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The War In Virginia

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Alexaxdri.i, Awg 31. According to all accounts Stonewaü Jackton ycsterday mccecdéd '" tbrciug Lu way tlirougli tho Federal troops rarrounding biin, aud cffcotod a junctioii wi.h tlie rcrua'mdcr of the Confedérate feroce, Xhis resul t was doí attained without fcari'ul oss cm both side, us a most desperate figlit took place. Krom all tluï can be learned in tbc absence of any regular report, lbo corps of MeLowell, lieiin.himi, Porter aud .ï gel wera engagsd, tiio former baving tho j teft, the latter the rifflu, and the others opcratipg about the e. ulro. Tho principal part uf the figli'.ing sronriH to have been done on the kift aud centre. Tho lek was tBrowu up froiu Mana-soá Janciiot) towards Thor.mgbfura öup, the right is about Ceutreville mid the centra on the old l'ull lluu battleüoM, out from 3ia3:.ssas. The uction was coinmenced by the eneuiy opevatiüg his batteries betwoen ono niid two üVloek, P. M. Theiv guns wcre advantacoously posted upon n ridfe, while our Latterits had to lire from liio i'eu plain. Utii 31u:rüi's d visión suporteu our battertea at ;his paint. Alter soine so.'cre eoiiötiooadaog, Gen. lïufc:d'o brigade of cavairy, comprisiu; tlie Kirst -Michigan, First Virginia and 1 rot VoiHiont, were ordercd to our esirtiHU lelt, to iceonuoitrc, and guard ítgMiií-t any attempt to turn our left flank, whieh roovenient wa3 threatened by the enemy. llidiog beyor.d our left - wbera our 'uifautiry wero fomod eiosu bdiind our batteries, wliioh were playing on tho i.'ikiüv v,-i;h great precisión, while our roopa weie shecriug vocil'erously - our cavaliy reached a slight euiiuenoe and were ab'ut to se:;d out a deíacliiuent to exploro, when tho cnemy was seen coming up in forco alang the line of the ad jaceut iroods. A rebel battery was seen to wheel iiito positioa and then carne sliell ioto the midst of our cavulry, followcd by canister and grapo. Thus was diseoverud the iutention of (he enpiny to attempt a flank niovement. Long lincs of rebel iufantry could fieAtiy be eecn hurryiug v.p to take position, aud soon otiier rebel batteries were brouolit up aud oponed on our lc-ft. Our cavairy, forced to retire, rctreated behind n inw ndge, but the clouds of duït reveaiing thi'ir place of retreut, the rebels cootiuued shiliing them, and another ehango of position was inftde, lloro a body of cavalry vras observed riditig to wards tho gpot, and the sabros of our eavalry drawa to meet the coming feo. The squadron proved to ba hiiiids, tho Fo' New York Gavdry; Whero they had 90106 from as Gí.tk Sige! wad on the right, wa?, and 3 a inystery. Thcy rcpoi ted the rebel earalry under God. Stuurt as ibout to raako a eharge. Tho New Ycrk eavalry fel! in behind Oen. Hnford's brigade, the bugles sounded, and over ihe hill galioped our men to to tritst tiie advaucing rebels. As our men ap; raobed t hem, the rebel cavairy discharge:! doublc-barreled shot punsand then niet us ín full c!:arge. O ar raen broke the enemy's liiw and pursued. - The rebels rallied in spleudid stylo, and dashod forward again to meet tho charge. Again their line was broken, and as our Oavalry '.vas preparing to charge again the rebels opened tire upon them irmu thoir batterics and muskeiry, compelling thera to retire. Washington, Sept. 1. Brigidler Goneral Blenkor states iu n. card that he is uot living or. his farm, as reported, but reiuains here waiting for orders. Dispatc'a from General Pope. UUOWARHU. FlMD OFliAlTL!, ) Obovktotv.v, neak ÜAIN8T1LU, August 30. ƒ To Major Genera! Hal'.ect, (em.-riil-iii-Clii f. We fought a terrible bnttte here yesterduv witli tho combined forces of the eneniy, whieh lasted with contiiiuous ■fury from daylight until after dark, by which time the enemy was driven irom the field, which we now occupy. Oi:r tioops v, ero too miich exh-msfod to push matter?, bilt I f-hnll do so in tho uoureo of the moruing, as soon as Pitzjohó Porter's eorps cornes up from M:m;issns. Tho enemy is still tQ our front bat badly used np. We lost nat 1-ess than 8,000 men kilfed a-nd wounded, and (rom the appenranca of the field, tho unemy h;;s lost two to our ono. He stood slrictiy on the defensive, and every assault va3 made ly ouiselves. üur troops have behaved pplendidly. Tho b-.ittle was fought on the identiele battle-field oí liuH Run, which greatly incroased the onthusiasm of our men. Tho neus just roaehes mo