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The Mass Meeting

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The citizens f Wasbtenaw county ere out in their might oo Thursday. Men and woiiien conimencod pouring into town at Hii early hour, and when tho muoling was organizcd it 2o'clock, P. M., thu Cotirt House Square was b sea of panple. The procesión was formeel at H o'cjock by fttnrubal Barby and his asswtarita, and airiving at thu 3Íard, the meeting was organized by tho election oí Mayor Stoor, of th:s city, Pres-ident, a Vico President from and each Town, L. Davis and N. B. Colk, Secrelaiics. The meeting waa addresaed by Hon. E. Lawuenci!, Col. Livermoue of Jackson-j-Jrof. Estabkock of Ypsihinti, Rov. IÍA. Bladbs.R. E.Fkazur, Esq ., Hon. E. l'iiiNcu: "f Jnckson, Ilon. 13. F. Grakgee, Ooi, N, E. Wiacir, and Hon. J. M. ünnaoitï. A side stand was erected at wiiich tlio speakers were Col. Wklcii, Hon. J. M. Gkkgoky, S. M. CtT iiRON-, Est]., of Ypsilanti, S. Abkl, Eq , and D. S. Tvvitchell, Esq Conrad Krait, and other gentlemen. The speeches were greeted with ap plause, and the large audienco inanitestcd a determination to stand by tho govornmct to the last. Ilo'iruiting offices were in operation during the d;iy for the companies of of Capts. Wn.TáiK, (kant, and Doiv, and a Lirge number of recruits were enrolled. The two former companies have nearly or quito the minimum number, and in a few days wi'l be full to the maximum. Capt. Doty is also progressing well vvitli his company, and oxpccts to fill ts ranks. As but three cmpauies are required of tliis county to fill her quota in the Twentieth lltigiinont, and ns a sccond companv is nearly full at Ypsilanti, and one al Chelsea, the County has threo companies for other regiments, or to apply ou her quota of the oine month's levy ordered by dntft, if permittod to furnish her qupta by volunteers. We have no time for further commeDt i:pon the meeting, butsend greeting to tho State that Wnshtenaw County is awake, that her loynl eitizons are in for the war, and that all drafts for her just quota of men necessary to put put down this rebelhon will be honored. - This morning Capt. Wtltsie lias 80 men, and Capt. Guant 75.


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