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S fL BR'S i SAMBÜCI WINE, FUHF., AND FOUB EAKS OLD, Of Clioice Oporio jiult, TOR FHYSICIANS' USE, FOP. FEMALE8. WEAKLY PERSONS h INVALIDS Evwry fKini'y, at thifl KAsoOf shouM uae tLo BI Cl v:n:', f '.ehrrtted in Earope tor íti mf-dicinnl and beceflcial qualiUfX as R íTiitle ttimuli.iit, Tonic. lüuritic aï)d tsu 9 rifle, bígblr cstecined by eminent pbysiuani, uscd In Enroscan and Amf;ricr.n Honptt&ls, and by soinv of the ftrit föoiiücs of Europe and Atstrtóa. AS A TUKJO, It lusno oqual, cawsïng nn aipel'to and building up of the ",v?t?m bL'ing tntirtly s pure wine of a most valuuulu fiuit. A3 A DICRLTIC, It impnrtf! a healthyaction to the GlandsandKklreys, and Urii-ary Organs, erj beneliciu.1 ín Propty, Gout,and Rheuinutic aflvctlooa, SPEER'S WINK Is not a mixture ormanufnctured articlo, but is pure, from tba juico of the Portugal Lamhucus, cultivated in New Jrsey,recoinmcnded bv Cmmi.sts aud Pbyeicians as pomessing medical prnpírtk saperio? lo nnv ether i ua, and ftfi xecllwt ariiclt for all iveak and qfeoiiiuuecj pcrsous, ana me ítgtü nnu ïuiirm, improvn the apetite, aud benü Iaií33 and cliildren. A LADIL3 WIXK, Becauso it will net intoxícate as other vine, as it cootains no mixture of spirits or iiquors. and is at' m rei for its rich, peculiar ílavoi-, an'.l nutritivo properttei, impnrtjng a healtby toi." to tb flig%öv orguii:Jj and a. blooming, soft and healthj skin mij -.jirloxhu. WE EEFEB TO A few ivell known gentlemen aud phy-iiiaas, wio have trïed the Win: - Gen. WinSeldicntt, LT.S. A. Dr. Wil, on, lliu at .. N, Y. Gov. Morjran, N.Y. :-tate Dr.Vai!, Nevrarfc, X.J, Dr. J H. Chiïton, X. Y.Cítv. ÍJr. DoBRberijr, " " D. Parker, N Y. City. Dr. Pfcrisb, PhiUdelpbia Dra. Darcy and XichuU, Newari, N. J And mnny other& too Bumeroui to publi.-h. ■ ■;■) 1 1 auine untesfl the ligB&fure of "AÏ-FRED SPEHt, PaftrSic, N. J.," is over the covl: of eacb bottle. jSeg-MAKL OiNE TRIAL OF TÍ1IS WINE. Fur Bule by JJÍpynaid, Stebbln i Wllson, Ana Arbor. A. SPEBR, Piopiíetor. VÏNEYARI) P.Tssfiic Ni-w Jersey 01 Fl'.'E, LG3 [íroadwav, N. Y. JOHN LA POV, Pai Ir, fSmö Agent for iiancetmd Gsrmany. RÏSDON&HEiNüERSOA Z117CK.EI7S3 CRAIN DRILL, nnd Grass Seed Sowcr, Manufucturcd at SringSeld, Ohio. npHE VEHT LTFSI IMPROVKMKNT, and bettor than .1 ail otliers; ad;tple(' to BOwng WÍieat, Rye, Oats, Bark'y a a Grass Seed , Ist. It has a Rotary Feeder. 2J. Will sjw all kiach of G.'ain a?id Grass Seed. Zd. Wever huncïies the Grain, Uh. Never breaks the Gmin. 5t7i. Sows Grass Seed broademt beKindthe Drill, Qf-h. Kas high wTieeh and long IJoes. Ilh. lias long and wide steel points8th. It has a land measure or Surveyor. 9tA, It has doublé and single rank drilh. 