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&S" Onr readers will remember the disngr...

&S" Onr readers will remember the disngr... image
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&S" Onr readers will remember the disngrccments betwoon Gons. Bitlkr and touchinf; tho " contruband" question or ifie aiiriing of ncgroes, and that Gen. Piiklps resigned bucanse Gen. Bl'tlei; refused hi'ii arms and DStPUOtod liim to uso tho fttaVfa comirg withiu Lis linus is Jaborcrs. Thü matter was referred by Gen. Butleu to tho President who promptiy accepted the resignntion of Gen. PaBLFS. " Old Abe " íb sensible to (he last. 5CS" When the Twontioth Michigan Infanti-y rcachcd Cleveland ou Friday morning it met orders to go to Cincin nati instead of Washington, and proba bly reached tho farmer city oa Tuesday cveinnn;. - Tho Eightoenth Micbigan, Col. Waldho.n', and tho Tvvonty seeond Michigan, Col. Wisneii, were boih to leavo yesterday for tho samo destination. g&r Col. FtBTOHBR Webster, son of the great expounder of tho Constitution was mortally wounded in the battle of Saturday last. ncar Manassas, and has sinco dicd. td1' The National Ilorse Association of Kalauiazoo has postponed its Annua! Ilorse Sliow for the present yoar. Tho TwentyFifth Regiment ölichigan Infantry is now rendezvoused on thegrounds ■ of the associaticii), ,


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