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Gen. Hallack's Vigorous Policy

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CocraspdqdMM af th Kvii'ug fust. Washington, August 3, 18(32. Gen. Ilalleck has talked vory pjaiuty of Lite with civilians upon tbc negro '. question. 1 havo ït trom a member of ibe Oliio deputatiou that resently oalled , upon hi.i), that he expressed bimsctf more dooidedly tlian auy of tlio uewgpapers have reproseutod. He said tii.a I,t ouly willitig to uso tho bltiek populatie of tho gouth against tho ! bellion. but that he h:id i.ssued orders to h:s üouoral, requiïiug them to use all Üc negroos thej could got hold of, and that tio questions must bu askoil whether tho ucgiocB be siave or freo, or whcthor tlieir mastor be layal or disloya!, execpt as a matter of record for at'ter - Black ineu ara to be seized and pressed uto tho service f tticy do uot eomo ■ liugly, or if their mastera maka any ub jeotioü. Tho General said, "Slavt-ry is apheW by loe:il laws aloue, aod wliere rebelüou is there is no local law notiirag but the luw of tbc land. My Generáis and officers nutst not know that there is shvery in any giveu place or tèrritory. They make use oí' tbo black men, not ioquiring into their cundition, and leaving the civil laws of the laud to determine thuir conditiou. üider No. 3 was the subject of a long j coiiversation, and as the General now interpreta it, it is not so bad au order - He claims that it appüea merely to stragglers, white and black, and not to persons conueeted in any nianner with tho army. Ablebodied negroos would at once be organized iuto regiments and brigades of workers, and would not be includcd ia the order. General McClollan wrote a telegraph to headijuarters some time since for specitíc instruetions on this point, and he got them. Ho was ordered to impresa all the blacks he could lay bis hands on for servico. Iu speaking upon this particular poiut llaik'ck said tliat tho rebels wcre piakiiis a very important; use of their slavc pop ulatioü tú fenablc thom to huid Ottt in oppojsition to the Government, and it was our duty to beat them at the same business.


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