10A, II has a sdf adjustiuq sliut of Htae. It is neatly and substautially made, There is hardly a Drill oZfered in the market but eau boast of inoie or less F1RST PREMIUMS" They are abr-utas lndíSCrlmíDAtely bcstoAved a.3 t'ie tillo of '' Professor,' wbich is sometiniGií applíftd to the llJiddler" or " buoiblack," They ct.'ase to coBey the idea oïmerit. The Buckeye Drill faSB been on Exhibition at quite numbtr oi btattt and Coiintj Fairs, and without sceking favor at tbe faande of any Committee, has receiyiíd its f uil share of Premiums. TESTIMONIALS ; We give the following üames of & few Farmtrs-in th!s vicinity wao have buught ani used the Buciseye Drill i Go'irrey Miller, Hcïo. Jacob ïJolher;m3 " .TaoubTi'pmper, " Thomas WLite, NortbÜeld. John lirokaw, " Chvisrïan Kapp, " fidvard lïoyden, Webster. Jame Trcadwell, Ann Arbor, T);;nielO'IIara, " " Juhn Cí. Cook, Iodi. O. A. Marshall, " L. Edmon's, Saline. George Cropsey, Creen Oak, Liv o, Wn arealso Agents for tlia Ohio Reaper & Mcwer, acknowledged te be the vcry best in se. We are jast In receipt of 100 Grain Cradles Wliicli wc will sell ciieap. AUo a large assortraeftt o G-rass And tlie brgest and best select ed stock of BENT STUFF FOE CAlïRIAGESever before offered ia this market. We also keep a Larjgo and i'uü zmm (o? söais, NAILS, GLA3P, PUTTY, PAINT, nnd LINSEED Olt. A complete assorlment of STOVES, TÍNWAEE, AN'D EAVE TEOUGHSalways on Iiand aud put up at the shortest nutico. KISDON HEXDERPON. Arm Arbor, June 2 ith.l86i 859tf 3tixyOca.. FR')"f Iheuhscsibcr abont I . ■ u r wecl;s ao ft two year old red HEII-'KK. H;is a hule white on belly, and loDghoins A roasonable rewardwill ba paid forintormation where she niay be fnunil. JOHN GEORGE SCHNIERLE. Ann Arbor, J;ine 12, 183Ü. 8ó7w2 General Land Agency PERSONS wantingfnrms,or rceideBCpn n oroea Ann Arbor, can by OAllingonmeteleeifrorrja lit ' oi'over IOO Farms For SaleJ Ofyariou Sire trom :i, te 130 acrefeocfa ;(êonad ■ l goodasanvi nthUConnty.) Moreth&c %o Dwellug fiouRfis Dï hliCUy,frQmVwrr Uuodrerf to ioxirthouaancdolareach : pd ovr.r 2 M F.(riLDING IOIS ! Amonfithpfarms arp th p Mishcperarm, ÍÍOOacrei the Pncter farm, i n fïreen Oak, cH Placrf&rm , au i 481 aeree. íh f Rlartinn nnd ]i:v.-" firma, 1 n Webster; th StubS, Michael Clancy, Wtíwton Eñetrpn, and FaTlahai Cnrmn. ir Ann Arbor; J.Kiogsliïy'4 fr.rm .' InPittsflRld-tho Hatch nnt) 11ek t'arm in Lorfi the i PatrickClayfarai In Ffecd.-n; W. S. DavUnn.JR f. Baker and Bcfk'a firme inSylvan. Moitt, thes md aisiy otbarj ets be disidid to ea!í purcbüers w, w KOisiv. : AaaArbai.Jau ;t , IS'f i) ■ Dit. HOU LAJS D'iS BALSAMIC CORDIAL, For the fpeedy cure of Couphs, Colds, Influenza, Croitp, Ifarstnesa, Bronchitis, Pneumonía, Distases üj Úit BM els, arising Jrom Cold, Incipient Coní;fiií:on,andfor the reiief and dj at all postibie) cure of Patienlt n adtanixd stages of iAj latter dieeasc. rnHEBalaamic tonUal is entirtly a Vegetable prodae. X tion, combining the bealing piopertie:i ol tbc Iialsain, with the invigorating qualities of a Cordiai, producías a ccr.b:i;.-.t. on to lt tiapud to Io putiiuw atended, that tkere are buttew casea of diaeaso vvktcr. will not, at an oarly penod, succumb te Uu UHUi'f ud life giving properties. For ages, haH the trea;ment of pulmonar cisdft occup-ed tne grealtr portion ( f liic aituBttcc :', Cfa scientiflc of thu medical trorld, lm non Mqukad nun m ïiia tiestmfnt B(ji dlsenttrt, thnu the celi;brate;l Pruss't&D. j-r. Hoofl&ud, The orignatoi oí the BftlüKjnicCoTühtl. Hliliïftvu deyoteJ to tlie prod--'tion of remedie that ould staiid anriraltsá. How vretl Le ha= accct.'