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Desperate Fight Near Richmond, Ky.

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L.INCINNATI, Aug. 3 On Frirjaj sftcrneon the rebelsTbeyontf Iliolimoi.J, Ky., drove u our cavlry Gen.Munson with tbe Güth and 7ls. j,j moved up a-ud after throwing a few sholl' the enemy rctreated rapidly bt-vond Rog' ersville learing onu gun beliiud. Mana bivouackud for the uight. 8aturday morniug, Manson advanoej with two regiments and four guns, comiug up witli tlio encniy an artillery fl ,,[ coniineoced, with heavy loss on bttl sidea. Tlie enemy atteiupted to turn our luft flank, wliou sbarp üriug ocuurred bc tweun tbu skiroitshers. The Eighth In. ! diana advanced througli a dense firo of ! shot auá shell to the relief of the skitmisliers, and beba ved liko old soldiers 1 but the rebels finully turned" our left flank, and advanced iu fuli foree on oap column. Manson onkred a retreat and feil buck ibree miles, reformed lui i line of battlo on the high hills, and got bis aftillery in positiou on the right ani left fiaiiks The uring by artillery re-comrnencetf and was kept up brisklj nu botli sides' After fighting about two bouiv, tho enemy advanced on our right flank, under the cover f tho woods, and after suver fighting sucocedüd in turuing it. A re. trcat immediately took plao-u to the oíd camping ground. Here Gen. Nelaou came up and after gteat efforts succeedei C rallying the iiil-d and ionnod another lino of battle Our irtiliery uumunitioa was alruady eshaustud and sonie tr!Jüg veere left without a single man to work them, all having been killed or woundcii. Nelson wna wour.ded about - P. JL when the men ajïain lo.l back, retreatin'g to Lexington. The eneiny's forces numbered frum 15 to 30,000. The Federal ■ ie 's engaged were the 95th Ohio, 12th, lGth, GGtli ai,J 71st Indiana, and Metcalfs and Lumleye oaválry. The loas in killed is heavy ou büth de. The num. ber is not yct known. Lieut. Col. Top. ping and Maj. Kunkle of the 7lat Indif -. d i t I ■ ■ I I iv .1 ana are botli killed. General Wright left this ruorning to takt! the field. Gen. Wallace leaves lonight to join hiña. A nuinbir of regímenta ave eu route to Lexitigton. LlXINGTO.H, Ky., August 31. Surgeon McD nald reached the city ' tlrs mnriiing frnm Riclimond, and rupoits 125 kilu-d, and 350 wuunded iu I day's batlle. He obtnined pfirmisjio 1 from Gen. Kirby Sinith (o uorae liere for a supply of müdical and liospital stores. Lieu'. Col. Stout, Col. McMillan, Maj, Brumback, and 52 otliors of tlie 95tti Ojio ;tj wouniler'. ;Maj. Co iklin ii wuunded, aiiü Col. Lucas Í3 k.ilud. Au oqual number of the Coufiidorates ars killed and wounded. Last iiigbt tlie bulls were rung,and all inaío citizons were ordered out, and slept ou tlieir armé. Majr Generáis Wright and Wallaca are ni Lexington. The Federáis are fullv prepared in case tLo rebela oaakean attaok.


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