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Rebel Repulse In Tennessee

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RAUW no, i. j Mojor HalK-ck, iu-Chief, WashiDgton : Gkníshal - Thu following dispatch is receivsd irom Bo.ivar, Tenne.sseu : Colonul Ilogg, in corninnrid et the! TwenlieÜ) umi Twouty ninih O!iio In-i fantry, and souie cav;ilry, ws attacked by abnut four tboueand rebela ; 1:iy. Our troops heliuved woll, ving the enemy, whose loss s over ono huodred. Our luss is twantv-fivo men killed uid wournJL'd, Dolooel i-íogg being ono of the nuinber. "TsigueJ) U.S.(j:;.VNTT. llujor üt.:ii-i,il íuiuriíanding. Cairo, Sopt. I. The 6ghï at Eolivar 'J'enn., on Saturday, K.stod uil thu aftumoon, res uiting in a repulso oí Uib enemy. They onuampud williin a few miles of the town, und on Sut,d;iy morriing breakna; tuto ainall nquiida, forded Ilutctiio Kiver and ultuckcd Mtadow Station, wheru they met wit h n doierminud roist:ii:ce, and were finally repulsed vvith a loss of fifty killuJ und wounded. Oiir Iopb is said to [iu only four. Telegraph and i;:ilroad counntinic:alion bctween Bolívar :nd Jackscn id interrujited, but will soon bo rtsiorod.


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