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The Tin Savings Bank

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Charles Lynford was a good mechante ng.ioi! business At tlie ano of Iwenly8 x lie h;id taken tn hin.self ís a wife Cutttlm Eustie, tiie dauglitcr of a heighbor who had iothttig hi b iiijr fo bini - e. pt her wn pers' i al n. ri'f, wl.i.-li were ti ai } ; lid hi.bits of thrilt m ni Pconeinical boaseboM, ander the slc ni tcacliii gM of neci tñty It mus w.-ll, perhaps, that ('luirles li lili id fcliuuld obtuin ii wífe "t this ebaríot huh he foami it hiinself very difficw't to save an thing froiu bis income. It was nut long before Caroline beeanio acquuititcd vcitli lier hus'at;d"s faiilng. - í La could wit feel faite easy in the knowledue tliat thcy wcre liviujl fally up to thcir inc iint, feTneiii( ibrt b me would come when thcir fatiii'v wcu'd giciw ïiinie ixpentie. ai.d perbsfw her husbatid" buhinew thougli HOM iluunshing, miglit bceoint' K-'ss. Acc(nJiif.'ly, "iie (iuy, slio purchased of a tin peddter who carne to lliu door h litllu tiii láfe, sui-h as children fieqnently ue as a wvitig bank. Tliii ihe actd ecuifpieuiiusly im ilie li aiitle [rteén, so ti it litr hu? bat d niight bc suie to sce it on en'eiing. " Halloo. Carrie, wlnit's that, eh ?" he askid cnriouly. ' Ouly a li tt Ie purchase I made toda_y " said his wife " But what is it meaut tut ?" he asked again " me Ilústrale," Faid his wife playftthy. " Have yuu a Uu cent piecu ■bout 31'U V" Charles drew a dime from his wniítCi'át pocket 11 ïs wif'e, taking it ficm his batid dropped it into the box thr.jugh a little .-lit at the top Charles l&ughed. " So you h.ivi; taken to hoarding, Car rie. My wife becuuNSS a uiisir." 'Nu. ouly a littlü prudent! Bnt scriously, Charks that is vhat I waut you to do t-veiy niylit." " W!i;it, drop a dime into this newfangled arrangmeiit oi yoursï" " Exactly." " Veiv wll. that wiil be easy cnough. A dime is no gioat liann. Bot ïuay [ know wbnl yt'U are guii g lo do with Uns i ew ly ei mméitesrf hoaHd?" " L:iy it by fur a ïauiy day," auswuri-d CaioliiiO. Charles Isüghed merely. Tlius eidid the cuiivu-futiou for the time. The plan inaugurated by the young wife was sicadily carried out. he was not one of llm.-e, (of v hom there are s' maiiy,) wlin enti r upon a plan zealoutly, but soou lire of it. In Úw present casthe was tlMiouglily sat sfiod of the wis dom ut her puipose, und resolved lo carry it tinough. Every nuniiiiig he called on htr liutband lor a dur.e, and i'vtry muriiiiiíí it wa udded to the a?eu iunla ion. Yr quenily lie liad no! the right chaiige, bu would tos." her a quar ter iiiMt'Hu fcilie would atsuio luw laujfliHigly, that it wculd afaVwiir her pulpóse just ir well Mi'ie ihan once did Charles bonter her on the subject of her ssvings bank Tli ih llie bore gaily. Bui i hese weiu not the ouly accessions thu tuiid 'rece i ved lier iiusbind liad eatly airunged to make her au amplu al luwaiK-c fur dm- L say ampie, ihougu 1 daie M-y lOUie of my city readets miglit nul havo eonsiuered it .-o; but Caroline, who "a in the habitof iiiaking her own droMM, provided herself with u goud wardrobe at a much iess expense tlian some not te well vered in the science of mininffinc eould havo done Afur cuiiMuirablo calculalioii, slie cante t ihe chicIumoii tlmt out üf liei HÜovvance gfae shouM be ; ble tu uuike a daliy d(pu.