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$ftá$ potten c. n. n Passenger trains now luave Detroit and the several Stations in thia County,as follows. Trains do nnt stop at stations where figures are omitted ia tbc taMe. GOING WEST. E. Jack. Ac. tfrfhtE. Detroit. 8.00 A.M. 5.00 P.M. 8 00 P. M ypsilanti, 9.20 " 6?0 " 9.10 ' Aun Arbor, 9.4Ü " 6. f5 " 9.Ï0 '[ Dextar, 10 86 " 7:0 " 955 " Chelsea, 10.23 " 7.55 ' 10.10 " Ar. Chicago, 8.15 P, M. 8.15 A.M. 8 O I N e KAST. KightEx. Jack. Ac. Mail Kx. Chelsen, 5.JS a. m. 4.S5P m. Uexter, 6.05 " 4.4'! " nn Arbor, 6.85 A, M. 8 3j " 5.05 " ipsüanti, 5.55 " Ï.00 " 5.ï5 " Ar. at Detroit, 7.C0 " 8.35 " 6.40 " The Dong las Memorial, The diploma of membersblp of the Doogl&a Monument As.sociation, beaulifuüy t'i'graved on stoel, about nine by twelve inches in dimenbirns is now ready for distribution to the tuibscnbers v the monument fund. To all psrxm forwi.riing to the Association One Dollar or more will te seut une of these Dipktflgu, ijroipiiy executed. To contrihutors in the sum of TWO Dollars or more will be furnished gratituously, besitjes the Diploma, a beautifuí imperial sizf1 STEEL KMGRAV1NG OF JL'DGE DOÜGLAS, 21 by 17 inches, publifshed by Marsh, Rowe & Co. Contributors in the sum of one dollar will become life membïrs of the Douglas Monument Association in the sum of twenty dullars, honorary life mcmlers; and in the sum of one hundred dollars, honorary life members of the Board of Trustees. Local receivere and solicitors for qontributionB are beingauthorized in theloyal States. Pamphlets and cireulMrl enntainiog the Orgamzation, Constitution, ByLaw-, and the Appeal of the Association, will be sent to all who will firward their address. Cummunicationj shouUl be directed to the "Sesretary I). M. Ass'n, Chicago, III." AH editors who will inert this card in their daily, weekly or tri-weekly issues three months, with an occasional notice to advance the object in view, will have for warded to them immediafely Diplomas as Honorary Lifo Members cf fhi.s Association, also a copy of the above Portrait, upon the recfipt by the society of a copy of their paper containing this annoumeement. WALTER B. SCATES, President. Lbohahd W. Volk, Sseretary. eó6m3 fl Seeawoman, in another column, picking Sambuci Grnpes ior Sfeek'b Wine. It is an ndmirnble artiole, used in hospital nnd by first-olftaa fnmiiies in Paria, fondón, nnd New York, in preference to old pott wino. It is worth a trial, as it gives great satisfaction. O For cases of emergency, keeo always v bottle of Hcofland's Balsamio Cordial in the house. It muy save the life of some odj deur to you. Rood the a.d''ortiseaient in other column. i íMPORTANTTofLMALt THE HEALTH AND L[FE OF WOMAN Iscontinually ín peri) if alie ll mai cüough to neglect or uittltrcat those nexual iriegularities lo which twothirds of hersex are more or lesa subject. D8 CHEBSKMAN'S PILIS, pn-paret f rom the same formula which the inventor. rORN'EU'JS L. CHEESKMAN, M. D.,of New-fork, has for twunty yar mtü .successfuüy inan ex tendel priva te praotice - immeiliatch" relieve ivitiiimt pain, all (íisturbanct-s of vlje perio.lical diachars-e. whc-ther an.sing from relaxation or supjression. Hifty ct Uke a cliíirm in removin the pains that aüc.inpnnv hfiiculi or immoderate me struaíion, and are the on'ly safe and ruliabli remedy for Ktushes, Sick Headiiehs, Pajtif in the Lólns, [!ack and SWes, Palpitatinn of the li'iart Nwvous Tremors, Hysterics, Ppaams, Brokeo Slfp