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Gunboats For The Ohio River

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-'pooial disputch to lbo Cikciuniui 6asett9 Washington, August 3, Gov. Dennison, Mr. Guiler, and the rest of the Oiiio Committee, had a long interview witli Gapt. Fox, Ansistaut Sccratury üf tlie Navy, on Saturday. Tliuy representad the oxposed condition oL Uhio and Indiana long the Kontucky border, and said that 00 military foree, howcver largo aud wcll [maoaged, could adequatcly protect tlio wholo border l'roiu suoh incurtions as the recent ouo in to Icdian, whioh tend to keop np constant alarm, and lo fead the hopos and encourage tho aetivity of the Secessionists tluoughout Kentuoky. They fouud tli Xavy Department vtry cordial in cooporating in their views, [t fas agrecd on all. hands the üovernment could not aïïord to permit the rebela to gain the inmenso moral effect in enoouragidg thoir people, aud stimulating them to ronowed efibrts, which theso guoni la in vaslons wcre certain togive ti.ein. ïhey must on no account be peruiittcd to believe they can invade Northern soil wit'i impuuity. It was believed that no way was so effectual for guarding the border as au efficiënt gunboat force on the Uhio Rivw. Altor a full conference, therefore, the Navy Departnent promised tho Committec :is raany guuboats for service exclusively on the Uhio lliver as they ar.ted. Teu sniall boats, druwing ouly two feet, have already been seleettd and iüspected by the sgeota of the Návy üep.trtniunt. The Seeretarj promised that a heavy force should at ouco be set j to wörh to cut these boats down, put on thiele wooden buUvarks, and plate them with ron alter tho mnst approvod models. Each boat is oalcul;itcd to öarry two gunfl, and to be ablo to control tlie Ohio river anywhere from the mouth to Pittsbargb. These boats will be hurried through, meunted and put into commis misüion immedjately, It is beiieved tliat wlie they are placed in the river all danger cf guerrilla invasión will be at an end. Two woodtni gunboa's were able to preserve order along the wh"le Tenness'je river, whilo the country was in the hands of the enemy, and it is believed, therefore, that ten ironclads will forui au ampie pólice forcé for _the ühio.


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