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Slaughter Of Generals

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The following Federal Generáis are reported killed in tbe recent engagoinenls in Virginia: Gens. Stalb, Taylor, Coulter, Buford, Kearney, and Stevens. - Generáis Sigel, Schonck, and Hatch, are reported wounded. - The list of killed and woundcd ColodcIs and otlier regimental officers is very large, more than the usual proportiou we thluk, a fact which shows that desperite fighting waa done. - The rebel General Ewell is reported killed and Stonewall Jackson wounded The slaughter of their officers is by do means as great as that of the Federáis. GP We give place to the speech made in a recent democratie meeting at Phikdelphia, by Cuas. Igeusoll, aud for which he waa arrestod. We do not endorso all there is in the speech, but glve it a3 an evidencs that the powers that be do not rogard the old maxim, " what is sauce tor the goosc is saaoa for Üiegaiiiler." Wendki.l Phillips called the President '' a turt!e,"a broom stick," &c , and denouncsd the administration i 11 unineasured terras, but wont " scott freo." Bbs. Wade, ia a recent letter to a political convcitio:), says " the eiforts of tho peoplo to put down the rebe'lion have been in a great tne-isuro abortivo by the over-eautious, estrcim;]y tiniid and vascillating courso of the Adininistration " Wadk is not arrestod, but IngkkS(ill is for sayiDg no harder things. Is this right ? P. S. Mr. Tnoersolt, has been released by order of tho War Department.


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