(3ed, thE Amerieari peopUftre ablc to '■ judge: und we posiilvely ar.ierl, lhl 1.0 prpurtíotl I th:U haïo cv,-r lj';n plsecd b?for! tliün, have cotiferred tbesarae amount of ce.ieü;i oa auff-.-img humtr.i'.y. or ' have clic;tíd so amaj ooiamtndatloni 'rom all clubes of socittv.aü the roraediM oi lïr. Huofond prci ■ Ur. C. M. JückBon & Co., of Pii.Tadtlpbla. I The Cor lia: i? 'iosinned for o c:33 of dhcïi? mnro geueraJ and more íuiai tuuu ai.y othsr to v.-hich tUt) -'íople of t!8 c-juutry are utjíet- tbow spiingiHg from a "ilight cold." Tliat eminent authoriiv, Ur. j ücll.says: "I will notaay that Colas are toour fnliab ilants wiiat tbe Plague and YJivv: irver are t:i tlicse i ol otber eountriss; but lean aver oonüdcntly tliat thy ia diauM of greater{comL[ci'.y and mortaiitv 1 tban thssc latís,-." Entirdy Vegetable. Ifo Alcoholic 2Jreparation. DIÍ. HOOFLAND-3 CELEBRATED GSEMAN BITTERS Preparo d hy M. JACKSON &. Cü., Philadelpbia, Va. WillefreGtually ome LÏVEK CÜMI'LAIN'T, I'YSFEPSIA, JAUNDICEjChronic or Neivous Übility, Distases of the XCidneys, aud all UiseaKOS ansing ir oíd a ctiürdöred Livcï or ëtoaiach. ñucb a Con.stipfl.tion, Inwanl Pile, Fuluess or Blood to tbe Hear, Ac;dity of the ñtc mach. Nausea, lieart burn, Ltisgust for Food, I 'uIugbs or weighí in tlie Stom ach.Sour Eructfttioní , iakiiig or Flutteriag at the Pit of the Stomach, .wimming oí' tbe H-jiicI, iurried and ttiiïïcult Bi-athtng, Fluíiwíng at ihe Heart, Choking or Sutfocatiüg seníaíi'jnj ff boa ina ling posture, Dim nes3 ot Vision, UuVs oí webs beforethe sight, Ftver and Duü Pain in the He;id, ei Per.-rntion, VelIowiil'ls of the Skin and Eyes ïJain in the tí j 1 e, Bnek Chest, Limbs, &c. 8udden fiusheset Heat. B irniDgin tlie 'Flp.;;h, Constant imagkunjs of evil, and grpat De prt-ssiors of Sp:rita, and will positivoly pre-veut YJiLLOW FEVER, BILLKVÜ9 FEEK, io. FbuProprier ; '.-ÜDg thp af.enüon of the p'-Uc to tl"u :rparation, doeü a o with a feelmg cf the uïciüwt coufidencein ity virti:es aii'1 adaotation to the diñases lor wbich it is recor.:inc'ndd Itianonew and untried articio, but otiï thut has stood the testof a uvelve yenrs't:Jal before tle Amorican pfuple-.nndita roputatiün and saie are unrivalied by nny siniilar preparatioas extant. The testimony Iftiti iiivorgivon 'os the most prominent and wtll-known í'hyrioians anU individuéis ir. a!l j.artsof the country is immense, í.nd a car' ful pcrusal of ihe Almanac, publieih'! annully by the l'roprietors, anü to be bat of auy of thcir Asrems. ciuinot but atisfy tho most '4;ei;:,"l thattlrs reniódr U rtally üebervfag the great celebrity it ha.sobtaiat-d Rcad llio Eviflenr SromJ. Weicton Broicn 7J. J., Editor of tkc Enciclopedia of Religious Kvowleilgc. AHbough notdisposfá to favur or reconim:nd Patent Medicines in general, through diátrust of their iugredients and efttcts,I yet know of no suíRcient reason why a Eau may not leftttty to the benefit he hpüevea liimself to have received from inv shnpl.ï preparatlon, in the hope that hft may thus contribute to the beoefit of Otht'1'3. Idothi-itbe more readily in rcgiird to ''Hoofland's Germán Hitters," prepared byDr U'. M. Jackson, ot this city, because I vrat prejudiced against tliem for years, undtir the iinpresbion that tliey were chiefly an alcoholie mixture. 