from the front that the enetny ia retroating; towards the mountain. I go fprwaH at once to seo. We have made great captures, but I ain not ableyet to fonn an idoa of their extent. (Bfaci) JOHN POPE, M.ij. Gen. Com. Affairs Across the Potomac. Washington, Sept. 2. Recent advices received frotn tho vi cinity of the late Hanguinary conflict in Virginia with the enemy, report aflfíiirá in that locaüty as being comparitively quiet. ïhe news from thut qcartsr today has been - considering tiie intense exeitement and bustle prevulent - deeidedly meagre. Rumora and stories of the most extravag'iuit nature Sir.vo boen circulated througliout tho city; a grent majonty of tltcüo havo betiiiouud lö bo entirely unreliablo. Partios who left Centrevilla late yes terday aflornoonj report that tho com mand of öön. Biinkl, which hád been roportod cut off, arrived it thnt point about 5 o'clock yesterday ftfternoon. There can bs very üttlo doubt of tho correctDess of this report, as our informant states that ho witnassed the arnval of ihis com.Tiand, It is further stuted that a marcb twenty-fivo miles was accornplishod by thein Ön that d;iy in order to reach thnt p!auo. The greatest attention is being given to tho condition of tlie wounded, vvho are conveyed wilh aü possible promptitude to tho variouö depots proVided förtbeir recoptio. An ovérabundance ot and pbysioiane bave tendered tlieir servico?, and it 3 most nssurd!y true thut the bravo rnon who have fuliorj in döfonce of the national honor will not want for syniputhy and attention in their biokneBS. It was statcd in 5 former letter thut a argu nurnber of Btragglei'i aura picked np by tho entmy'd cava'ry. The raid was tnndo butween Fairfax Court-House and Uentrevillo. Within tho pust two days tho pricos of market provrsïons havo nearly dnubled, o'-viug to tho i ocreas jd demand fi r them and the country people buiug intcrrupted in their pursuita, On Sunday tnflrning betvveen ei.lit and ui De o'cloolf, fiftecB of tho amliulaceen, boing ia advahce of the train in a hollow, wero Ofipturef1, In all theru were 230 ambulances and sixty haoks. About 200 wounded have eo f;ir been romoved from the field. The movtrnune were fncilitated by Hfajor üu ney, of Now York. ) cstcrctay at 6 i M. our army wns irtthdrawn behind tho UU of (Dentroi Tllcr;is Li ioiilt it is beliuvud, te df:iw on the emomy, but tbey did nnt url vanee, This foreifóon our army was j a;:iin ad vaneed two milos tovvards the i old butttas-tiuld. The laro menta whiuh have nrríve'd thére, I tiog of artillery and infantry, maka t'no anny peifüctly safe. Ni) tiring took phu'o -after nine u'olook S-itur'lay night. Ktííiriiey's división remaiiieu on tno fiulrl till 11 o'l-Ioc!; mi Sunday, Some shells vvere tlirinvn irito tho unemy luit no reppotree was mado. Thia morning ! n slight skirrnish touk phieo in Kcarck-vV división-. In !(io recebt baltla Gen. Ilutch wns I wouiidbd flijthtly, a buil ponctraü; tlio brim and body of hts feit hat, and Bittléning on tho skull. The dead ffére being buriej nnd the wonnded removed under a flag of Lrucffi iVfTITT?l? TliTTTP AJÏUTUËK 1ÍATTLK, Washington, Sept. 2. Generáis Kearney and Stevens werc i killed in a evero engagement whioh totvtt place List evening near Clinntilly, nbout Iwo milos north of Fuirfax LJonse, between a pnrtion of General Pope's army and Jackson'a forcee. Our loss .vas ho-avy, but tho er.finy was diiven a niile, and we occupied I ü:ö fiald of butilo uiitil three o'clock tbis A. M. New York, Sept. 2. The Tribune Washington correspondent says : It is generally conceded that ; Gen. Pope somewhat exaggerated oor loss, in t lie ditpatcli fixing it at 8,000 in killed and wounded, and deuidedly exagu;erated the cnemy's loss in placlog it at dauble tbat r.uinbcr. The record of uil tho battlt'S, il1 cl ud ing that of Süturday, wiil show, as is thought, a loss of from I 10,000 to 12,000 at k-ast, on our side, in killed, woundüd and prisouers. Tho loss of the unemy h thought to have been les, sinee they fought, much as usual, bebind cover. Many of our artillery horses at whieli t li o enemy dirocted inany ot thcir heavy guns, were shot down and several battories wuro captured. The encuay's whole force, according to nearly every prisoner's account, is now eutirely surrouuded by our vmy with uo possibility of cseaping witbout the great1 battle of the campaign being fought j against grea'ly superior numbers. A göntlenian who arrivéd from 75 uil Run Ibis (-Mo;day) morning says