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The Military Situation

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Wc liHvc travewed the entire circuit of the military experiment into wliiel: the administration was coerced by ihe ti;J ure brought back to t!ie p? ti t vvliero we nrere wlien the clamor agaiust McGleHan first pet in Events have di'iiionstrate'l tliat th utcrfeienee witli his plans has been ;i gigantic and must CDSïly blunder. Sineu this t'nulhardy experiment was vcutured on, Ihe war hiiü ken one of the DÍoodiest in bistory ; but this heroio prodigality of lifu by our gujlant sijidierg has been produotive of no correpondiii'j advantages - The premature advance of the anuy of the West (now universally dmitted to have been au error,) was by the cominaiid of the President overruling the judgment of the then General-in-CLief. The coiiscquence is that the iinuiediate fruit3 of this raiadlrfiCted energy have been squaridered. The Lrre:;t and tli y cities on tho batika of the Oliio, never bef'ore in danger, aro now iu a state of active alarm, and our armies in the Souih west are coruplete!y uut off f rom supijlioa and reinforacments. Iu tlie East, thii stra'egy whicli overruled that of tlie General-in Chief hm been equallv ! ds;istrous. Tbe President was ho.n ded on to order a premature ajvance against Richmond, and ñfter the plan of bis leading General had been assen ted to and was already in progress of exeeutio:, it vvas abruptly iuterterod with, and a. portion of the troops withheld whioh wuro deemcd ossential to ifs suocess. Tho reason of this interferenee was the ap prehensión of daugêr to the national capital; but in point of faet, Washington has never beon so little exposcd to rubel altaoks as while McCIelbui's arniy was in tbe Penin-ula. After the terribio suven düj-'s tíghting bef'ore Kiohtnond had eompelled General McClellan to make a chango of base, an active and vigorous, but uasconading nnd supcrlatively imprudent General vvas sum:noned l'rom tne West to tako command of the Arniy of Virginia, and malee a separate advanen On HiülliiiOüd. His very remarkable a(idris- to the arniy on aasuoiing nommand disolosed both liis anazing lack of cirounispeution and tht ideas of Gen Me Clullan'a gtrategy vi;h whioh lio hud been indocirinated at the War partmei. t. X niee sense of proprietv would have been satibfied witli aotlug on sucli notions, tru-tit g to evcot to viudio.ite tlieir ju-stiou, without putting them in suuh a fonn that almost every seutence was an obvious and intelided fling at the more cautious and comprehensivo strategy of the late General-in-Chief of the i a:my. Aa tliia address ontains the i pitluest statement to Le fouud In any public document of tlio radical itrategjf as opposed to that of Gen. IMcOleilan, we iiMsert sorue of its ma-t signiScant deebirutious. Onr readers can judge of thair soundiusa, by aeeing ho.v tliey look wtien bruueht face to face vrith tlieir ripoiicd fruit : I ai' sure y..n long for an npportunitj ': tu win the distinction you are capable ut j ashifvinir. That oppm-tunity I sh!l endeav -i' to {íive ou Me.iutin;u I wish you to d;smiss from your uiinds certaui phrase which I au) sorry to find fjïUch fa vogue aiuong you. 1 hcar cairxlantlij of taking ttrohjf positirms and hold;j them-nf lunet of reIreat - and of bata of supplics. LU us d'ncard suci idvis. Tbe krfrongest position a so'dier sb 'u'd i digire to oceupy is oue from whieh tic eau most casily udvancu aguinst th ene my. Lel uu studi the p'obnhle li es nfretreat j ƒ uur opptttnt, and leace our oten to tale carr of tliemseke. Let us look bifort s atid not hehind. Success and gliry are in the advauce. and sliiime lurk in the rear. Let ua act on this understauding, and t is siife to prodict that your bamiers slmll bu inscribod witli mai.y a glorious deed, nd that your ñames will be cear o your country uien fprever. (Signed) JOHN POPE, ilajor General CoriimandinR. This was meant to be a satire on Gen. Mcülellan; read in the light of recent events it is a most terrible and scathhir satire on the tratöffy of thu writcr aud on the rabid and purblind radieala of whoni he supposed hiniself to be tho inouthpieco " Disjster and shanie" have indeed " lurked in kit rear ;" they nm tha natural couseuuences of'-dii oardini; sueh ideas" is '; üues uf retreat and bases of supplies " It is DO wonder that when he tlius publicly advertised to the enemy that lie would dispense with the most ordinary military precautions, that he would ' look before and hot be hind," they were prompt to profit by ibis opportune inforniation, and to them nnoit valuable strategy. aul put theinselvesdi rectly in his rear. Nut once, not twice, but three several times tbey have ro peated this bold maneeuver of getting in his rear; the last time Bti Hoda night, when they captured au ammunit:on train, and killud the bruve General Kearney and General Stevens, wlio rushed tu au attenipted rusouö. .No wonder the President has onn;e to the conclusión that the country has liad enougli f thissort of strategy, und has reinstatcd Gen. McOleilaii in sole of the i'orees operatiug in Virginia. If ihe plana ol the General had not, been intcrfcred witb, the rebellion wou'.d loiur before now have been bópoléssiy ervuslied. As it is. we are incalouUldy j wurso off than wbon tho craj;y clamur igdhist liim bogan to take body and gtttW Strengt' The rebels are ïlready in forca on the j upper Potomao, reudj io attempt a OTOMin. Our Eroopi have beau rapidly brut' n frotn Fairi'ax and Falls Ohurofi, and diepositions li'ive ben inade to dispute tlio crussing of the Potoinac by tliu rebel irmy. I" tho ablü hands of Gen. Mc j Olelln- thaugli not ealled to the Work till thü peril was tnily aliirining- we have no doubt tliat bis old lines of do fence wil! be niainUincd, and (iniu gnuied for diseiphnmg the new leïies suffioietitly to ruutler them f usc against tho craz est of the radicáis, inu pable oí' beng taught by cxpor o.. et', wjlj 'tempt to hounu on the HC nniiy bufare it is fit t' ba l'Ut Uto tiie fluid ayaiust exporioiiccil and vio'.oiious trnop-, and 10 gquander t: aa they hive BauanHoícj} ;i .reut part of tbe ofd one W e trust tbe adipiutttratiop will have firmueM eonjh j this linie, to ï-csist tlielr iusauo cliimor, . ad allow tho to bc coudacted on the ipproved hsVrm of military soieuce. As gorinane lo tin nouossity of a brie.f interval fat disoif.liüiii,' the r:w troops, vs uk tliefoilowing cstract from Gca MoClollaii's work fin tlic ' Armic-s of Europo. ' He is speakintc on our inetins ol reaistinz au invasión : ' Au invadteg ar tuy of fiftcon thrmsand or twenty ilirrnsand tuen Oöld casily be cruslu-d bv the unremittiiia attucks of auperier iininbers ; but when it comt-s to the we of mora thati (me Imndicd tln'Usand disoiplined veterana, 'be very multitudu bro't to bear aj:iinst tliom works it! own drstruetion ; because. f without discipline and inatruction, Iiey eaiiDot be hau'lled, and are iu tlicir own way.'1


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