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ard Tkaver have purohased the ' tnukiog establishment of A. J. Sutiierland anJ wil! carry on the business in itiS ( various branches. They are good boys ■ und good workmen, and we w'mh Jthem tho succesd we know their energy will 1 deserve. gT" -A. workman on the Law ] ing, nauu-d , 11 on Wednesduy, from the staging, a distance of fourteen feet, striking oa the joist, and severely injuring him. It was tho'tj " jesterday that ha might reoovor. Kfn,. The Detroit Couferenoe of the " M. E. Church will comraence its annual acssion in this city, on Wedoesday, the 24th inst , Bishop Scott presidiug. This büdy nurubers about 15l raembers, and c will be in session one week. L3C 'l'he August uumber of , wood's Edinburg Magazine has the ' lowing papers : Chroniules of Carlinglord, A Skye Lark, Castuoiana, Victor Hugo's Last Romance, The Kights ot Woman, Sermona, Across the Cbacne), The Years of Imperialism. For terras, &c, sue proepeotus in another column. Jpy In our advertisiüg ciJumns will bu fuund a geuuine novelty advertised in the shape of a $5 tíawing Machina. The Hume Journal, Now York i iS. Times, and otbcr proroineut papera say tbat Mino. Dümuuksi is very modest in her claims and that the litlle machine will really accomplish more thau she promises for it. Wlien vuil wonders ceuse ? JC3E" 'Ihe September number of the Edevtic Magazine has a Kteel portrait of the Eraprees of llussiu, accompanied by a short biographioal sketch, and eeventeen papers selectcd with good taste and judgment from tho vaiious English quurterlies and monthjies, $5 a year. Addrese W. H. Bidwell, 5 Beekman Street, N. Y. L3E" 1 h ö. D Gillespik returns homu the present week, and nuirning and evening services wil] be beid ut St. Anuruw's church tiest Subbath. L3T We aro indepted to Hon. R E. Tiïowbkidge for recent documentury favors. ffL" It is a curious fact that wliile the Kinpcror of the French alone provenís Italy from having Romo as lier. capital, and gijads Garabaldi to the vergo of civil war, his nainc is so detestcd by the shadow of a Paral Government which ho is proteeting, that it is proscribed iu every thoatre and opera house, or pub c place where it oiu be used. The word Napoleon is not allowed to appear or bo uttered beforo the people. 353C It is said t the Stnto Department our foreigti afiaira have Dever been in 6O sala a situution eince the ojtbrenk of tbe rebellioD as now.


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