1 ara indc-bted to my fiiond Robrt Siioemaker, Esq..for therenioval of tiiis prftja4íce by proper tests, and for t'ncojr.TCi'menf to try th:m, wheii suET& from great and long coutiirjcd dcbtlHy, Tiic use of lirec bottleá of fheso Bitters, al tlii begfnBing cf the present year, wi followed by cvtirat reüof, tud restoration tu a dígree,í bodlly ud mental rigor wljich J had uot feit fot six ïnon'.hs boforc,a;;d had alp.iORt dpsp:iired of rogainíng. I thereforethauk God nnd my friend for dirteüng meto the uye üf thtn. J. XIvVTOX iïKOVVN Read what the eininut Glass .Mnnufacturor, JOJIN" H. WHITALL, eaya of the BALSAMIC CORDIAL. Dr. C.1I. Jacksox- ReKpeetod Frieur1; Having for a long time been acqfiimed with -the virtu.-s of thy fia!samicCbrdial in Couhs, Colds, Inflammation of the Lungs, &c. I thu3 frEtíly bear teatimony to ita efficacy For fiEvt?ralyeari ï hav never been without it ia my family Italsogivea me pleasure to state that I have used it with eiitirp success in the tr?atmcnt of Sowel UompUint. Thy fricud truly, JOFIN" M. WHTTALL, Fifth Mo. !7,lS53t Race Streot, above 4Ui, I'lula. These medicines are for sale by all raspeetablfl Druggists and dealers in nuid'cines in the United Statys, Brit iU Province.s, Wtstlndifta, nt 76 cents par bottll - Be sureandget the genxine, with Ihe sigua ture oí C. ií. Jackson on the wrapper of each boltla; all otkers are comiterftit. Principal OiIJce and Manufaotory, 418 Arcli treet, Phiindelphia, Pa. 820yl O. I3I.ISS Ie uorcccivíiia a large and TVell scU-cted asiortmeut ni docks, Watches, JEWE LEY, Silver and Plaled Wa; e, TAVLE AND POCKET C3 -mjT TBT1 MT-j TE K. BT EAZORS axd SHEARS, GOLD ZFEÏsrS, Musical Instruments, String Sf Boocs for Instruments, SHEET MUSIC, COMBS, and a great variety of "S"A3stk:es notions, soO. líe would cali particular attentiou to hia large slock of SPECT&OIiHS, of Gold, Sllesr, Slee!, and Plp.ïd, teith PERISCOPE GLxSS, a superior art iclö. Also Tïuntington h Platt's olubratccl CALENDAR CL0CK! suitable for Offices, Countiag Rooms, Hulla or Dvellias, These clocUs arf reHable tin fcecpen nn4 faicodar combinad, and require the winding of the time movements only, %o sacuro all the requueá cíianges at midnight, showtng the daj the month nrtd Uy of the nvrnth, inelu !;■. , ■ :' February ol year. llis goods are inostly of recent parchase from New York and tho manufacturéis, anü wiil be sold to Ittit the times, Poisopn h&vjng diöicult watches to fit with ginsses can be accomoáatcd, as naj .f tpietê, JP. S. Particular iittcntion ío tha of all kiuds of line Watelies, sucli as Making and Setting new Jewels, Finicns, S'.ajfs, and Cytlnders. Also clocks, sc TE'VÑELnsr nt'atly repaired and "warranted, at bis old ataudeast Bidt; oi Main Street. C. BLISS. Ana ivoor, Nov. 15, 18fl 823tf D1SSOLÜTION. rfiHE Co-paitnprship heretofore existirg between tho l uncersigued under the name and style of Spoor & rhotr.pson was disjolve.'l by hy mutual consent on the Ï5tb day of May,inst. iho busincüö of the íaíftftnBWill lioseUleil by John V. ïh:nipson, anU the busiuets coatinucd by C. Spoor. CHAS, SPOOR, JOHN W, THOMPSON. Dated, 4nn Arbor, MayC8Ui, 18o2. JVQtïte, ALL persons jndetted to to late