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Speech By General Meagher

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General Thomas Francis Mengher I mado a rousinp war spo;oh in New York , cily on Friday evening. We have room , onïj for the coucluding poition, as follows : Cuino, my coutitrymen, one more efíor't, magnanimoiis and chivalrous, for the Republie, which to thousaids and thousands oí' you has been a tower oí im pregnable security, a pedestal of reno Ti aud a palace of prosperity, after the worrying, the scandals and the shipwreek t Lat , for the most part, have been lor muny geuerations the implacable destiny of our race. ('ome, my countrymen, in the name of Richard Montgomery, who died to assert the libei ty, and in the name of Andrew Jackson, who swore by the Eternal to uphold the authority of the nation ; as you exult in the gallant'-y of James hields, as you point with the higbest pride to the staunch loyalty, the patiënt courage, and stern nerve oí Michacl Corcoran, follow me to llie James River, and as eacli and all of you fihould emulate thtir example and as you are inspired by it, cast y our fortunes with tli t brigade, which, to tbe credit and glory of lreland, bas already on several battle tields, proved its devotion to tliis Rejiublic, under the command and chieltaiuship of the fearless, tho gifted, the indomitable youne General of the Army of the Potomac - General George B. McCleilan - to whom tbat army ig thoroughly and uuanimously devoted, aud whose great and good heart has been its inspiration, as his spleudid genius has been its salvation in the most critical of times. Ep A precocious youtb being asked in his geography wbat they raised íd I Boutb Carolina, replied, " they used to I raise niggers and cotton, but now they are raismg the devil."


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