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H. E. Bush Bus Left On Our Table

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a box of Hddson's Tooth-Pastr, which we are satified is a first rate article, both for cleansing and preserving the teetb, and a'so for purifying the breath. K'-CAn enthusiastic war meeting was held at Murray's grove, in Salem, on Saturday afternoon last, which was addressed by Judge LawbbncB, Rev. J. M. Grfgory, Prof. Estabrook, Lieut. C. H. Denison, and Capt, B. M. Cgtciieon. Hou. T. D. Laxb reported that over $800 had been subscribed in the township toward a volanteer bounty fund. Capt. Cutcheon enliated several men, two of wliom were sworn in. ii in ■ Bggu The State News says that a number of cows have recently died in this city, the circumstances indicating that they were poisoned. We should hope that we have no one in our midst who wouldpurposely poison cows, even though they are unruly. Their depredations should be preven ted in some otlier way. SUS" A rousing war meeting was held at Saline on Tuesday eveniug, whieh was aJdressed by the Rev. F. A Blades and olhar. A liberal sum was subscribcd for bounties, and a determination mani. fested to stand by the country. CaptWiltsie of this city enlisted nine men on the spot. L3" We are yet without any intelligence as to the fa te of our missing brother, Sergeant Jared Pontd. The wouuded prisoners have all been released, and he is not amongthem. Ou Wednesday 3000 unwounded prisonors were expected to arme at Fortress Monroe from Eich mond, and ou that list haug all our hopes. L3 Lieut. Col. Wjjlcii, of the 113 th Michigan Infantry, arrived at hia home in thia city on Wednesday, and met a hearty welcome from his mauy friends He is look mg in good health, but somewhat thin ia flesh and darker colored than wheu we bid him good-by the day the regiment left Detroit. Col. VV. is detailed for recruiting sarvice, and we hope that he may spsedily fill up the ra:iks of his regiment, L3 The Fret Press of Wednesday morniiig says thal Capt. Cutciieon's corapany for iho ïwenticih Regiment was reported full to the minimum on Tuesday evening, and tbat Capt. C was thefirst Captain niustered in under the nevv cali. jL3rH. C. Hodge, Editor of the St. Johns Democrat, is off for the war, and wishes to sell or leave bis printing establishment. We understand that Brother Hodge has been appointed Lieut. Colonel of the 23d Regiment. JC5ST Washington correspondents of New York papers say that over 30,000 applications have been filed with the Secretary of the Treasury and Commis sioner of Internal Eeveuueg, for places under the tas law. Eaoh applicant ought to be required to serve nine months iu the ranks beforo his claims(?) are considered. III W lli - B&" On Mondiiy 592 sickand wounded federal prisoners arrived at Fortress Monroe from Richraond, being the last of that ilass of prisoners bold by the rebels. 4000 in all have beun reccived since the late battles. It has oot yet been announcedhow tnany unvvounded prisoners the rebels captured during the week of fighting, and no lista h ave been pubüsbed. JE3E" A Washington dispatch, dated the 5th inst., announcos that M;ij. Gen. Riciiardson, of Michigan, has been dismissed from the service. From private sources we learn that this is "fighting Dickand that he isdismissed forieaving his post and coming homo, after leave of absence had boen reíníed' him by the Gommanding General of his department. A Major General should certainly eet a better example oí sabordination. EP Rev. J. S. Bovden, Chaplain of the lOth Michigan Infantry, who has been epending a few weeks at his home Dear Saline, recruiting his bealth, oft on Tuesday to rejoin his regiment. We hopeto hear from him occasionally hould anythingof interest come under his notice. LS" We have received part XX. of the Itebellion Record, an invaluablo work for the times. It contains portraits of Gen. Hunter and the late Henry A. Wise. For terms, &c, sue prespectus iü another column j53L"The Washington co: ri'spouíient of the N. Y. Evening Post says that the President lias given tbo cominittees ealliug upon him to procure orders for enrolliug ucgroes as soldiers, distmctly to understaud that lio negro regiments will be aceepted, and that slavea will be used onlv as laborera. Good. . ui m in ! J55S7" The September numbor of Petorsons' Magazine comes to us with the first weck of August, giving an early premonition that tho Summer i nearly euded. It is iuiely illustrated and haa a readablc list of papers. %% a ycar. Address Chas. J. Pïtebss, SOG Chcstuut St, Philadolphia. 8@_ On Thur-sday Dr. R. S. Sjiith, offored 5 to each man who would gdlist in Capt. Ghant's company. Sevt-n enlisted, amoDg them a falber nnd two 8OD.


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