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PfilNTING OF ALL KINDS Neatly Executed I AT THE AllGÜS OFFICE.1 WE ARE rREPARED TO FILL ALL ORDERS IN THE LINE OV PliINTING AT THE MOST KEASONABLE RATES. Wo have recently purcliased & BUGGLES ROTARY CARI) PRESS, and h.ive mMed the liit-st styli's of Cnrd Type, wliicli cnables us to irint INVITATION CAIiDS, AVEDDING CARDS, V1S1TING CAUDS, BUSINESS CARDS, &c. in the nesteat stylo, and as ehenp as any oÜrt liouso in the SUte. We are also preparfcd to print POSTERS, IIAXDBILLS, BLANK9, I51LL I1EADS,1; CIRCULARS, PAMPIILETS &c, TüL3 ABGUS BOOK BiNDERY is in charge of ÏIRST CLASS WORKMAN, LEDGEKS, RECORDS, JOU RN ALS, HOTEL REGISTERS, and BLANK BOOKS OK ALL KINDS, RULED TO ANY PATTERN And Mumif.ieturod in beststtle at Ne-w York Prices, Pc riodic als of all kinds BOUND IN ANY STYLE. Oíd Books Ke-ISound. All Work wíirranted to give cutiré satisfuction. E. Ii. POND, Propr. Office and Bindery, cor. Main t Hurón Sts. Coiiway Flre Insurance Co., Oí' Conway, Mass. Capírnl paid np, $150.000 00 As-io.ts (Cash), - 269.96312 Liabilities. 16,440 03 D. C. Rogers, Jas. S Wbitney, Secretary. President. DIRECTORS. i S.WHITNEY, L. 300MAN, W EI.MOTT AS 1IOVM. ND,D r. MialI.VHAI'.K I) MOlUiAN VVAIT BBMENT. JOSIA11 A.H. BIJ'I.KN W. H.D1CKINSON, VV T. CLAP', D.C.ROGER. Aun Arbor Wcfprences: Dr. E. WEI. 1. 9, L. JAMK.S I,. DOTIOK. HNOCHJAAIE9. TAPT. C.S. OOOntSICU J. W. KÜÍIGHT, Airent. Ann Arbor, Miohigsn. Mo n e y Wanted. W h o w 1 1 LeudMoneyi IAM REQUFSTEn BY SEVFJ5AL l'EOSONS tu oMain mony for thcm at Ten Per Cent I itere st,(Or Moro.) For an une willin to lerni. í can at once uveet w g'iort unencumbered ahundiiiit RKAT. ESÏATE secnritj iinysumv of raoucy anü aee thut tlic title uudsecurity ure all KiuiiT. y Ttio borrowerpaTÍnj[allcxpcine,im!ludinifro. er'1"KE. W. MORGAN, Asa Arbor, Qot. 7.185&, 7]5tf IPwk BOOK STOREJP - , 'jll'i '■''. : O . Il l 1'. 1 1 il I 1. IV V"TC' ARKKOW OPENINO. DIRECT PROM PtTBUSfïKRS ANJ' Manufacturero, Nw and Ooi ' ■ . toe of L.AYV & MEDICAL liüüKS, Sckool Hi-oks. ïMfCellancous R'ni-.c, Mank Rovlcs. dan STATÏOWERY! all uud Window Pain i', Dnirtng and Matítematlcftl Instruravnts. fusie. Juveuilt; Ubraritt, ËuvIope, [uks asd Gfurdf. GOLD And all other kinds of Pens and Ptncifs ! ITinttOH CoraÍC6 Mhades and Kixturc, POCKET CUTLEKY! Audüverythinjr pí-ríjiiniín; íi the trufo, anl moro to wliichilii-y vuuld Ibvite the jiUt-niioa ni tt)6 coaatrj. In conductinp our biitiness, wc ÏkiII il" all thatcan thut no rcasosablfl m-c., wosutn ur cbilü Uiall limi anv fault. Wr p.wness t':iciliïicA wiiioh wül Ê us to .supply OUI atoi.üTS it tliO Lowest Possiblo Figiirep. W pwpone toaelifor B-KA R Y I'AV, ata smallail vanee Wr oxpi'ct a pruilt on our íí'icifts, but Cash Sales will Admit of Low riGURES. Tl) o 'K)iriiiiïBoo{ touk," is m&nnsü by .i ?oo'l 'evow ,' ml tlit-y will niu;iy be Cöuü J ód' tfa'e quartfr dtok, ' b itcml u uil with plsmture, u ku will favo] tliem wil'u .i cali. tiomember thO"Empire Book Store." JAMF.S II. WEHÖTER & Co Ann Ail'.ir. M:..v,lirn. 7,AiNOTllEU & A ARRIVAL AT THE Af i OLD ANC RELIA BLE W CLOTHIWt EMPORIUMü feliSP-.IL 3NT 8 ï'ïiCB3Nri3C BLO CIC, MAIN STIÍÍÍET. hasjust retnrnci! from the Eastern Cítics, with a larg diïü