-it equal tu illa BtlB liail i'X.icteé ut h r liusbaí d. UI tliie luweveí, she ihouybt it b. st. on I lie wtiole nut to llitillii (. l.arlo, el jn_ nig Mi :i i:t ic-.pul 1ii }ii i rpttit 1 bi-n g ibie ut tusu tuturt timu to surprise liim wiih tl. e uutxpectel auiotim oí' her savings. At llie üluet) üf evt-ry uiuuth tlie tiu box was emptied, and t lie cuutents were train-firtd to a savinga bank ot' inore preteiisioiK-, wLure iuterrst would all w ed. lifu the suins dipnMted liere becarne largo enougli, Mm l.vfuia, v. lio liad toiibidurable Um-iut ks oapacily, with ditw lluin, md ihvcKtid ni bank and I olhtr stocks, wl.icli would yield a largo pticdit. Ot lici' node i f uiauagcm. in her husband rimaiind in isompletu igi.o raiit-e. iíor did he ever expreíi any debire lo le mide iüjih ntcl witli Ins wilc's ii aüageiirent. lie was an easj-, caitli-Bu t'clluw, pending aa he went, en joj'iiig the prtBBllt, mul not t'eeling ftliy particular coiuctii aDont tlie future. At the end of eight ear, during which ho had been unusually favored b proBperity in business, and uninterrupted hfalih, bi books liowtd tliut he had not fXCcedid hiR incouie, but that on tbe otlu-r huid, hu had saved abeolutely ïiothing. ïveuty cfcBtB stood to lus r credit. " Uutming pretty close, tsn't it, Carrie ? I talte credit to ïnyself, tlumgh, ' for kcppini on 'lie rigbt sido of the line But then I suppose you have saved up an immense suin." ) ' Huw mucli do you suppose ?" iisked ■ Lis wii'f. l " U, perlinps a liundred dollars," paid Charles Lyuford, carekssly, " tbough it would take a good immuj limes to iiiakc that I" ' His wifo sniiled. but did not volunteer to mlighteii biui us to the correctiitK.s of the coijecure. So 'liings eut on till at letigth came tin; punió of 1857 - u panie so recent that it will be reineuibuit'd how univv.r sal itade nd I usiiitss of every kii d were depretSed at tlus pcnod - ainong citlieis, tlu; Ir. de wliïcli uccupi' d (Jlius. Lynl'urd tsuffi-nd evcuiig hu c;une buuae lookiug (juite senou-i - au expression wliioh sel i dom cüine over his clieuiful taco. Ca ruime, wliu tiad watched tlie signs of the tunes, was uot unpri pared to ave tliis. She sunpecled tliat her lmsbaud's bn-imss "ould be afteottd " Wliat the matter, Oharlos ?" shu askcd ehot'ifully. " Tha matter, tb;it we will liavu to ecoiiouuzc greatly." '■ Áiiytbliig unfavorablo turned up iu business mutters ?M " I should thiuk there had I will ; have but half a day's work tor Mme tm e to come, and L ani afiaid that ovon . llns wil faü liefore long. Ycm haven t j any idoa, Carrie. how duü business of i tvtrv kiiid i í beciime.' ' l think I have,"said his vife, quii tly, '■ I have reail the papéis o.-ti'i-fuity, ai.ii hau been lo out tor &ouiothing Ili tlllS klllli. ' Do you think we can reduce our expenses one Ealf ? ' asked her husbaud, doubti'ully. " I tliiuk we will be able to do so - Botli (f us are wt-ll auppiied w.tü clothiiiir, and will iiot l.eed ui.}1 muie tur u year ut 1 ast Tliis ül tut uljf oomiéorable expiiise. IVen tbiTe ai e a greit umi y Hule t.upcifiuitk yuu re c-custuiu' d to bsiy - liitic tuinas jou uro ktiÁl euiiujili td bring tu.mii to me tri-queutlr, wliicli I aai do vcry well wiüiui. Tlieu we tan live more plainly - liave !o;S pk-s and cakes - aiid 1 Luve uo doubt ii will be au improvemeut aa far na ücalth is coiiceriit'd." "What a calculator you are, Ganie," siiid litr LusbanH, fei-lmg coi liderably casier in mind. "I really (biuk after all yi 'u hare said. tlint it wou't be hard to live on onr usual úiei n - fur the present at least. 