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Br. Wm. B. Hma's DENTAL REMEDIES, ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD, 1NSÜRING FINE TEETH & A SVLET BREATD, AKS CurisgToothaehe & Neuralgia, Po you wisb to bc blrasod with and ndmiifd for PbakLTWHlTfaüd Sound Tfc.L-.TU? Ue Dr. W. B. HÜ'ftU'3 UNKIVaLLLDTOUTH l'OWDFft, wairumed free Cnnd ! aci'i.aikali, or &uy iujuriout sub.itauce. l'rice, 23 cents ter Ijux. fï., Bfxitre of the onliaary cheap Tooth PoTvdcrs, which whiten but di-stroy. Do you wlfc to be certain that your 3 pure, swt.t, au 1 ügrecable to husband or wife, lover ur , friends? Une Dr. HURU'd CiaEüftATJOJ IuÜTU i WASH. Piicc, 33 centd per UottUr, This astringí nt w&Fh ñ siso tho best remedy in the wui-Mfur Cankkr, Bad Bkeath, Ulekoixo UOXi, Eokk ilocín, tc. It has curd hundreds Do vou, or yon r ehiMren sufler f:om Tootuache? Gct Dr. HURD'a MAOIC IWl'HAlHE DKOPti. Price, 16 ! cents peí uottlc. Areyouaiïlxted with NFXIULGIA? Get Dr. W. E. HÜRD'S NEURALGIA PLAbThRd. The most eflective and U..Iigbtful reifltdy knawn. f They do not adhero nor bli.iter, but soothe and charm i paiti "a-.vay. Try them. Price, 18 and 37 cents.- ! Maiied ou receit ol prteti Do you wish a complete set of DENTAL REMEDIES and a Tkeatisk on I-hUmivkg Tlktu? Oei Dr. üTJKli'd DENTAL TKKA-UUV, the beatwt and toost Yaluble prssent tlip.t one frieud cnn inake t anyther. Price, tl sent by ruuil ou rtceipt of pttce. For sale at all the b?at stores throvghout the country. Cactionv- A- the re aro dealers who take advantae of our advertispmentrt to impase upoa iheir cu.stcruoi" InferiorprtpratioiM,it is ntce-saary to fattot upon lmvinff what youcfiU Ut, aud you will üktthü bk-t, tbovutgy tested, and prepiiretl by r-n exprwiicsd uní sci-:Uiiiic Dtnúít, i'rt-a-urer cf the Xtw Vork öiate Leuti.Ht's j gociatloo, aad Vice Fgweat oí the New Vurk City Ucatiil ocicty. Addrcss WM. B. HÜRD & CO , New York. Dr. IIurTs Dental Remedí s are for salo ín Ann arbur by feTBBBXifa k WiLaü.v, Eehkuah i Cu., aid GfïKVlLLE & FCLLKft. 86ütt TUE HOUSEKEEPtH'8 NEW IURMTURE POLISIÍ Prparedfrom in improve:1. recipe by the proprietor of ths "ÜRUTUiiE. Jo.NAïiiAA Pclih," is certifiud by all ihe leading New York Furniture Déniers and PianoForte Makers to oe tha bet in tiie wcrKl tor Remuvififf Scrfttches, Marks, aud Dirt. umi restoring a high sui iasting glosa tu ui Unda ui' Varnished vrork, from Futaifcure to Lfather. It i cheaper and better tbati Varoih, drie imuaea1atly. ani Ueaaity applied. a plece nf Clinton FlpPDffl and and a bottle or two of this NEW FfR.viri.KK PoUnB. a HouFckeeper can w-ork m;igic in the luruiture of a house and keep it Looking like new. Now ) is thu time to '-aliineup" ymr Tj.Ií!3o, Cbairs, Desks, Mianos, fiotaie Frames, Curriagps, e:c, and make thfjm lonk .C.O per cint. beiter. 'lhin is true ec-noniy. Fur by urn ture 1 ealersn 1 cfloiekeeperg gtnrally.