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Memi'HIS, July 30. The Bulletin of Ihis morning lias the following from authentio sources : Among other important items as to the proceedings of tlic rebels, we havo sonie inkling of the sub-facts discussed at two conferences of all the principal rebel military leaders, held at Kichmond on tho 4th and 5th inst. It is understood that they came to the conclusión tb at they must lose no moro territory. The defensivo policy was strongly attacked, and both Lee and Beauregard advised the inyá1 sion of the Nortli at three points, viz.: from Cumberlaüd or Williamsport into Pennsylvaniu ; from Louisvillo and Cincinnati into Ohio and Indiana, and Padueah and Cairo into Illinois. It is allegud that tlio following p!an of scparation for the remainder of tho suuimer campaign was agreed upon. lst. The iiiuncdiatc obslruction of tho James. Iiiver so as to raake it inipossible íor McClellai) to use it as a muans for coniiuuuication with tho fort and for thcir transportaron of reinforcements and army supplies. 2d. The occupation of Williamsburg, Yorktown ;ind the cutiré Península. 3d. The recovery oï the whole of the territory of Virginia, and the suppressioo of the -Bultimore and Ohio Railroad. 4th. The recovery of New Orleans, Mcinphis and the Missisajppi Kiver, and the expulsión of tho Federal troops from Tennessec and Kentucky. When these objects liad been acconiplishcd, tho Lee and I5eaurerard plan was propneed. 5 tb. To make the Potomao ;tml Ohio Rivera at onec thcir basis of opoiations and frontier linos, and transfer the scat of war from Virginia into Maryland. (ith. To hurl upon Washington from i Iliclnnond a column of 200,000 troops ]]y the capture of ihat city the iiberation of Baltimorc nnd the invasión oí' the Kort! nt tho thrce points nanied, becomfrig in turn tïie invadors, (hoy h']io t) m;ike it necpssary fnr us to keep Dl home for the dufense of our cities 50öOO0 Iroops, i


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