flrra of Spnor and Thompson arert(ucsíed tocíillat the oíd stand and make promnt urttíesient oí the Fftme. JOHN W. THOMPSON. A Gard. fpHE busiacKs of faddlo and HaraaM makin? will be I carrisd on at the oíd place nf but!nu ol Spoor & Thrappon by the unfrigned, who Bnlic;ts the continued patronage of the olrl customers of thp firm, and hopesby prompt attenfion to buftiriflfs to gaio uew patroiiB. A general assorimont of Harnoss and Saddliry alwayson band. All portons inrlptyerl to mo either hy noteor bonk account are requested to 'settle th6 bano withoutdelay. CHAS. SPOOR. Ann Arbor, May Dö !36-. 854wfi _ . T, '.T.ziirrr: 1 - .Wotïoe. TTHREAS my wifPhbft A.itfinthebabltof rMine VV about the co;:atTv and i uDnjn .t in fiebt wiihout roy consent or knftwïedjw; thtr.fore all persons are cautioneH agairi trus-tinThr ocny account, as I bíjJ pav no debtsof Lecoctract:ng. ' 1 ' " 8%wi3 HARVEYAN'VABa. Ayer?s Sarsapaiilla, CMcjge Tück Trole, WHOIJCSAI.!'' Bok & Stationery Hotjrv S. C. GR1GGS & CO. mum Sanders frofMMivf R&adora, fIj F:i;;io;pc: , tlh H süí origloul UIiuuhIIom ..i tb nvtt tu!ifl , wii M tfeS tucki tent! I. Sanders' Al[jhkbtCd, eittit!. ;A II. Stndri' Krlmary ïch') CbsiU, 8 ca 4 cerd, ] te IK Snaer' rmtry Spelling Boek... .3 IV Staim' Hem fpelk-r mf lf.r.or ' '" IJ V Sande.s' Analvsitof EngUsh Woid ..."., fe, TI. Stuitk-r's Picicnril Primer, (bouul) '..".."" UU Vil fjüD'lcrH' Geruim and Ecgltsh Fr'lnc-" ' i VIII. üaadMs' New First Reaier „ .'" il TX SindïrsNivv Scccnd fiei-ider.., '.".".' 4 X. SaD'J.ji "Xew Tbird. Roedel,.' '. fo XI. 8nders'Ns-FouTth Reader i XII. Sanders' Xo.-k i fih Kt&''r ........ 76 XIII. Sanders' Hgh Sehcol Reader, "; gg XIV. Young l.adiss' Renaer-, 68 X . SaniorE' fehcol Speaker.., I XVI. Sandcrii' Eloeutfotuty Cbhrt, ...........'. s CÖ These readen ara diitinguhed for tlieir otrlctlr tngrcimre eharaan and ;;ia.;caaaj'.!itMHtn (Le Toún Thcy have bsen receiïc.1 with unprtcedcnted faror ad br no class more farorabl; ti,ac by Practical irtcWi whü hare testc-d tlieir meriti !n the schoei rcc. Robinson's Ccurse of Mathernatl& EY HOKATIO N. F.OBINEON, LL. 15. Late Professor of Mathematica In th C. S. Wt-rj I RoblnsMi'sProgrcssivsPrimíry ájithlaH. II. RüDiütoi.'a P"groMve Intelectual Aritb4 III. Rcbin;;ca's Rud.ments of written Arlth. ft IV. lïobinson'a I' Preclical Arith 4 V. RobiLsou's Key to Practical Arithmelic, M VI BoblBm't Progrewiw Higber Aritbm, , n MI. Rjbinson s K(y to Iligher Aritbmetic, T VIII. Robinson's New ElettenUrv Algebrt, T IX. R.bmaon'a Key to Elementary Algebra, Tí A. Robmson'a Ucivcrsity Algebra, 1 e X!. Robitisou'a Key to Uiúvoraity Alg'br, 1 c XII RobinsonN Geometry aad Trigouomelrr. I S4 XIII Robiusen'i Suivejiijg and Navigatlon ' 1 (,'j XIV Rob non'B Auolytical Gecmetry and CodIo fections, j gy XV Robioaon 's liifrerential and Integral Clcl-iil 6 AVI Hobinson'B Elcnwntary Astroii' my 75 XVIi HobiDson's Univernit AatroDomy 1 1% XVIII Kobinson'sMatlKmatical Operations, % 2( XIX Rob.nson's Key to Algebra, Gcometry Sur. vejing, í;c, j y, Forminga rULL MATHEMATICAL CODRSK, :- bracing irithmoüc and Text Booki iu tie Hiffhe, Malbematics. For of research, facüity and aptness oí ïllustration. and