and unpleasant and dantferous eíTecls oí an unnatural conditíon of the sfxual functions Ín tffe vrorst cásea of Finar Alliut or White3, they effect a ipeedy cure. To WrVKS and MATROISTS DS. CHEKSEMAN'SPILISareofferedaa the oniy safe muans of rencwingintcrrupted menstruation, but. IíADIKS MUST BEAR IN MIKD There is one r.ovdiriov of thcfcmnle system in mkich tht Pula caintox. blinken wVhout producing a PECULIAR UESULT. Thrmvdvton referred to i' PREGNA NCY- tht rtnult, MISCAIMIAÜE. Such is the irrriittihU tmdency of the medicine 'ansias the sernal fnnctítkt to a normal conrlition, thft teen the reproduclive potser of nature canüot resist i'. Explicit directioxs tUttn g hn, they should nol be used, with e.ich Box,- tile Pricc One Dollar each Boz, r.önlaining 50 Pilis. A valnahle Pa nphlet. to bo liad froe of the Agents. Pilis srnt bu mail prom]itly, by enclosing pnce to any Agent. Sold by Druggisis general y. R B. HÜT0H1NGS, Proprietnr. 20 Ccdar-St.. Neto York. For" Palo by M.YYN'AUD STËBBINS & WII.SON , and GRENVII.I.E & HJU.ER. #■ SiigM Coltt, ipauQh. ,, a or ëfatc gJlLfiaat, whioh might be checked luüh a simple remedy, ifneglected, of ten terminales senonsly. Few are aware of the importanae cf a cttgt or ëfliqh-t $aLd in its Jïrst stage , that whloh in, the beginning ivould yield ío a mild remedy, if not attended io, soon attaaks the lungs. Jïautn! 's .fianchiaL vjere first inlroducei eleven years ago. It has been prouei that ihey are tht test artiale hef ore tka piobiio fcr auqis, faids., L!.iic.rLchLli&, l&thm-CL, 1 ata fik, the HackingCough in ans.u.m.iÍLan., and n'imerous affeations of the LJtifi' irnmediate relief. Public Speakers St Singers wül find them effeotaal for clearing and strengthemng the voice. fíoW by all (Xnt,a-g-ista and (Dealers in ]Leiioine, at SS cents per box. A CARD TO THE SUFFEBiNG. The Rbv. Vii.lim Cosürovp, wlljta Iuboring as a Miss ionary inJapan, was cure'l of CODBUtnptlos, whra al othcr means had faileil. by a ractpe obtained from a learned physician residing in the great City of Jeddo Tilia recipe has cured great irambers wbo werp rdS fiat from Oousuinption, Bronchitis, Bore Throat,Couhs ani Ctdds, and the deblllty aild nerveus düpression caused b} these disorders Desirous of benefittir otherp, T will send thís recipe which I haiebrought li.ime wiüi me,toa]l wLoueedit i'reo of charge. Addi-css Rbv.WJI. COSGROVE, 82Ryl 439Fulton avenue, Brooklvn N. Y. Howard iLssociation, PHILADELPHIA. For the relief of the SicJt and Distresseed, agltctedwhh Viruh.nX and Ckronic Diseases, and especiaily for thi Cure of Distases of the Sexual Organs, MEDICAL ADV1CE given gratis, by the Acting Surgeoü. VALUARLE RKI'ORTS on Spernia'orrhcea. and other l)i"a.-cs of the Sexual Organs, and on tbe NEW REMEDIES ernployed in the Dispensary, Kent in gealed lette cnvelopes. free of charge. Two or thret stamps l'oi postagcaceeptaWe. Address, ür. J. SKILUN HOÜUHTOX, Howard Association, Xo 2 S. Ninth St., Philadelphia.Pa. 860jl 18621862. -OF NEW - SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS ! AT C. H. MILLEN & CO'S. ■ "■ ' 0 ■■"■ We aro now receiving a eplendid stock of DEESS GOODS, SKIRTS, SHAWLS, MANTILLAS, fee.. For tlxo XjL.c3L@!SFine French Cassimeres, and Coatings. For the Gentlemen. CARPETS, DOMESTIO GUODS, FINE NEW TEAS And other Choice Family Groceries, For Everybody. AT THE LOWEST GASH PRICES. Co11 and J3Oe. G H. 1ÏÏILLEN & GO May, 186.2. 85-itf


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