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F-! re by filre slrvd oy mirra, U ludí froni ii driivnle lid lu traiUry &-m, i.seoft and ilow As fulla t ! flnk of n ïaiiiBhing snuw In llie lup 01 11 BOUthern iiad. Tliere aiejewels of niceiu her roseite eara And g Ui imund lier wliile wrutOyil, Tlu-reiir -coatí y triflet on iTWy I'J. And j. tms of urt frtiiu xutiy a .nr._ Ju th ïliambtr wbti-e thU4li. A n... Wrd 8"ff9 in a glldwl cago At tlie oen cas-inenl iitar. A eun ry Ih.U ihrough a s-vavmg bough. Ai l ligiiis WHh ii'""d, 'diancK uu Th dewcf n lulling teurl A Fob fl.'ftls ou' t tlie svmmer ir Wuli ibe song birilV latett trill; Tlie :ufsi raer lolds of itie drapwy Are w avt-d by ihe sivcll if long, low slgli, And tbe delicnte lianca ars elill. "Ah, benuty of cart!i 3 nnuglit, is naught! And ag.lded ymr h is v.un! ] linve suen a ñtttr'l warred Incf ihina Wuli youih nnd b.nuty all diviue By tbe solditi-'s eoucb. of pain.' "I haveroad of nother whnse passing sliade dn thtir illows llie mangled lüsscd In th fiir i::imc;;i! '- Thuiv uiv more tears, But elie lueks tbegi-ms from lut detiout e:ra And tliesold from her slendt-r wnst. Tlie bird still 3:nL'a 'n bis (UloJ oaga ; But :be iiik in Iht ln-urt HhUi si un - her soul wiüi i noble pain; And lieuu'y is naught, ai.d yuuili is vain, Wliile tlie 's n,ui"'s si 11 smart I Fibr bv fibre.shred by shred, Still fiill ir ii i ■ unica linü Tli finthcry Hln.s is soft nnd s.ow As fH tbe fla'; s of a vanifhing snow In the lap of 'i summei land. There are crimson stair.s on breast ana brow, And filU-ts i:i glinstly coils ; Thewnlls .ie. i. ... K...i win, e, :id ba'e, And monniiiK ebu.s roll evef tbere 'J 1 rouh the obaiuber wherc Le toils. No glitter of rol.l on lier s!. ndcr wrisf, Kor ííenis in her ns.ttp en s; But a OUih nnd a benuty all divino In 11 e f.'iue of the L'lnistian inaidm siiine, And be: geiuf are the soldier ' tearsl


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