practica] uselulness, tbe author of &.' series issurpa-ísed by no mathematical writer in thta country. Ihis series hai fceenrecociinended bT the be !atbeinaticians in uil sectiems of tbe country Gray's Series of Botanies, six books. Hituhcock's School Anatomj and Pbji_o'"gy, $1. lïiichcoek's Geology, one boo, Well's Grainmars, two books. Well's Scientifio Series, including Chamistrj, Philosopby, etc. Three books. Wilson's Series of Histories, five book. Fnsquelle's French Series, eight books. VVoodbury's Germán Series, seven book. Bryant & Strattün's Series of Book-keeping, three books. Speneoiian System of Peninausbip, nin books, And Many ot!icr Valuable Bsoks, Wholesale Dealers and Eetail Purchasers WHlfind at our store over Four Thousand diffsrent articies of Stationery, and Tbree Hundred Tbousand Vc4uraei of books, from wtich to mate tbeir fiiecticr, compnsing an aasortmsi.t tiot rivaled by aui other b house in tbe Luifed ttates. S. C. GRIGGS & CO. Are Spcciil Agent3 fo.Measrs. Harper & Bro's Publioatioö. " D. Appkton & Co's " Ticknor & Field'a " " Gould & Linooln's i( J. 13. Lippincott & Co's " And furnlsh all their Books at Eastern pricos for cah. Note Papers, Letter Papers, and Cap Papers, Blank Books, Pass Books, And all kinds of STATIOXERY, at tbe lowest prltá . SLATE3 by tbe dozen or case. .S!rangers and travelera visiting Chicago wlll finí it liH'-resting to ÜLger for an bour amid tbe interminaU piles of Iiteratureat39and41 Lake Strcpt. S. C. GR1GGS & Ce. Agenta Wanted. i Ft al! co.itiy and valaable Subsc.-lpUon rk, or any noble work up'jn Religión, Literatare, tícten, ot Art, Wdiess S. C. GKlGüS & CO. PLEASE RE1JEMBER Tbatt'.iere s no bookstore in thls country keepiaga 1ter or moro extensivo aasortment tban Is alirajs founi at Í9 and 41 Lake strect. REMKMBER. TJial Public or Private Lihrariea can be suppliod wltk first class Standard Worke by S. C.G. & Co. upo botter terms tban to send Eaat anc 'pay Ireigbt ÏSt, Western Literarv and Professional men,Teaoherl, -cholars iu all departmenti of of the world of lottorn, are ïnvited to make E9 auj 41 Late street tbeir place ef resol t iu niomentsof eisure. S. C. GRIGGS & CO., Wbolesilo and Betail Eookseüers ar.d Stationer, S9 & 41 Lr.keStreet, Chicago. S. C. GRKGS 842m3 E. L JiNSÏ, DO YOU VANT WfJISKERSf DO HOU WANT A MOV&TACUB I If bo, parchase ono bottle of E. E. Cliarapion1 EXCSLSIOP, INVIGORATOR f Ibe world rennnrned the only article of the kind everofferaJUiepeooleof the United States. Tie aboi orticlc is the only one used by tbe French ; in I.undoa aliu Paris tl is in uüiversal use. THE EXCELSIOR WlilSKER INVIGORATOR ! ! Isa Beautiful, Economical, Soothing, yet Stimu'ating Compouud, acting as if bv magie upon tbe roots, eau ina: a beautüu! Broivth 01 Luxuriant Beard. If applie to the w! curo Baldxess, and if applied according to directions, it will cause to spring uu ja bald sppls a Que growth of soft fresh uair. The Cutebrated EXCELSIOR INVIGORATOR Is an indispensable Article in evey Gentleman' Toilet, and after oqo week's use they would not, lor anr conuideration, bo without it. Tbe above article will,"in from Four to Eigbt Weeks.briugouta tbick set of Wbijseï or Moustachb. Hu subscribers are