- ! rice 25 and 90 rents abotito. Daput No l Spruce iit , Xew V'fic típ(lil Agenta Wanted. Addruss. Box 19T2, Xe.v Vork F. O Tlie H'm-ekecper's New Furnituro Polisli ia for feale at Aun Arbor by Great Books in Press. THRILLINÖ IMCIDENTS OF TnE GREAT REBELLION; OR The Herolsm of our Soldiers & Sailors, 1 voJ.jtargc 12 mo. Price, $1.25. The critics and the public are rlfht in predicttngthat :his will surpass, in graphic narrativo, exciting i u te rest, ai.d extensive populanty, ail other histories of tlie War "orthe Union lts tueine wil] be the heroic darÏDff, palient fiufleiinga, and hair-breadth escapes of our sol liera and sailors, nnd its incidents wil! ferm the theme of conversa Lion at innumerable firesides for years to come. ït will contain, inaddition to iu stirriog details, the philosophical Analysis of the Causts of tho War, by Jon.v jOTIírop iïIotlky, LL. I) , Author of "The Hise of tlie Dutch Republic," etc, the dates of' alt the important evenls from the John Brvwn raid, and au accurate md revised account of the principal battles, with engravmgs. One third the proceeda of allSubscription1 sent direct to us will be given lor the Relief of Uisabled Soldip.s, and all persons who wish a copy of the work, nn 1 nlso to benefit the stldie s.should sfend their name and addret-s at once. Also, any officer er privat, or person in any section of the country, having knowledge of a heroic act or stirrin incident, will oblige us by sendïn us an account uf it. BookscIIerB, Postma.sters, and Canvassing Agents will 3e furnisbed with a riubscriptions Prospectus j on application to the Publisheia . 9, A liberal commissirngívpn to soldiers desiring Í0 actas agents ia takingaubacriptions, II. THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN MANUFACTURES, from 1608 to 1860. By Dr. J .Lkander Bi-mor. 2vols, 8 vo. Vol I. uow ready, Vol II. nuarly ready. This is probnbly the largest and most important work now in tho American We have also juat published new editiom oí tha following uaefuland popular books: The Business Man's Legal Adviser ; Or, How to Savp Money, by Conducting Business nccordingtolaw as expounded by the Best and Latost Authorities. 400 pp , sneep. Price $1. OPPORTUNITIES for 1NBUSTP.Y ; or, A Thousand Chances to Make Money. Cloth, $1 This lias been republishod in England. Every lu-int-ssmanand clerk sbould have thi'?e books. Thcy will pay the btiytr a hundred fold. tvery parent should get them, lor Utair tons. AU ilif-ti books ara mnüei, pofitpavl, on rsec-ipt of price. We pay particalr atteation ïo mailing books, wrapp'n.f tJum caiefuHy, and will procuro aul scjrl, porilpaid, any bonk inywhtr-j, ou recwipt ot pubüshcr price. Addres F11EEUL.EY & CO., 8GItf Tribune Buildings, New York. 1)ERPÜXS who wish to luiy a Piano of the best maken . willbfi enrtwn how thpy cansare a haiKlsome sura in tlie purebaae if they addr- Piano, care JuY, Cok & lío. , PubtishirV Agcntfi.Níiw Vcrk P. O, 8.1tf MANHOOD ; HOW LOST, H0W SEST0RED. Just Fubliskzd, ta a Sealed Envelope. PrÍC6 Six Cents. A LECTÜRR OX TJIK XATUKE, TREATMENT AST) RADICAL CURE OF ÖPKRAJATUKRHCEA or Swilnul WetiknesR, Involuntiry Krn'ssiou, Bsxttal Hfhiüty, and Impedimenta to Maniago geneiRüy, Nervout-ooss. Cont-nmpTiont Rpflftpty afti Kits ; MenUl anaPhysicl fnapacity, r#-ultjn from Kelf-Abuse, kt. Ry ROHT. J. CL'LVERWhUi, U. D., Autl.or nf the Green Bonk, ke, The world rvnowaad author, ín this admirable Lecture, clearJy prorM from hi own fxperienncp tliat the awfal cmsíif nances of BtlfabvM may be elfectually removed wJfÊout medicine aiuí without dangerous surgical