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General Burnside On Resignations

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A very judie:ous order h;is boen issuet by Major (Joneral Burnskte, relating to the frequent resigaations; It has beei btated aud by goud authonty, that offi cers bave resigned tlioir commaiids n the ariny of tlie Potomac, who are now ac tively engaged in roeruiting men at Lome t'or tlie defence of Washington. Shamo oí sueh offioers. The following is tbe or oi' General Burnsido. It speaks fo itself: EtUDQCABTBBB NlïTll Ahmy Cobw, I ÜI-D 1'oINf CüJIFOKT, Julj 27, :& I GENERAL OKDEKS NO. 2. Tbe comiuanditjg üeueral calis atten tion '.o tiio oecasionul resignatiüu of offi cers fiom caprice or í'anciod wrougs. - Tbis practico, so prejudicial to tbe ser vico, and so destructivo to Iho selfro spect of ibc officer wbo indulges iu it must cense at once. The eountry's rigbt to tho services o ao oíücer, wbo bas voluntarily tenderec her his aid in this bour of tria1, cauno be violated witliout the strongest reasons and ilimsy excuses oífered, wbile bi brothers are daily expecting orders to uiarcb against tho enemy, xcill nol bc ac cepied, and will reinain only as a. record of disgrace against them as one wbo, frou au uuwortby personal motive, is willuig to oonunit moral treason Tbe resignitious must be accoinpaniet hy a surgooi;:8 uertificato of acapacity or a statement froin tbe coniuianding officer, tbat tbe discliaige sulicittíd will be an adeantaije tn tbe serrice, By coinniand of Maor General BURNSIDE. Lkwis RicnaoMD, Assjstaat Adj't Gen. 'i lio order has raised quite a flutterir.g anmug soiue of lbo weak-knecd knigbts of tho ''sb iulder Btraps' aml will efl'tx-tu ully clase all reaigBiUioo iu tho futuro, unless in cast'a ol absolute necessity. - Wo want officers, not vell-dressod moustac'ied cowanls.


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