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A Rebel Hero

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A lady o! tlio íirst standing in tlus oity lisa :wo sous in the rebel ariny in Mitirissippi. '1'Iiia l"ly determine! tu visit 1í j tvro sou, as tlioy cnuid not i-ii thoir parent, und, by siue mearía or ether, baviog obtained a pnssport, she tTi.s-cd tliü lint', :uid made her way to thj C'Jiífcdi'rat General uiidor wbns-i bauner lier aous weru verving. Slie wa entertttiued at liuadquürtorü, and foutid ibat the General and 1Í3 st;ifl officurs wet faring sumptuously, living on the ' very fat of the land." Bat thu oomnion soldiers bad ooly bread aud mulassus for their f.ire. It so bappened that wbila the lady was with the Uunfodoratcs, the time lor whieh a certíiin 'l'onaensee regiment en listt-d expired, and the lotdiers, auxious tu see thuir wives and little ones ouce more, began to make preparations to start home The General, in m;tking bil duiiy rounds and seeii'g the mn of th s regiment busily eugaged in making pi'e purutiotia tor their iotended dcpanuie, uquiied v.hat it tuoant ; and beuig made auquainied with their deteriniuatioo, he uimtdiutely gave orders that not a single man of theiu shotlld loave Lis eneump ment. The wbole brigade or división of the army witi at once ordorod under arms; eannon ami muskotry were bru't ti) bcar on this devuted regiment, ai:d thev were told by thu General tbat Qnleu ihcy taeJs up tlicir anus whwh they had tlirown down, witliin three minutua, tliey should bu ürcd on. Witli dtjath thas StarlLg them iu ttlo faue, thcy obuyed the order to take up tlieir arm-, all but eiiiht. It was üecreed tint these eight should be court-ui:inialcd and shot. Bol'orc the time una that the miü'ary court was to be beid, seve out of the citfht followcd the exaqiple of thcir oomr.idü.-", and ugret-d to resumo thcir anus Unèeokliec aiodfl remained finn in bis purposc ; ono soldiu;4 alone was willing to bravo deatli rather than jieid lo tija despot.ic dcmanils of a tyrant. lie pleaded Lis own cause with all the Famnr of wliiüli a suldiiT is uanuble. - Said ho lo bis General, " I hava served uut the time for wliich I enhsted faith fuily ; I lu'.V'j bctii IQ every battle; I havo been at all times at tha post of duty aFs:iied me, lu rain and ia sunsbino, in suinmer niid winter. I bave 3irved and l am williiiíí to s-.t.u my OUUtry. Kut Genera!, I bave a witu und four small obildreu at bömo, wlio Jepcnd alone in me tot support and piotection, and wlio have no oiw bésides me to look to tlieir interests Alluw me tliirty days - tlie law allowa a iurlouli ut' sixty day- but alKiw me half tbat time to visit iijy t'amily, wliom I bave iiot sutil for ii year, aud make some re cessiiry anaiigeiients foï tlieir wclfaie, ind I pro.nisu to re urn wiiliin tbat liinu to my tonner posilim in my rci;iiuüiit. I luake bnt a jusí and reasouablo retjueft. It is essenUal to the Wc'lfr8 ot' my tamily tliat you grarift it. 1 cannot enter the ifivici; again till I liavu visitud 1113 faiuily." . ■ 1.1 I _ i MM 1 lie was sentenced to be shot. 1 he deuroe was proaouuce! 011 Suturdy, and was to have been ëxecutecl on the ncxt ,ay_te .Sabbath - a suitabltí day for sin-li n dei;d. Ti)" suldiur au i beta, fulio was a hem, u d by f .ir the bravost man in bw rpjpineht, askud lor a littlo timo longer iu inako tbu prepai ation nceessary, in ordir to eutcr luto tlie pre uncu ot bis God ; and the (inte gruuiously extended ons day. so tli;it tbe tbu seutencu was esccutuil mi Aluiiduy, iut-tead of tbc Sabbatn W ben the fatal Iiour arrive 1, followLog bis coffia whioh was iu f'ull view, he was marchad to tbe place of cxecutiuii, and arrived tbere, ti)O (General poiuted bitu to tbe uew-m ide grave, ai.d com oiuuded biia to kiit-el dowa oti the margin of tliat grave Tbe soldiir and martyr simply replied th;it lie liad never kneeled to auy but bis Maker, and tliat be could not consent to kmel now to a man As be said tbis tbe order was giveu to fue, and iu lbo act of .mak mg tbe sign of the e uss u bis breast tbe martyr aud dier was ha eteniity. But tuere were maiiy uitaccustoiiied to vvucp, who lied bijter tears on witnessing this tragudy. We could wish that tlie accqjunt just sjivcn Wiis purely a fiction. But it ia given to us as a faet by a lady of thiü uity, whose standing iu poiut ot' iotelliguuce and respuctubility tio oue would jui'Stion, and tliereiore vo present it as a


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