dusiiable itock ut' FALL AND WINTER Gr O O 3O Ê5 S ■.vxich he is now offermg :it uuusually 3LmOW PRIOES! Among liin Aü&ortment may bc tuund BR0ADCI.0T1IS, CASS1MERE8, DOESKINS, & VESTÍ K GS. of a'ldescription, especially for FALL AND WINTER WEAR I wliicli he is oatftng and mftfciog lo order, in tticliiiestauc best si} Les, togatber with a superior ausórütoent of ff Al Z r MA DE CLOTHING! l'RLN'KS CABPET BAGS, ÜMBREUS, and Gentlemen's Furnisbing Goods, With numerous otlicr articles usuiilljr found in simila: H,-t;tbliri!imeiita. Aü ANEMPOHUJM OFFASniON, the nubscriber fiattcTR himselfttb1 WsIom t-xperionce and B[eii" 1 ■ se w,wHl euáble him to pfive the grefttèsi iftttafnotion toall who maj irust him in the way of mantifiiet urine carmen ts t) oidiT. 7 f) t f W M W A G X F,R . A. J. SUTIiLRJLAND HASreinovcdhieGuDShoptothcNuw Bluck-n Uuton itret south I th; Couri H use .oi.tne jecond Joor, wlicrc lic i ireparcdto íuniish Guns, Pistols, Ammunition Flásks, Poi7ics Game Bags, and Evcij otlicr article in bis Line. ün tbe m 'Btroasonnïik t enne. and tot! o 11 kind i o the abortar iietu-e.ainl i n t he binl mannei full msirtiniinulvriya ftup "nhsnd.ond maiit to orilcr BÖQTSTSHÖES o tó-lK S MOOME & LOOMIS Are now reooivlug a lare asaortment of Bcot aud K, TJ B B E R, S 1 "W'liich they proptífle to sell 50 pr cení below farmer pricet for cash. Jk-n'a gootl Kip Boots, from $1,!".O to $3,00 Jltn'BgooJ Tliick Boots, from 2 00 to 3,00 Men 's good Cal f Boots, from 2,50 to 3,75 Boy? Calf, Kip and Tliick Bools, 88 to 1 J5 Ladies' Gftiter, from 44 to 1.25 L:ulk'a' Morocco Bootces, from 75 to 1,25 An'l an euJk'38 vaiiety of tfinal i-hoes from Funcy Balinorals lo InTiints' Creeping Shoes. Wc are nlsoninnufacturlng all kinds of WARRANTED BOOTS & SIIOES. Mens Fine Fiencli CíilJT Jíoots l'esgfd and Sewcd. So fjive il tí i'iill beferfi purohnsinif olspnlicr, ;ii ■ !■ bnunli.' tobe unrtoraold. ry"RlLPAlUlNi noNli ON SIluKT NOTU'K.JST MiKÏKB & LOOMIS Main St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 820tf TO WHOMIT MAY CONCERN. TUK UN"F'l'!isir;i:n. il. i 1 l"ioprlétor In thli city oi ,i' ii Arbur, rinpeotftiHy Riraouface t" tbe public, that on audafter thp Brut dny of .Inimry, 18 2, TEN OENTS F AR E. will lic chïir;i l to oacli ml Bvor pi rnon currud toaivl triM) tte eins, to t)R' rr[u ulive ílotcls, by the OmoiVus Line.'s II tel. H.BíRtrroW.Kranfclin Houhp. Ann Arbor, Dw.S4th.l8t. aïtf 3STOTICB. SCHOOL Insppctors' nml Dlreotort' ülnnUs liaTO bc rceifvedat tbitofflC. and ar ready for (li.lnbutiou. .. Clerk are ren ueated to sieudin thcirordwi. R. J. BAKRY.CIerk. Anu Arbor, June 1C , 1812: 856tf ÜSTEW GOODS. BACH PIERSON Iliivi; just opcned their SECOND SPRING STOCK and offer a CHOIOE SKLECTION Of Seasonablo Goods, inoltiding nll The Newest Slyles oí LADIES'DRESS GOUDS, Cloths, Domestics, Staples, GROCERIES, SCO-, We Bought for Cash and will scll FOB CASH OR RE AD F PA 1 at veiy Jjo-wt IFigr uros, CALL AND SEE! BACÍI & PlER-üX. Ann Arbor, May 15, lfC3. SCHOFF & MILLÊÜ UK STIIX ON' U. K D ut tbalr old Stnm! , No. 2, Franklin Bleek, ritb tlu'moRtcoinplt'te a9so)tme&t of Books and Stationery, PEUFÜMEUIES, FANCY GOUDS, WALL AND WIN DOW PAPERS, ; SHADÉÖ, EQLLEBS, COUDS, TASSELS, GILTCOIÍNTOríS, CÜRTAINS, IIOOKS AND PINS, STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. Ever oilerod in tliis Markct ! ind ti.ey would fcuggest tothosi; in pnrsu't ifanythingin SANTA OLA US' LINE that they can secure a Doublé Christmas Present ! by purchiifing frmii tUis stook, .as each purehascr gets ui additionaï present gt Jfewelry, frc. , Ranging ín Valué trom 50 ote. to $50. 