the only Agents for the abore article in tbe ün.ted States. They would also anuounce to th public that the are agents for Napoleon's Hair Toilet! The only ai ticle over offered to theFiench people that wouldCfKi STKJIGHTHAIRI the above Toilet being manufactured for the sols benefit o Louis Napoleon ! which article is now indispensable in bis Toilet room. The subsoribers teeling conliJentthat tbis Toilet raust necessarily takc tho place of allotbers ever offered to tbe public, tbov take pleasare in expressing their coufldence in the article, gaining itfrom practical uae. THE NAPOLEON HAIR TOILET WiIICll tïïaigut HAiBin Soft, Sïli;en, Flowing Curip,. ihat will remaio in sli.ijip for one day or one wofk if deBtmt, or hoy loognr penod, if the directiops are atrictlv ;irevery smpjtí and eiisy . Tlns Ilitir Toilet does not in anj mannonnterfere with the fatertU Softnees af ík Iluir. It neither scorche. b hair n soft, thrlt'ty appearanee. It Ipo preveats the hair from faïlipg ofl and tiirning gray. THE NAPOLEON nAIR TOILET Iiiia boen beforothe pubi'c bu( a sh.-rttije, and has alroaAy beep te.sted by over one thouMttd pertontl aod l 'J:e Xpolcon Üiijr Tailot is the greatpsl Beautififr efeTöffwèd to the Amencan peoplft. ■ "ut thia Toilet 'r'Jin btin couDterfeitod or iin ■ ersppp, wa do not offer tt for sale at any Druggísts m tbe Unftftd Stat ei. Therefor any Lady or Geottefqaa who desirea Soft, I.uxuriaut Hair ana Cuvls, and Long, Soft Whiskers or Moustache, can íígorator er Toilet, either one.toi tm dollar oaaioMd in a letter, with their addres. Adáress, a.F.SPEXY&CO., Box ltí3,CollinsviIlP, Hirtford C. , Cona' And it will b earefully sent by return mail. ''Próvido for r ramily. " UFE mSÜRANOE COPANY, Western office, Kiugsbury Block, Kaudolpb fat, Cbicago. Assets Jan. let, 1862, $276,22$.$.. Toliciec are issued up&n th.e lives of dohtciw, ,h4 fftall business porposes, eillier f05 liio o fut a trta r.f yeard. on as favorable terms as by an? othf-r Companv. Married lidies ma.v !psur tbe Viven ot thAir buftbawff. accr-rdng to a law of the State, securing the anooupt of tha inurance to themseives or their children, frfe f rem tl. e claims of tliwr liqsbands' creditors ; Q,ho, mtrrh-d ladis can insur1 their on lives for che benefit of thelr chi'dron or trustec.ï. Policies on lives &xe issued for any suca not exeeedir By the tertns of the oharter, this Corapsny !s prohibited payiRff moie ihm 7 per cent. nnually in dividendt on lts oipitaJ to Btockholderfi ; ad it reoeive" ïhat utn in íntertst for the use of its capital, the surplus boing dividfd among the Mutual Tnsurers ; ijeoco it will apptór tbat it eorabines The advantages of a Mutual w'th th1 security nf a Stock Comp;ny. When lh premium amounts to $40 or over a cot rony bo giveo fr four tsnths of ihj ana;ant. Ratci s low a,s auy olher good compaDy. JNoiv is the timo of nscuue & oerapetency for rr-jr faTüüy sho'.iid death fia. your homestead acumbírod and iiivolved. EHASTCSLYüAN, Prfc6Íá=i Gko y .SysTFy.Srcy B. V. Johnson, "ice President, acd Manager cf Wtri orn Erasob ace'sxaíf) 33. B. POND, Agect. WM. 13CÏTT, It. , Mlk-2.1 Ezara:cer. AjefB Agüe Cura


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