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A Gigantic Petrified Tree

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-One of tlie most astonisliiiiür trees of which the annnU of the world furnish any account, is found ]y innr on the ground niiar Honey Lake, on a slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, lt is t petrifud redar tree, haviDg a diameter of foity ieot at the butt, or a circumference ' of ónc Iiundrcd and thirty foet, and is bíx hundred and sixty fcet to the point vrhere its diameter is fnur feet. The re niaiiiing portinti of tlrs monster tree i coverfd with smid, and hus, tberefore, tiever been m:-asured in its entire Uigtli ; but if it mnintains its syinmftrioal propmtions to the top, as it probably does, foity or fiity foet of it must be lüdden in tiie e,i-th - thus aakiiifr its uiitire length miire than seven Imuded fuat. &3T During tho Freiich nr, 8f it Wiis ciilluil, the poll tsijf n Nw Enghuid ui four diliinj, Om tui; ofl i'cal caíate wn ut be rute) ('Í' thirlV i-ix dn]jiii s i n ii Vimdrcd v.ilnatn.i), ruil theiv iis BH t-vcise duly on lea, offet-, rum, Mtne ind cíiier irliulüs In guiiüral use. JL32T ilüny Turn rceently married liis couein of the paine nanie. V lien inteiroLiitcd u to iliy lie did go, lie iet p'ied tbat il liad always been a roas n of his tLat oue goud ïurL dceerves another.


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