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The Speech Charles J. Ingersoll Was Arrested For Making

The Speech Charles J. Ingersoll Was Arrested For Making image
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I ariao to support these resoluUoiis, and 1 would Mipport, if tieeeii-ury, resolutiom still t tronger. - Jiut the trutli is, the time for liscust.ioii and resolutimis hna pas-ed, and we have iirrived within six weeks f the time wheii wc are tn go to the bullot box ind leUlè - I hope forever - Mie qui-stion wliicli f"r eigliteen mout hs lias distiacted thi country, ui'd in regard to wliicli so niucli effurt lias been uiadö 10 brinj; the gri-iit deuioci atic party into disn putu - I umu-ratand it, thfi democratie party ia iiow t e tnajority of the people of Pennsylvun a. We havo ;i majority in the ijiitc and in the ei V, and L belitre tlio noiylibuiiiig Siates wi 1 prove, wban their.eUctioiiS take place, t!it they are in mojority there We :iie wicliin six weekt! of tbc election, aiul tlus ia the only ïeuson why the dt'inücruttc party i. s lnudly di-nounced by tlie rt-publiean pnpers, and that 8 tle reaMon why tliis nieutinn; bas been spe ciiilly denuuiK'ed and tliieatencd. I dun i know llie liamos ut' tlie papila, l dou'i read lliein; iliereare fuiv iiierf in Puiladelpina wliich a demoei'.ii need rf:id, but I '-einiijil ynu that all ihe deinncruts wiio veii.ured to c uiu to t' is meili'ig liuvc !euu donouiicod ti'aitors, as disalieoted pe uns, -18 uien unw. rtliy tlie naiiiu of citizens. Tha only reason ot' tliis i-, that th dfiiiocrutic piirtv i.- in the m.'j'inty. anü is abuut to take powi r froni thoso who have poasussion of the gover liUient In the f:ill, f you do your duty - if th people thtuughout tlie 8 ate íally to (he deiiiucraiio parfcj - ihu oulv rallyirg poilit tliüt can save the cou'i'ry - t r-iiall take power forever froin the liam1.1 ot' tlie The repul'lican pa pers and t .e rpul'lxa eadeis may wi 11 o. j nut ajju.u t tli s nii'öiiig, dr égains aiiy lueaiui if rallymir tlie deun cmü party, for il is the knull ol their par y [Glicers.] I seu no riot, disturb-inco, O' üiaordur Ia it not mmistruus that tje party wlio holds this uieeting !h' uld have been det.ouncud in every part ut the country; and is tl.ere anv motive t be couceived save that whic-b I have sugges cd - thut we ai e in the bwjoriiyï What are we todo"' W'v aie aaaouibled hcre prepuratory to the CKtobiT oleo ion. I have seen you betere in tliia tsijiüire. It ia no new tning foi the uaiiv to liold a ueutins, and we me l'eru tor the purpose of preparing tor tha' electiou. Ue are goiug to the b.illot box to deposite our vtes against the party now in power at Washington. Is there Hiiy hariu in that ? No. Is there any treason in tbat ? Is there my dis afi'ection in that ? No. Is it. anti-Amer iemi 1 It' we are in the majonty, and it we know that the party iti poafT is ruling us to our 'uin, why sliould we not put it down ï We think that thuyiiave ruied to our ruin, aiid. huving the jnnjuiiiy, we may txercise our right of putting theiu oulj. by the ballot They bi-gan with 7ÜOÓOO men, and now they want C0U,ÜUÜ more What havo ïlicy done i;h iliat ai my ? V liat c u.qu s's have tiiey 'f [Cheirs tor McClellan.] Ye="; and what ure they doing with Mc(Jlellau ï It i i-aid that MiClellan is to bti removed. Lui us seo huw it is to bn. [Th ree eheers tbr MuClellnn aud three chflers fór Uolonel Min'pby ] 1 want to kuow wliether any govern ment that ever ext rcised si much power, with 700,000 uien, ever arcompüshed results so iiisignificant ? Are we any lurther advanced m the conquest of the Southern Sutes than we wero in the beginiiiug 'Í We were told that it would take but nixty days, tlien tiinety days to ciusb the rebelliou, [Lnug'iUr] And With what dl'icet hus t n is war bteu prng. t-cuted t I hear that gnverutiwul has decidud to ehange ÍtflO'IUr' but é lüivö no piuof ihüt thu uboïitioii -eheme ik dead Ji'it what bas been the wh-le ulject of the war previoiuly y H;is ilure been any other i-bject Í 'J'Iiuiü bas been notie, und iftheycould uCOoHiptish tiiat object, wlieru sh uld we be with those Cour inillions of blacks iunicd in the Is'orthern States V - Are we to murry them - Work with ibem 'Í In what niauuir are the negroos to be dispi.scd of? I will teil yuu. These )oor uegroes, wlimu he abohtiouists love less than you or I, would have their tliroHtM cui in a war of ilC's, imd thar woald be au end to this Bclieuie of the ab-htioiists I cuy l'urther, that more cuiTUptii'ii Uüder any tdminis'r ilion tlian ihat wl.ioti i-u!hi i,ow was neverseen liero, and suldum seen in auy country. - L"ok at the lortuüe made in ooiitract. Look at the repotti of the IIt'ise unu tiuiiate ïom ittecs- -all repub.ieans- and you will see the evidence that so corrupt a govtrnmt ut bas never managed Uut 1 Air Lincolu enne mto iiower. You reeolleet that one of the last. acts of the Csenate, as now 0wpied, was to refuse to pass the voto ol censure upon a repub.ican Senator, whom ;i coinmit'u re purted against Who is to say nay ? - [Clieers ] What are we told Í NVliy, ihat deiuocracy is treason ; freedoiu i ! treaon ; thu pxti is treas u. They Hjf it is tieason tor tlie democratie party lo organizo ; it is treason to vote againsi I this aduiiiiistration, or to do aiiy'hiug cxeept support thuse in power. W e will support tin? governmei't and the war, auü l say tliat thu idea that is uow given out that we are i;ot to orcanize at-ainst


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