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The Census Of Scotland

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The ccusua ut Seotland luis just beon .lompluted and givea niany intorusliug ittms et' iuionnmion. There aio 78 landt aiound ihe öcottish eoust - tuking as ihe di-tinitiuii of uu eland thut t hall lio of tsufficiL'i.l t'Xit-iit t afford putrtUlu to H slu-ep. Tliu avcliige ji'pulilimi s uno liundred to u -qnuie iiiuo. 1 ij tiUIUH COUIltles 11 ÍS ll S IW Ut) tllirtutu, 'i lie oiniifaUon is very ];irg iiinolig lits HialeS, .lid ttio JU opoi'lioQ in j.(iu'atiii] Ijtítwtxjii fainiiles uud iiialü! is 111 2 to 100 - a grtm'.er p.ouuition tl. au ui itny otlier countiy ia Europe. ïliero are (3136,786 l'ainiüo in ociulaiid; oftböse 7,UU 1, or more lian oue pur cent, lived lust year il) u siügie room, without imy wiudow, 226,72 íaiiiiües livod ll oue room uaoi), vviih vuo or moro windovvs, but oliën u muro ajio'ngy f'T a windovv. T ma iHir'y-tivo pr cont. of all the fainiliuai in ricotlaiid, or more than ona fbird live in ono r o. n. Tluriy sevtn per cent live in two roome, laving only Lwufliy fight per cout. living n hounos vviih tiireo r inoro rtM.'iriH, Of tainiliea Ihua liviiix in oue room 34,048 of inur puri-OiiH in eacii. umi 6,212 uonsints of eight in eaoli ! In UWjfow, the lartiu.t eity in 5collllJ1 only qe fmirtb. ói tlit fauiilius huv as umny as threa. rihiRid to livo in. The orst tñtic-l of tlns segregation, leavinJ out ui viow tho inort! etteet, is the droadlui devaotuliuii Wliich epi'iein us and conlugioua dieason in;iku hen oiu:u they boüiu to sweep through tl community.


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