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Moiiey to Lend. rfUN KVKNISH MONEY on rcasonable torras asi lng time on goud JTai m socuriu . E. W. MORGAN. Ann Arbor, July 22,1802. 86W THE F ALL TERM OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS ofthis city will open on Monday, August lr h, 1862, in clmrze of Prof . l. Ö, Lawion, Principal of the High School and Superintendent of Schools, a-sUted by a competent corpa of Instructora in the Béveral ilepiirtments. Jl is do3ireil t'-iat pupila be prompt in att '-r:' I:ï nee on ihe fii'3t da y of t lie term. JS. H. UntM the completion of the buiUinjf in the First War.i, a third or lowest gruje Prinmry wil! bc continued in tjie basement of the central buildiïg. E. B. POND, Sec'y of School Board. A.nn Arbor, August 5, 1862. TO ARMSTTÖ ARMS ! "pEüpff CITrZEN3r Sorereigna of the Great Repub. J? lie.our Itborfciee ure in (langer I An n;i.-[rinf ua BcrapalooB fov is-at hv Castk-gate ! Shall we suffer ourselve.s to bc taken:' fi'i.nW m -t (Juiotlj in our places wbile tr.iitora rob us of our birthright? God for bid, Toanin,"thcn ! It us show by our deéds '.bat lee rico of héroes uro ii"í oxtiact - th:it we uro wortliy to ii.lirit tí e hm! ntr fatliers redeemefl for us, The i'r--i.!ont calis for 300,030 moie inen. Remmber that money cannot supply their places. Üur friends on the battio pltin calito u for help. Cao we refuse tfcemï- l'ütv, [■;i".r:oiism, frifiüUhip, 'il! c;ill us io be sotdieri, and QXge iu to iill up the ranks of the Union Army.- y.y C -mjinny, for th? Tiventieth Regiment, in not jet luil, hut i hope will be in ton ilays. Those who triah to jom my Compoay anl go with me hould give uio tht'ir uames mniL'dtately. WkNDKl.L D.WTLTalK, Captain. HO FOK EXJIOE I -jtfcg STEAii WEEKLY TO A " sa LIVERPOOL, LIVERPOOL, NEW YORK & I'IIILADELPHIA STEAJfSHIP CO!S STEAUERS. CITY 0Ï L0NHÖN, CITY OF MANCHESTER, 26t0Toas. S1094Tons. CITY OK NKW VOKK, ETNA, 2415 Tons. 25fOToDS. KllIMiUKGH, 2197 Tod. CITY Oh' BAI.T1MORB, KANGAROO, 1;4 " 2307 Tons. GLASGOW, 1938 " CITY OF WASHINGTON, BOáHU'JKCS, Í43 " 2SSg Ono of tho rvbove Steamera wifl lea ve NTew York ovcry 8A1'L'K1AY, n( aoon, from l'icr 4 í. K. B; nd Iiverpucl evtiy WKDNKSDAY. Iïates of Passasse. HRST CABIN, lo U ::l:roul. AND UOUK, Í85 " " ' LON'no.N', 90 " " l'AKI-i. HAVRE, IUMBURC and SIEN 95 CaBIJí PASSENOERS hare n'.thing to provirte lot !ic Toyage, and aro allowoü 20 cubic leet of luLgago reo . STEKRAGK TO MVKRrOOL AND CORK MS - LOXIiON, railfruin I.iTorpool,) M " l'ARIS. O " " HAVltR, HAMBUllGundBREMEN, 40 Tbese Steftmer are buüt 1 1 1 Trat6r.tigbt tod kocííods, are fiupiI:O( Mith patent fire aoniliilators, arnl carry sperieacnd Surgeons. "Iheir avernge pasag? acrosa bu Ailantie s from loro 19 ':y:-. íuvt tht accomnoda ion .uni utcndaticc is coual lo that af auy ateanierí IllMt. ÏS TICKETS SOLD for both ways, by K. B. POND, A, tho office of Ihn Michigan RECRUITS WANTEDf A Rccruitinfj office will be apened . R at the atore ol'.Slawson & Geer, to fil) gfi out n eoinpauy being organized for flfcj Pw the 20th Rcennont. The third WJ i'l grosiönal District should not be jjfl jlil bind the rest. iHÜ OVR COU.TY CAJUL8 f Michigan n.ust preservo the reputivtion of her fjuliüiit Sons. Alen are wanted, and disciplined men talend t.hem. An opportunity is niv afforded tojoin a company with gooi and :ih!e officere icAo him scen serziee. Those wishing tojoin ehould enroll their names now. Th i ; will secure them a position in t.lie Regiment. Antxttnsion will be aiven until njter hartat. References - (iov. Felch, Rev. Sam'l. Cornelius, D.ict. Woodruff, James B. Uott. Fnrtber particulars furnished at Slawson and ft'or's store. EC2tf WJÍ II. BANDALX. Captain. Mortgagc Sale. TïF.FArLT haTicg bron made in ihe eondiitaa of A l ii:.; t'-'.'iL.''-. f'ffi:tr ] t v Jam?s HalTej, of ÏYeedOBIi In tha l'ouiity I (TubtellftW, aml St.itp of Michigan, to Uuniol l'.Küvfs. of J.inv, County aforesaid, tnsaring dato tlie f9th dity of Maich, A. I). 1Í53, nnd rocorded tha .-111110 daj in the Rjritr'i nfl'.ro of oM eounty. "t 24 o'clnck, P. M . in Llbec 1 of Mortgaos, p.igc 265, wtiii-h aii moitíragñ was dulv assigucl bv tlie sa'd Daniol I'. Kn-. t ïhi'tnaslliir-y on tl." 18th rlay "f I'Vbmary,-1' D.,1858and recortad on tlie asta 'lajr ! Il ', n'olock, A. M , ill I.ibiT 'S of Uortgafs. rg S 5, ftnd afterwards siigoed by Ihorons Haffev to Margare Haffcy, n the Uthdny if July, 1 OS, fln-l rscoi '■'! '" 1 1 ■ ■ lL't' officp of Waslitenaw aforemiri, fn thv Ttb dy "f April, 1802, at 10,1 M , in l.iboi - 'I ilortgages, [!:e 2('5. "" irhich ai-1 murtgage thore is claimed to be due at tbe data li' r o!, e ii r ' huDdred and tliirlj-o&e. dullnr a4 sixty-loiir cents. nn,l n'i Boit or proceedingsat lav hov: recover the debl now dno or nn part thereiif.and Ihe power of snlu in said ï(nrtpe tirtvinj; hecoroe operativo, Notlce ih hereby piven tbat ■ ■oi„r, lHiS. at 2 n'clock in the afttruoon ,at ün Iront dinr of thr Con" llonm", In Dn CouDty of Waohtelwi'iv, nd State ' Micblgani thvre wrill b koM :.t public vendae to tlie bidder, tliolandsdeunlwd ia Vd imrt(rne, or bo iiMicli tbercjf as maj be DPcewarj to t&Ümf 1H8 amnuntdue at tbs díte of th not(c, ith tbeejpejm i of Bala, rit: All thal c n iln olece oj parwl of lnt lyine in tlio toivn nf froodom aforosaid, and doscnoM : liio u-fut half uf tlio north-wobt o,r ter o' sectlon Numhor flve. townsliln tliroo s"'1 rango four oüst, eontateing afty-iii acres ana t.vrij tip'itt bundredthd of au act. r.[-y:v, a Jon N. Gorr, Attorney. liatïd, July ü:, m -■


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