flghtiiig ■ was goiitg on a'.l lay yesterday betweeu ! Centroviüe and Thorouglifaro Gap. " Yestcrd.iy raoruing. by order of Gen. ! Pope, 138 cars and five locommotivcs ! wei-e dfstroyed by fire, together with a lafge quantity of ammunilion aud store-", at Bristow Station. Tfte empty cars aid engmeo clone are ostimated as being woith 8185,000. The rebels burned two engiucs and forty-eight cars at ihe same place on Thursday i;ight. It is said that within tlie last tweutyfour hours the enemy has fallen back to a nuw line of defcace. A Licutenaut who was captured saysthat 150.000 rebels attempted to get through Tiiorouglifare Gap, but that ouly 100, OüO were aWe to do so. Thcir forcea were commanded by EwclI, Hill and Jaekson. Tho divisions of Generáis King and Rieketts are fearfully cut up. Tho bri g;idu of Gen. Haristuff lost more than lialf itd dffieers. Tower's and Duryea's of tho same División also suffercd greatly. Gen. Hartstuff was not in command of his brigade, but was siek at Washington. Gen. Banks eugaged the enemy at Bristow's Statioa. From all that we oan learn, it seeins that ho was attacked uy a column muer ucneral Lee in person nioving froin the directiou of the Rnppahanuock. If so, he had probubly a doublé task to perform to repulso both Gen. Lee from the Rappahaunock, and a portion of Jaekson's or Loogstreet's foress from tuis sido. ljurnside, Banks and Hooker seem to have bad an snemy to contend with in both front and rear. It is now certain that Gen. Banks not only burned up his own bagzage train, but destroyed three locomotives and three' trains of cars laden with ammuni tion and supplies. Thn locomotivos and cars were at ])ristow Station. Gen. Reno said, in conversation today, that he uever saw a more daring act than ono perforracd by the rebels on Saturday. Out of the woods on the flank of several of hiS batteiies swarnied what appeared tu be stragglers from our forces - a few at first, then more and more, untii not less than a regiment or two had emerged. He waa completelv deceived until they were nearly upon his puna, when lic caught sight of the red patch and knew them to be rebels. He turned his artillery in a twinkling aud destroyed almost every man. Washington, Sept. 1. The Slar of this evcning reports thal the rebels lost Gen. Ewell killed, Stono waü Jacksoc badly wounded, anJ a largo proportioa of Generala and other field office rs. Gen. Sigcl was woui.ded in tho hand, The corridor and passages of the Capítol will be uscd for hospital purposea. Washington, Sept. 2. The Eleventh Massachusetls went into the fight on Tuesday with about 240 men; 105 were killed and wounded. - The Twelfth New York with 354 men ai?d officers, and came out witli 106 men and 9 ollieers. The iour otlier regiments of thi.s brigade - Butterfield's - -the 44th New York, 17t!i New York, 83d Penas)lvani:i, and lGth Michigan caim out in the same propornon. Buttorfield's bri gade had marched for twenty-ono days without cliangeof clothe, and went uto the öglit in this fatigned eondition. A Tribune correspondent, who weut over the field of battle on Sunday, says our dead l;iy untouchcd as they feil in jattie, with l!io ejception of t fi oír c,;ps aud sliooá. I did not see a single atanco acaODg tho wliole 1-SU cload, wliere the slioes hai) not been rilkd. Muiiy of tho rebela ere barefooted. Tbc rebel lead and woúñded had all been dtspoeed of, aud nut a ü'uigle vestige of sick, killed r wounded remaíned to bc seen on tho eld. Even the straggling soldiers did not kuow yphere they uad beun taken. - Tliey wero evidently buried secretly in tho citfbt by negroes, for occasíooatly, n a d'uup ravino, I eamo ncross nioimds Bometiqips 10 or 15 fuet spare, whero their victims had been secreted from the aazi oí their own mea. Philadelihia, Scpt. 3. The Tnquirer, of this city, makes the followiug statements : Baton llouge lias boen completely deBtroyed by our troops. Gen. Breckinridgë bad demanded rtg surrender. He had a large forcé wilh hini. Falls Cliurch has been evaouated by our troops. ïho wounded who were in tlie hospital at Falls Church have nrrived at Washington. Stonewall Jackson is on bis way to Baltimore, via Leesburg, with 40,000 men. He iutends crossing near Edward's Xerry. Lator accounts from General Pope's leodquarters say that bil wholc column was falling back, and thunee to Washingon. The railroad bridge at Buil Run has ïgain been destroyed oy the rebls.


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