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Who Are The Exempts From Military Service?

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The followir.g, comp'led from an official soui'ce, will serve to answer verjmany (jucstions that are beiog propouud ed just at tliis time : " I. Physwal disability is a gooc ground of exeniption, and sliould, in al! cases of doubt: be establislied to the sat st'iietion of the enrolling officer, by a phyaiciana certiücato as wtil us the affidavit of the party. "The following iraperfections are er causes of dwablhty.: Wounds ol tire head, whhth impair tïie faculties or causo convulsiona; serious impairment of' heariner, speech, or visión; anchylosis, or active disoaso of any of the largor joints; tho presence of puhnonary diseafle or orgauic distase of tlio heart; irreducible liernia; fístula in ano; large hemorihoids largo and painful variscell or varicoso veins which extend above the knee; tlio loss of a limb, of the tliumb and furefinger on the right hand, or of any two lagen ou either hand ; the loss of the great toe; any marked imperfection irMeh would unfit for active service. "II. The following ptrsons areexemp;ed from cnrollment by tho laws of the LTuited States: Otfieers judicial and executive uf the govoru:nent of the United States, tho members of botl houses of Congres9 and their respective olficers, custom house oflicers and their clerks, inspectora of exports, pilots and marinéis employed in the sea service of a citizen or merchants within the United States, postiaasters, assistant postmasters and tlioir clerks, post officers, post riders,1 stairo dnvers ïu tho care and couveyance of the mail af the Uniteil States, f'crryraen employed at any ferry on post road, and the artiiicers and workmeo n the United States ai'morics and arsenuls, "II[. Firemen in active service and tlioso wlio Lavo served their tiuie as flreniei], are exerapt, except in case of iiisurrection and invasión.


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