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Most of otir in-et.s are very hardv, oaring iiltle for wind ór weathér, ond will never "die of aromatic pain.' We onet packed sorno small Rfenm in the centre of a cask of tobáceo leaf inil sterns, but the millar wem there, deposied her ujig?, and the fura were ininoJ. This ilious t'iiU llmy are not ut )l delicate, und c:iro nothing lor tobáceo, 'JSxpen-ivo cudar cliweta are fveijnently coiistnioted, willi thta idcii that the rather ptouAant odor ui the ia suffiiiently disareeiible to the moth to keep him awav fcytn urtionH oí' tlothiiiii; deponited ihere ! Triis ís a mistakÖ. Tho stronittíHt in-tinut [jronptsthe milier toseek the mearía of perpetuitting its kind, uiJ iio trifling iinpedi:noat will prevent it. But tho preservntiun of lurs, or r.rticla.s of clotiiiiig, is perfect ly sim le, chuiip and easy. Shake them wull, and tio therti üp in a cotton tir linon bag, so that the rnillor cunmit poHtibly enter, ir;d the artielua will not bo injured, ihough tho h:g i hung in u wo )d-h'0U8e tv gurret. Tliis is c.iiöiip. er titan to liuHd üedur clopetn md b'-tter ttian to öl tbu be.l ui otiles and garmenis wiih the fe'ickuning odor oi cainiilior, tobacfo. er ány othur drur.


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