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13 y aiiordtrof the Prefcideot, ihrougli the Secretary of War, for whicb sce another ootiunn; t will be seen thut a new lovy of 300,000 mon haa been ordöred. Tliese men are to bo raiscd by draf, and wiil be mustered oto service for the term of nine inoiiUis unloss sooner dischargod. The apportionmeut ie to bo mudo to tho several States; and tho dra ft mg take place as soon after the 15lh net. as the details cao be arranged. Wo are not )7et advised whuther the druft wili bo made uiidur tli6 luw of Congfew or of tlie Stiitc, bi't of this the pubüo vvill be iuformed very (oon , The saine genend ordur ordains that any State whioh shall not fill lts quota under tho fonnur culi before the I5th inst.', sBall complete ft by a dralt. Itirt now certuin that tbo Government ia in earnest, that it begios, at last, to ap preciate the magnitude of the work before it, and that it is determined to struin every netva to bring this rebellion lo in end. We have no doubt the men called for are oeeded ; we have ev er believed that they should have beun ealled out and put in the field long ago. The anny lias never been as large as tho public Bas stjpposed it. But very few regiments) havo gono into active o-ervico or havo even lelt their States with f uil rank.s, and nevor, in our opinión, has the Government had 500,000 non uiuler arms. If the rebellion is ever lo be put down more men must go ,o the aid of tho Govornmont, and if hoy do not volunteer we kuow of no olht-r way to get thom thaa by a draft. It is uscless to review tho politica! bistory ol the past, to talk of causes, und mark the men or partios to blamo. The Siiip is on Fine; püt out tuk ïlames ! The rebels in arms must be foreixl to return to their ullegianco, and thon adininieti'ations rnay be hurled fiom power f tliey fuil to abide iaithfully by overy principio of the eonstitution. l I- - %ZT This morning a recruiting officer, from Jackson county we believe, was treatcd to a fice ride, on a rail, aDd a ducking in the creok, for offering men enrolled by Capt. Wiltsik a bounty of $20 to go with liim. He was taken through Main strectirom Cathonne to Washington, and down Wasliington to the creok. He was ong.iged in dccidudly meao business, b"ut, perhajis, had botter have beun rulormed in soino other way. - Sucl)di(BcuI(ie8 would be obvialed and justice donó lo all the oouoiies of the State il Gov 13l.uu would direct ' Lhnt recruiting offioors confino their labors to their own conotiec II tliis oul 1 be donethere wonld be no diffijufty in knowing whrat counties too the nnrk. A WKONG THAT NBRDS KIGHTINO. - We read almóst daüy that some Genera], Colooel, Majoi1., Qiiptáín, or Liautenant has resigned, and come home. Homo oflicer lias beeíi proniotod over their heads; tfí'ey hava been refused a furlough and must tsoe their ven, ote; thcy liave got just a Hule eick - at the stomauh or beart, pr of tho war - or, pei'chance., havo mïïde all th.u monéj and won al! Itie glöfyi?) tliov oán reasiin.'ibly üxpect, and so they turow up their commissions, turu thoir coat taÜ8 on their frianda and tho enemy, and come home to tel! what we have done. We rnay be dull of comprohension, but it doos ssem to us that if tho arUcles of war permit th'w wbolesale resignation thej' Bpeedüy need amonding. - Nonconmiisáiüüüd offiuers and privatos must servo ouc tho term of their oulistmont, unless dUchargcd for goud cause, and vo uo uot buliovo that the resigoaiion of a conniiissioned offioer should be accepted - at leust iü ono oase in ten - save ior reasons that a private enn Qot'get a discharge. The officera got the pay and tlie giory, lot them bo roquired to seo the thing through.aud not slink out wlio.'i the pio&h oomos and leuvo the men tliey have urgcd to eulist under thoin to the meroy of strangers. No resignátion escopt for inoompetenoy should bo accepted, and ;iii iocom petent offióer should be converted into a privato. - Since wrüin'g the abovo we fiud an order f rom Gen. Burnsidk on this subject, whiuh wo copy in another column We hope that Gen, Iiaiïück will issuoa general order to tho same effect.


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