nperatioDA. bougies, inKtriimentR.ringfi or eordiaU poiating out a mode of euro at once eer tain ani pffctual, by which every siifferr, U' matter what. bis cnfidition miij . e, maye ure hmell choaply priatclv, ünd r;tdically. Thifl lecture will prove a booa to ttumsanuB and tbouKiinde. Sent up Ier seal , in a plain envelopc, to any addrííRg, on the refoir-tof Bii cnts.or two jostage atampsjby addressiH? , CFÏAfl J. C. KUN'K, 127 Bowery.XewYoi-k, Post Office Box, 4586. Ayer's Catbartio Pilla o es - " _ á lij l S t-fJi i rnl ú W 8 P p M L h o q nwU ; L 1 1 I I THE BEBELLION ON HIGH PRICES FOR CLOTHING. HAS CUM.MENCED AT THE OLO & RELIABLE OLOTHINC EMPORIUM ! No.3PIKENIXBLOCK, MAIN St. rAMoow openin? a Urge and rafted a?sortment cf S, ring and Bniamerlíoods, and in view of the rtbellon 'jüliigli pnces gene ri'.lv, will offor tbtm to mv f rienda anilcustom. rat tke very'luwest ñ%ares fur CniU.- Thiise in want of a superior articls oi Cloths, Cassimtres. or Ready-Madc Oioíhing, -vr'ül cali onWM. WAGWER, ■wlio has Jast returned f rom the East, wlth a large assoriinent of SPRING & SU MM ER GOGDS vhicli have been purchaaed attbe late LOW PEICES1 and cin offer thera at a lower figura than erfr before. Among my Assortment may be found BROADCLOTHS, UASSIMERES, D0E8KTNS, VESTINGS of all descriptions, togethT with a superior aasortment of Keudy-AIadc CloiSiIng, ,,-. v uTRUXKS, CARPET BACS, ?giJ JjOJ UMSRELLA3, and imSBGeiitlemen's Furiihliing OOODB, with numtrous othcr articlea usuully found in similor eaUbliihments. As an EMPORIUM OF FASHION, Ihe subsi-.riber flattershimself, that liis long experience and general succeaa, ivill Dablhrmo (?ive the greateat satisfacliontualiwhomay trust himintoeway ol &F" Manufaoturing Garments to order. WM. WAGNTKR. AnnArbor, Aplil 9th 1862. 84Stf QLOBIOtTS News from "Dixiel" The Rebellion about Crushed ! $ C. LOEB, CF THE CLEVELAND CLOTHING HOUSE Returu their sincere thanks to their numeroua iRIENDS AND PATROÍNS', For the liberal manner in which they have heretotofore patronizcl thrm, aml beg leave to anaounce that they ai e AGAIN ON HAND With a Largo and well solectüd Stock oï SPRING &. SUMMER CLOTHING! GENTS' FÜRNISHING GOODS, Ilaís, Caps & Truuks, which they will ecll at Astonishing Low Prlces ! For furthcr particulars Cali L4.ixc3. SoO for yourselves, and you will not goaway cÜasatisfied, A. & C. LOEB, Hurón Strpp.t, a fcv doon Tvept of CookB Hotel, Aun Arbor, Mny, 18"3. 3m651 Cojiway FU'e Insurance Co., Of CoDwayr Ma6B. Capirdl pnid up, - 8150.000 00 Assets (Cash), - 269,963 12 Linbilities. - - - 10,440 03 D. O. Rokers, Jas. S Whitney, Secretary, President. DIRECTORS. J 8. WHITNEY, ),. nODMAN, W. F.I,T.1OTT, BUIOVM,AOT1 D C. Mc-OII.VI!Ay,E D MOHG( W.AIT RK.MRNT. JOSIAII f.T.IS. A flü'l-EN W.H. niCKINSON, W . T. CL A P, D. C. ItOOGR3. Ann Arbor Rofrrcnces: Dr. E. WEI.I.S, L. JAMKS. I.. POPOF, ENOCHJAMEB. TAPT. r.R. OOOPRICH J, W. KNIGIIT, Airent. Ann Arbor, Michigan. TJSE SARATOGA EMPIRE WATER FOR In3íar(Rtíon or Pyapepia, Coaf tips tien, NVrvoue Debility, Lorb nf Appetiie, Comronn Cftldi, íIífbpb of the LuDgB, Headache, and Feverieb e.$ate oí the M by UATNiJtT), RTSPP!T2 ft rTX-SON L,= 5 EBHIBAÖH ft PO , rsArr ljg28


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