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Instruction In Preparing Claims For Soldiers' Pay

Instruction In Preparing Claims For Soldiers' Pay image
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To cnablu thíwa wbo muy ha cluims ujion the United States, fr morieys due cicceuaed officers ftod p1 diurs, on oeeount ol military fprvioet rencered, in tt;e regular of volanteer service, to ljt ;irj the .-urne, tliu lullowin'g toforina-tion is furntAwJ-: ORDER UV PATMKNT OF AURKAKS CK PAY Order Fimt.- U th deot'Möd rnamtd, paymetst will be nmde - lt't, tu ilie wiiiow; 2d, ii' n widow, to hir obild r childruDj (if trinow, to u guurdUn ) Order Svcnnd. - If lic diüd unmarricd - 1-t, to the inther; 2d, if tho fulber U, to the inociior; il both purepU are dtitd, lo llï brotl.cis iind tisleis, uulleutivuly j l;st! y, t the helri gunoral - (to be di.stributud in necordaucö wi'th tho laWB of the ö utü in wbich tho deoeasuü had i,in dor.iicüej OF BüU.NTY. The act npproved July 11, 1809, pro vidw, " ihat Hüiil bou n tv shall b; puid to the f(M(wi_ng pePont, and in the order following, tuid ti 110 ollier peivori, io-iit: Fii-n!, t tli'j widow c! euch debeiised suldiur, if tbwtt bu ne. tíeuond, f theit) bu no widow, I hen to the ühildren t si, oh dètieftsed soldier, Rh ure und Bh are ulilc'.-. Tl.ii-tl, I iuoh wldier let't neilhur wldow, nor ihild, nor clnldren, ihen, and in ihai.uuse, such bounty sliall bu puid lo tho iuüowir.g pers nn, ppovided they Uu rcwdeots ut ihe üniUd Stutfs, tc-wii : I"ir-t, to futhur, í ha Ehll iot ha living, ar ha aband ned the support 1 his farn ilv, then to tho tuotlit-r; and ifthuro be nüither futher or iiiotder, uu tforestikl, then aucli bnotity :ha'l hv puid to tlm bmthoi-d und rfhrterê o) the decdused soldier, resident as uorcMtia. By ihe same act, llio bouuty of one I.Hïidrod doH'uPi to wid'iws, &n , í voluntot'i-s is ilsngiven to tlio vklow.s, Ie., ui thosc persons who have eallttttid n the regular torces inca tde fiist ihty 4 Julv, I861j or sha'l esiitt during 1862, io be paid to;he bÍM n:imed n ihisuut. Widowsol f.crrMiiissioned offieers, íind of soldiers dying uftcr buinij discharged, ure not enlkled ti) bcunty, run1 uro lllti vidov8 (tí deüeased threa inonthii' vii'unteer.-i. DiSMiVALïY.- In Wíctíon 4 nf " An ict io grunt puDüionií," upprovuil Julv 14, 1862, ii d pruv'ul J, " tiiiit no imnuv slü'll bu paid to lh widow, or ehildroü, t üiy heir it any uí.':i:-üu so! li:ir. on íMíóunl c!' bountv, bufk pay ir pension, wlio have in uay way biwa engiiged n.or vvho havu tiidtíd or iibeted ihu exi.s.insr rehellioi) in the United Sute; but tía liglit ot íUüh di.-luyal uidow or children, lu-ii1 t huir.-, oí siuh soldier ttbtit] l'c ve tud in th'i IdvhI icir or heiis uf the dcueased, if aiiv there be." Information in regard to such cuses w i 1 1 reeeivetb attnaúan uf tb'e weoiui" i officer. APPLICATION, PROOF.ASD ATTHléSTIOÁTIÓS. Ai'pucation'. - Thé cliiiiiiuiit or claiiii mus tnutt Huik-.: a i written uppliüulion, undur oath, i:id over h'ïn, livf or their (.wn eignii'turc, stuting hts, her, or iheír nuíne, utre, resideoö, toiinecU'in to ihe (iecüiist'd, vsith thö letter or mime il the ouptian 1 thö feoiiipáh and regiment lo vliicli hu belonged; tiintí úi hi dc.Ui isrid tho nature uf the pay chirríen - litíltier " arreiirs u; jmv, ice..; umi the '■ 100 bouuty," ander net ..f July'22, 1861. Au Itpplicution bv & guardián shoii'd givu Lh ; mime urid ago ( f the w:ird or wanis, uid should bu ie uiopaniefl by :.