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M'clellan Assigned A Position

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Headqnartvre f tlie Anny, ) A.lj. Gen s Office, Sept, 2. ) By direction of the President, Major General McCleUan will havo commaud of tlic lortificaliona of ffttfebington, and of all tho troops for tho deftnce of the capital. By order of the Secretary of War, E. D. Townskxd, a. a. r. B.ilüinoro Sopt. 3. Tbe American of this city publishes tho íollowirifí special dp!lt(;h in its evening edilion : Washington Sept. 3. The enthusiis:ri ni the iriny on licirinof of the ipjiointinent of (-ronernl Mc Olellan to uorninaud thein is reprosentd is wildly enthnwinslio. 'l'hey aro now roudy to turn bnck nnd moet the enemy at once. Tliis folling extends throughout tho whol nrmy of Virginia, and even tho sir:k and wonndod join in tho general ivj'Hcing. Thore is no panic here. All Ie now confidunce and security. L5L Senalor Porneroy ofKnnsns hus boen nppointed Coinniiutiioner o{ African Coloniza! ion by the President, and i to have as representative, exclusive jtirisdiction in the premisas.


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