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The Germs Of The Beautiful

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Scattei tl.i .eiins of the beautiful I By the waymde let thein fait, That the rose may spring hy the cottage gate, And tlie vine on the carden walt. Cover the ïougli and the lude of earth Witta thevaü and leuvcs ol fluwers, And mark with the opening hudand cup The mareh of suiumer honra. S at ter the gems of the beauiiful In the holy s-hrine J' lx n.e ; Let the j.uie, ai,d the fair, and the graceful tbere. Iu their loveüest lustre come ; Leave uot a trace of defoinilty In the tcmpie of the heait, But eather übout its hearth tho gfms Of Nature and of Art. Scatter the germs of the beautiful In tlie temple of our God - The God who slarr'd tlie uplifted sky. And flowi red the trampled od. When lie built a temple íbr himselí, And a h'ine fr liis prieslly race, Heiear'd each areli n symmetfy, And cuived each lino 8 race. Scatter the germs of the beautiful In the depths of the human sou! ; Tliey shall bud and blosbom, and bear thee "fruit, hile the endless agea rollPlant ith the flowera of cliaiity 'ilic p.niaih ol the tumb, Ai.d the fair and the pure abuve thy path In i a'adi-c all bloom.


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