-uufr'of gn:ii diitnship. or un itúihén ticate'j copv thureui'. In iho np.liou tien of i ii-oilier, é bminty, her liiisbiiml lieiüii uÜVö the l';i'ts ypmi which llie tiïaim is nmdo fMiuld ie c e ii-ly st-iled imd prnved. If the foldjer djed uiii!);:rned. leiivmuf no Child it murt bastutttd !y thu üpplieunt, nud alsti by tho diïónterested witnèwéH. PitooF - Tö satisfy the iiocountiiig thut tiiepersnn nr pertiini ihua el.iiniiny: is nruiö etititlfd to the uioney in the chiii-iio'ei' ho, she, r they claim, tha depositiond cl two urtkRble witnes íes wül be reguired, statin th t they ure HCtjitnlaitd wifli the ólainiuiit or cluimiiijts, the coiïiiécti'm lidd t the decöuod nul thut they (the deponent-) ire disin erestud. é$T Prooi ol :n;.r....u frttunrd evidence, ü' liossiiik') must tilwiiys iic&Vrópufly tlie applittatiou til lbie pluiiRing tu be thu vvidOW!'. Authbntication' - The npplieation nnd depoilionK, aliova réquiretf, In be subscribid :md saoni to betore a judge, eominWionr, notury public r jumice iif lliü peuce duly ulhorizud lo ndiiiinister oailis, ucuompuniöd bv tlie certitic.üio and Hti.l ui u c urt of record ti t ihe hict t the suid jndge, &., beiig duly commi.s.-ioned and acling in his.iffii-ial e!ij?eity ut trio uwe f Uiu L-xcüutiou of the fnreóing papers. ADMiNiSTitAliON. - As the tükiiiü out of "ütlüi-s o! üdüiinisti-.ilion" M 't1' dcd vviiñ eónfiderablè éxpehse, (ldm neowsary.) it is tu,iige-t'd th;.t it be done onüj wbeb requjréd by the aceountin (iÖioers, The bouiity beir.g no pan i' thu estille of w deceused, tut a uratuity to llie heirnj will in no üuhö be unid t" the adiiiiuistrator. DüciiAiiGEu 8ÓÍ.DIBH8.- When a sol iVier (ir yolunteerj íh diMihrgeil, he w (or nhould be) fuinished with a regular "ieichíirgu" un'J tu o (duplícate) 'P".y Cernfívatcs," una onu r more ilisubilitv cerutjntos, if (isoharged on aocount f dicrtbitity. Upon these papers lie can bu puid by n paymas'er of the nruiy uon itiek pre-entation. Shouia hu ft il to present the) i'r payment t a puyinastei-, or liaving presented them „ud be reíuíéd, thoy are wint to thisoffiue, tire pplu-aii'. must state the reasons for uch iefu.-al, nccoinpaiiiud by proni of i!jntuy and auüioiiiication, us ui the case of deceased soldierp. In n case should the "oath (.1 identity" on the bauJf üi ihü " Discharge be filled up, as the '-Discliürfo0 is rötorncd to th RDldier afler hU cliiim hP been nctetj uuon. Wboru "l'i'.y Cjrtificates" and eer ifictttea oi d'wubility huve been with lichl, lie nii:3t íwuá aU "tKor paper oi-.x'u to liiio at ihe ol Kis dwcharge, togetfier wiih the eérliftjato "f hg oaptuin thut no Siïfcti cortifloiiiex wera Kiyen 'i hitinr, and üe M9"M tor UhlioMina thum. In omHi ihe oertificitt ,re chmnc-d to havo kn !", offidvit ui ittch foS miirtt Iw f,inihe(l, tpi tiflg tha eiïüViWUtanuli nniier whiuh it I o(ülirre; thut he had cüiitïtly MMed for tftem v. Iiiioüt BBCö9't !in1 lllat : ha hys not reo5d pup thareon, nor asj td :ham wt y No soldier, ríM;h;ired iindir any circMiniíitsirice.H, can receive tbu bourity pruvidecl by tlm p.ct oL Juh 22, 1861. LnliifH "hu t-hnll have served for a pe: i'd of two ye-.r;, ;r (luriüg U:o Wir, f soiirier tjnJd." Pensions. -'cationüfnr pensions on iiccount of "diMiljility" receivfd in tliu erice, or fur widows imd chüdrcn under tl.eact of July 14, 186, thuiild 1 o inudu la the Ctumniwioner of Pon il)ns uiid not to tliis offico Mudk op Paymkxt.