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Boe-raten, at an extrema age, leornea to play on musical instrument, for lh pui "pi?e of resisting tiie weitr and tur of old ago. Cato, ut c-ighty ycarsof nge, thoughc proper to learn the Greek languiige. Pluta ch, when betwoen tli ngfl of feventy nnd oighty, cotnraencact tho Httidy of Lutin Bocoacd was thirty yenrs of ngo wtiöii ho coinnienced his studies in poiite literature; yet ha br nrne one of the three great mantera of thí Tuscnn dialect, Dunte and Petraruh beirg the other two There are many arnoog us ton years younger than Boccaccio, who are dying of ennui, and regrut tfaat tliat thuy wi-re not ducated to a tast for literatura; but nnw they are Ui o d. air Henry Spelman nesrlectud tba sciences in hi1 yoijth, bat commenced the Hludy of them when he was between fifi y önü sixty jraaoi of upe. After thi! lime he became a ir.oat loiirccd untquuriaii and lawyer. Our young mea bfin to think of luyinsf their gnior on the r-heli hen ihey hve reuched .-ixty yeursot aga How diffurcnt the jretfeiit esliiiiH e pul upon esperience tconi ttiHt which characieriz d n r.ortak] period of the Greci;in repubüc, hen h man wks not all wtd to o[n hta mmith in politica] meetings who was niidur fiTty yem-rt of go Colbert, the f jinou Fret)i"h minister, ut sixty ymtfl (;f ;igo rotumed to his Uhüo nd law stuoies. Hnw mmy of our college learnt men have over loüked into their claaios sinco tl.oir gradu;in? Ludovico, at tho groat oí ono hundred and fii'teen, wrote tho memting oi his own times. A singular exertion, noliced by Vultuire, wi.o M bimmrif or.e f tho moít rurnarkuble ina i H-ts oí ibe progresa of uge in new tllltil'H. QjiVky, tlie transistor o? H rner and Viitf'l, wa i![]:icqn;iiiitd with Latia and üret-k tul he was past fifty. Friiiklii] dul riot fully commence tii til]ili)!(i;ihicnl pursuitn til] he hud reaehed bis fiftieth yi'iir. Hmv m;ny nmnng un oí' thirty, íorty and fif'.y, who read nothing luit newp:ipers lor the want of laste íor n.iturnl p!ilosophy. But thev ura loo oíd to learn. Acoor, a gruat la.vyer, being akad whv he begun tne tudv if law su lutc, iisweied thal ind.-ed lie began it late, 'íut he t-b'iuld Üitírnlore maa'.w it tho so'iner. Tliis igreei with our iheorVí th:it huidtliy o'd uge mvs the m-an tho power of net; 'mpllíhing u diffiouit -tudy in mucti lw ü'iie th:.n would b iiecE4Hiirv to one of hitlf his yT. Divdtn, n I h si.vty-aighth yenr, cdini! MMNNt tne trlnlnti)n of tho liad; and hi-i rrtanl pleasing pruducliaus vcr writien in hi oíd ugc. We would go mi :ind uito thoueanda of i xatii( lus oí' iiit'ii lin liominenced n new ftiidy and s'ruck out in íin entirely new pilfMiit, cithtr l'fir live'ihood oT ninuífMiieiit at an ilvanced age. But evtTy on familiar viih ihe biography of d s'injíiiiatied raen will iecollcct individual u:ee en')ih lo c invince hiin tiüit nono luit the t-ioU und indo.eiit will


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