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Death Of Gen Kearney

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TT.e butilo iiiMonduy evauing lasted abnut four hours Alter uighllall, Uiu r:tin begttn to pour down o tprrant, with lieavv peuls of ihuiitltr and bril lam flasha f liglitmng. For a Urne neitber horse nor man could breasi the HloriJ), nnd lt firing whioh had beeu fruing on for soiTit! time slauktiiied, until i lull in tlie storm perinitled iis ronuiuptiin. Birnev's brigadu of Keurney s división was otdeiud (Hit in linu ol but tle. They liad nol le n in place jynjr bclbro bén. rul Birney obtu-rved llial oiie or two rcgiiiieiits on lus right, hu longinsr to soiiie other biigüdtj had 1 i"i ibe piiliin and retired f'iom tin' rield. Th' fact W4M rc[.(i!tod to General Keainev, and iiioiu li'oo.s were asked for to tí I un; dai)grou gap Eearn) dcciui'td if impnísiblu thai fuch un un wurruitted inovomeM fctiouiu nave Deen mudo, but Ui Miti.-ly hitnselJ ullop.d oö to reconroitre, He inudvertentlj' puüKed tfarough nd be)T)d o;ir line.-', and was uen no moro i ve. Birriey tiirned Ui Lring up the Tliiriv-eiL'lr.n Sinw York, a d put thein n thatpuri ut' the trunt, and ha ving filled liis lint ot buttle, huid ground nnd uiterwards repulifod the enoiny ut tho point u'f tfujuviiiit't and drove them irom tho field, t lm ground " uut tip into guliies, frimi Vktiit-h, a.s a necure covai, tho rebul shaïphtKters lought ua wilh dwperu linn. lioui'8 uutfttd, but Kmiiuey dui nut ippeui-, inid uftr mukiug senrdi tut and ntHi lor liiin. Genernl B mj cor clndfd tliai he luid tatffl tüken ji!=oner. Eailv the nest morning, howover, a fliig ol truo ciime in lroin Gen. Leé, itti word thüt Keiin.ey'rt body bud I-een fonnd and woilld be deiiveied lip. Gen Hiiiitztlniii!) ai ofK-e detüiled M;i Ur Binicv. conimuiidina; FiUyevenlli eniifVlviniii, lo i-c veit; and the Maretaïted vilh :i Hiiy and au e.-crt ui i,f;.ntry and ettvslry, but before reuubiig the outposts ie mat a party haviiig he lemaiim in charge. They had been nionnally delivcred up t 'ur men Mtliout wuiting Ur the usual escort tn nn.e up The. body böON litíed ol word, pistii], vvatch, diumond bruoch, irii;i-r tings, and the pouket-boolf, n !iich ihu Uuüeial alw.ys kept a largt imuunt of nioney. For a wonder tlH thicves had r)"t stolen his bouts r cotit. 'l'ha bódy was ciiirifiJ t cur retir, and tsror'ed by Mjor Birnéy tu Vrvhintön, wliei'e II was eiubiilmed. Il wí lound that i inuhkei ball had entertd the loft hip, and passeil upwal'd thniugh thu abdomen into the cavity ol the body, no doubt o;iUing dealh. The re mains went to New;irk, N. J., ly the 5 o'clouk train, in charge .f M: jr Bi - ney. Oí couras ttiere can be but oucliittirv a to the marmer nf the èralV deatli. He nnift havo beun hot on hornebock ty a rebel dharpshooter. who liiv hid in ' ne of ttio fiiiüies m the batlle tiel 1. Fkhii the upwartl oblique CMtirtw el ihe buil, it mitt be iufuned tliüt tlio lillniiiuii í-liot i'rotn :t lovver lev el tliun liis iotim .tood npon. Amoiiüf ihe visi: ors to day to sea 'he reinhirm iriw the txAartiA lewant ol bha Generiil, wlu) l)uit intfl iti it'jrony of grief on t;ikiüg it parting look at liis deud inastcr.


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