13ir,' and his cininteUiince Hgam changL(i, fuppose niv work should ciitiii-ly t'aii - I suppoe you couldu I reduce our expenses to nothing at all, uoiild yiu ?'' ' Thai eertainly surp:issns my powers," süid his wife sn.ilin; " hut even in t!:at ca&e there is uo groir'd lor dicour.n.reii'eut. You bavc not forgütteu oui' savings bank bave jou T' "Why, no, I didn't think of that." said hér husband. "I suppose that would keep off staivation for a few weeks.'' His wife smiled. " And in those few weeks," she added 11 busincps iniglit revive." " To be sure," said her husband - Weli I guees it will be all light - I will trv not to trouble myself about it any lonper. The apprehensions to which Charles Lyi.lbid had given expression, proved t ) be only to well founded. In less a inoith fioin the date of the coi.vuialian just recorded, the lnnited supply óf wiiik whieh he had beau ablo to secure, I fa led, and he found hiinself wiihout work of any kind, thrown liack up iti hfi own resource.i. Aithough he had untii ipated this, it seenied une.xpectud when it actually did collie upon bim, and ag in he reíurnéd home in a íit of discourageuienl. He biietiv i'xnlained U bis wife tlie new calamity wiucli luid come upon ilieni. ' And lbo wor-t of it is,"' lie added, there w 11 be uo better times lili Spring." ' Do you tliiuk that buaimsá wili iuVÍ f. tlitíll ' ' " It ínust by that time, but tliero are five or sis uiuntbs between I do uot kiiow liuw we aru roiug tu 1 ve tiuntiy tlie Ulllt." '.' 1 do " replied liis wife qua t!y. " Yuu 1" exclaimeU her liu&baud iu .suiri!-e. 'Yes, your iucome has never bien more ihan six or si'iuu Liindied dollar 8 a year, alid I liuvu no doubt wu can lúe s.x moiitlia on tu liuiiürcd and litty ciollill'B ' " Yks, ct', but w Ín ro is thaiuoi;i'y tu unuie fioiu V I don't want to lío iu u dirbt, and if 1 Uld I IllUUidu't kiiow wbere to borrow." " Furtuiíatcly tbtre is no need of it," I a:iid Mis Lyntord. "'Yon seoui to ful'1 gi-t our littlu suvings bank." " J5ut iá it putü-iblu it can nuiomit to iwu liimdivd aiid tilty doilard," liu aski-d in mirpriae. ' Yes, aud sx liuudred more," said liis wifo. '■ ímpossible." " W ait a UtiuiltV and I 11 prove. ' Caroline wiJidrew a moment md re ippuartd wilh r-evei al ceititicates of bank and railroad aliares, aiiiuui.tihg to eiglit hundred dollar, and a bank Leuk in wliicli the balance Wui di-puü.lcd to her cridit. " Are you qute sure yon baven't liad a Iegacy," dfniui.ded (.'liarles m ainazi;ment. "'tíurels a dime a day woud uot pruduce tln ' " Ni, but two dimes :i day have, witli a lidie extra depusii iiow ail iLi-n. 1 tliiuk, Cliailf, iv e Jeaii wuul nlí btarvu tiou t'ur a tune " " All tlíis I owe to your prudence," said Charles gratefully. " Iiow caá I repay youV" Cbi'i!e8 Lytiford remained out of einplnyment goiné íiionihs. But in t lie íphng js lie aiiticipated, business revived, and he ivas once muro in reueipt i.f bis oíd income Moro l ha.ii two thiids of the luiid was still lef't, aud LenCtfürtll Charles was not less amíiduoiti thau bis wile iu 8 riviug to iucreau it. The hule tin Kuvings bunk stands on the mantle piece, aud never f'ails to reeeive a depoait daily.


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