43F Tlipytru-t that their hm? oxp?rieMce in Kclecting on!s fnj thia ruarket uil'! dtrlct attentiol] lo the wants i ilui-truners, may en mie tbeui to a liberal s lui re o Tui ronage. Aan Arbor, Dc. 5. 1860 TTTtf The Connectïcut Mutual Life In suranca Company. Accumulatcd Capital, - $3,500,000. WUiLQI&CIUC I.IVKtï foi &ny ajnount nat $ .v."w ■ : thé wholo terna ot'i.ife or lor i term of years, on the most favorable term. X. I! ThO Cmnpauy is puri'lv mutual ati'l the pol cv holders get all the surplus ver tl. e exact coat t" insurance Ltacoomod&lee 1 1 Insnred in the Ejëttfeméhl of thfir premium OX UFE PUjUCIÉ?, If (Uwlred, by tfttfng a note for one'half Vhe amount, bearing interest at .six per cent, p#r anncm. Dividends are Declared AnnvaWy! and Phiec tbey now amount to mftv pe oeni nn the jnoniium. oash and nou-, anti are 111c reas ing they in:iy be applie : 'o cancel (faenóles. fíiT Th mteri t' prenjiuma areanlow as any other respe nsi ble Company anl t!it' liirgi. nccumulatêd funl of $y,ñOí)(000 a st'curely investtül, nay be Heen by refreioe tu the statement made áúcorlingto luw, on file in UieoniiM-oftheCounty Ann Artnr.ÏL0L JAMEÖ (iOODWIN, Prest. (3ut R. rnieiJs,Spcy. Kor Miti;iilarsu]ii'ly to JAMR C, WATSON", 7Oüvl A gout ut Ann Aibci Mich. Great Reduction in the Price of SINGKR & CO.'S Standard Machines . Udl -noten In be the. Irsl far ilanufacturi.ig l'urpose. No. I, Standard Shuttle .Mncliino, formerly so](J al $üO, redueed to 870. No. '2. of saine kind uf Machine, for inerly sold at $100, redueed to 75. SINÖEU'S LKT TKU A MACH INE Is thobest Machine iullie world t".;r l'annty Scwinganil f.ighi tuiíng l'urtiü.-í'.-a : iwitri Ihmmcr,) and beautifully urnumeutvd $6n. The Nos. l iui'i ü Machioett uro of great capacilyaod appiicattoii for manufacl irinft pnrposeM, Uur N. ;i MacjIiiiK's are empecí all y adaptad lo all ki tds of li'ht avA beavj Vork, n Carriace Trim',r.. au- -.v Multlng Iljrm-.-s Mitkiiiü.t'tc.etc. Tlicy ar of exiru (fee, aud ith ■ n ;n"m loog élfough to catu' under it aod stitti tin largetii ttlwtlfiahes, Ihere is sciirci'ly ;uiy puvt i .1 Trininiirti1 stitchiug tb&1 ctaónol be bet ter dope witli thm than bjr hand ; o,, tpo, iliy sa viltje of time ;inV taboe h ve-y gr?at, Ibertableol these imicli.m-. la 2-1 in lus long, and thenhuUle wUI hold six haré the usual (jiiantity-ol ilircin). The largo uuichmp wocka aa fa t mail iue - Wc wimï'l ;ihk (iiy i:.r A M:ii-h:n;, the Rpeolalattentfon of Vet Inkersand Droas Makera and all I v, tu want fop t'i't thnmtftt et uring mrposc. Thvy enobixly the i-riúcq K-.s uf ihe stüinlaiit ma chin i.