lows and workshops, our wives and childreu.dear, . Wilh hearts toofull lor utterance, witn out a siluni lent; We dare m.t louk Uhind us.but steadfastly befure- , . We are coming Fnther Abraham, threo hundied tliousand more I Ifyou look 9cross the hill-topg that meet tl.e nurihern skj-. Long, muving lim-a of rising dust your viaion may iiescry : And now' tlie wind, an instant, tears the cloudy veil nside, And fluats a'lütt our spangled flag in glory And in pride; And bayonris in the sunlight glcam, and bands brave ïmisie pour - We are coming, Fnther Abraham - three hundrtd tliousand more 1 If you look all up our valleys, where the growing harvesis shine, You may see our uturdy iïirmer boys fast furniing imo 1 ne; And childrtn from iheir mother's knecs are puiling at the weeils, And li-nrning how toreap and sow, ngainst tbeir eouBtiy snetds ; And a fui-cwelí group stands v?eepingat every coMnge dooi - We are coming, Fmher Abraham, three hun died ihousuud morel You have called U9, and we're coming, by KiolimondU lloody tide, To Iny us down for freedum's sake, our brotheis' boncs beside; Or from fcul treasung savage grasp to wrench the murdeious blade, And in .he face of lortigu foes its fragments ;o ]!iiade. Six hundred thou.-and loyal men and true have gone before - Wc are coming Fat her Abraham, three hun drc thousand more !


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