-, mukini; like i ht ra theinteiljc1 ■! ültoh. ttud are dcttiiüid to llt-' iw'cclebrütftfi rc K.a.mü.y Skm in urd Itght in:Liiiií',iciiniji .nr ■■-■ dh ouf standard iü;ichititíji muaiLlapi ui ïug iturptist; in geaei :il We bavouiwayaon band, uümmímj c.ui'i.MiKni-r (.PÍEN AND C,n TON T1IKBAV, On ÍPoüt8( liBÉFÏ -ïlACiiiNÜ oíl. ili bottloit, etc., etc. Wc iij.i iiuf.iuluronur ,ivn Xcllcs,i.i'l wouídwarnftll pfTnm uurng ourAñichlnefl nottóbuy iinyother, Ue kiinw thiit ihí'u: ate neodiea -itt o thi ntooj h mtallty at higlicr than wviiaru ï fij the Awi. The neetiteff koM bV-no are maxiufiutui'tod jiécinUy 0r une ui.i 1 Inetf. -■ ( nccdle. muy rendtt tht btst machine almosí U$flt$. IMU ouitoiliftrM ni:iv rost a-surfil thatal. sur Hrnnch OSicenarefuniUtied wilh (lie ' t6Qutiieacii;4 " ín of sin.ül purchaHGH, Ihe muD may bu.' hent in jji'-t.ii'.' tínnpif ur Oíink nut4. Corrí sini..imts vvill pléüR'e wriía tlu-ir natnÓ!) ii ttrci ly. lt Ib sil lopnrtattt th.t we nhóuld, measaoiuie, kno th l'i'Rl Office, County, ud atonte, fííiír A.l perrons fcquirihg tnTormation nhout Sewing Mücliinrs tíiel Biza, prlcoA. worMnc eapaolttoif, aiid i bfl bet methodfi o i urejiasing, can oblato it hy nonding to 1B) o1 :.ny oí oui H 'atich (Jinete tora CtJpy if I. M. Singer & Co .V Gazette, Which is a boftutfful rlctorial Paper eiltiiely devotedto tlu: .subject- It will bcBmtgratU. j. i V have made the nUe liFDUCTION IN FBJCE3 wiih tlie tvin ful. i v i.' sv öf bencfitlng 'lio publioandoarBelved. The public have bmm swindlcdb spuriuus machinea made in traitatlüiï )■!' our. T e nretií) in thnn, Frofn tlii Irun cftAtiug to the srnalleitt peicf.inoi poor inuty. Tbeti BMÜtera bwrt nm the neant to do their wprk well. Thcy arn bid ayay tn pecrH ptaoeB, whei it wouM be Impossiblf) to Iwve u their coinmand the proper mecbnnical npplfancen. H is only by dttúig i (rrt-nt bunness,aad, havtng uxtewtive manufaQtui ipg atablishnuMit.s, ihat iz-'uul ui icliiiit-s can uu-h' at moileratprices, The beat detgriwl machines; IÍAH1.Y MADE, are iiUviiys llable t" get otft of order, aud rèKuriiocost connderoble trouble and blonftv ib keu théra in repali e qualfties to bejoökod foe in a rfachineare : o-rtainty of correct aelion at all catea it speed, Impliciiy of cmatruoiinn , great durability, andrapuUly of oper : 1 1 1 . ■ n , wilL tlir U-. ;t!iur. n CORlbÜlfl Hum' efntfa) (JhbIHIop, mu?l Ue inadynf tLebetAia &4and QoUh 1 i" perfi cl ou. Wc have the ay aud muans, o i fir:nnl nc;i]', to lu tiltil. The purcliatiersuf niHchiqe, whoooaUy bpesd trany concern, wUI liml tlml t)n;.-r haviricihe abftvcquftlitieti un) ml_v vork ell :it rapíd a weïl is slow rattiK cf vpetMlbut last Longer in Üjp ijih1-: poKsible ivorking urdor. (Jrir niiichini'K, us mado hy ns, trilt t-arn mouey witli l.-sw labor timo a-ny othors w hot hor in uitat ion o ouMfoj nqt. Infact, theyarechwiperthnn an,t other inachincfiusagift. . M. -INÍMR & CO., 4ÓS rriinUviiy N-w York. Hetruit Oiïice, OS Woodwuid Ayc que, (Merrill Block.) snif M. H. GOODRÍG1Í, Agent, Ann Arbor. j W.MOliGAN, Agent lor MutuulI.ifelnsurauceCompany, New York. AecamnlatedAaseia, - ... $5,350,000. !tn' Leadtng Life Insurance Oompaoy in the V. S. KnickyibickT Liffl [asuranofl Company, New York, - a rirst claasfloeCo. - Viran reaaonable. EjUirabold) Kir1 iiüJuninco Cumpaity , New York. Capital, wilh :i laroe Burplua, - - $200.000. i'ftoria Marine k Fire Insurance Co., l'eoria IU. -hot iNo. 1 FirelnauraitceCo's. 7O7tf Capital, .... f500,000;


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