- Paytiionls will be mide by bu ordo fiom tlio accimnUng officern on any paymuHtvr oí the army. öuch order wil] requiro tha fgnutura of the claimimt on ts face, written by tumself, or herneif and duly witm.'8Jed. Mode of Presextiíco Claims. - All claims for Brrttr ot puy and boun;y ni:ty be ünt diiectly to this offii-e. - When rectived they are untered upon me register, ns sowii as practicable iliey vwll bu examinad, und if fotind eorruct in form, they ure placed on iht; files for nettlemeut and their recolpt htfknowledgcid. Ií incorrect, the purtysüiidirui t is immediately r.otified. No "special cuses" will bö mude iit the solicitaron ot' llltornoys, but when evidenee can be ubtained, c:i.-es will be fttldtted in ihe order wktufa they ure received. - The only exoeption tu tliis ruléis when is wlien, in ett!lg a n lts order, cvideiice is l;mid upon tho saine rolla uy liiuh to settle oiher oluíirM oí sol(iitrs deceased in ihe sa?ne compa.iy. - Lettel s oí' (KJltiry in relaliini til a clann, ,-hiiu'd Kpeuiíy the name ut iha de cöased and tho coinptinv, tegiinenf, and State to vvhich he beloned, and in ul case?, to secuio un invt'r, tho name, post office, and Statu oí' thu vriier ahuuld be ditiouily writteu. Fonilí. - T.'.elurin ücconipanying this circular is intended only as a gni e und lliUít be vuiied to suit upeciül cases. - No claim i.- ivjected ua icconnt ni the í'onn in wliijh it 'tí pnst-ntid, if il sub Btnntiullv euiDDÜuH with tho I tious. ïo CoBKEflPOjrssxxa - Lu'tc:-s if inquiry, reiatiug lo Itie puv oí so'.diurg id hospital or on lurlough, sbmvlij bu ttd(.Iru-sed to tho puyiiasur general. In quirius reluting to iliopiiy of deceasod luaiüsiers or othvr employés ot tho quarturtnasters dep:irtrnt;i)t, or }.ir thu puy of killed or lost n thy pimvicu, to the Tni-d Auditor, ui.d rsluting t tho p;iy nd bouutyof tterfoQ in tho inrine or nuvul service, to the Four'.h Auditor. Postage. - Tlie government paya ni! I poiago.s on siiüfa Uiei(tea j lióos, whether ruueivd or iraMiuiutd by tiiis office. EZRA E. PRENCH. Sfcand Auditor f (hu Tnnsurt, Department, Washington City, D. C FORM OF APPLIC.iTIox FOü A Rit E AKS 07 PAY AN-D BOÜNTT. T, , f , ia t! o county of and Sui'u if , on o:Uh sav, thac my uni s . veirn, i.nd that I uni th'a of , lale of , 11 the SUi!ü of , whci w'hs i ■ ■ n oon.'pMiiv ' i)f the regiment of , md diecl in tiie service of lbo Unitud Status af. , od t!ie - - - duy oi , 186 . [[f tbe poi-lisr du-d nnranriieil. ] nving no i cliiM it slmuld be hrn-e ot-ated. Ifthea.l I cal iun is bj the mother, elie slio ld alsu stute the mimi' ol ihfftttherof decvnsed, lii d at li or dlmudonsieat ot tkeiuprton ■ f his faraily, giviiiií t he datoadd uil lajls iK'C33iry toa proptrr iinder-üiiHÜng of tli oase. it' tft ti ilie:itiin ia by t!ie wi.iow of the (lcceas.'d alie slum d !it! stuie h?r nmtdéii name, wlitn, whcre. and by whum was inArrin . to liim, and wLetln r ur not tht re is rccurd eTJdeiiC of such iiiftrriage ] I inuktt this application 'o recover ntj aririurs t pny or other nllmvunees due ti the daceased trom the United States, und the liounty i rovided by the sixth riectioD of the ot nf July "22, Iü61, (áignutura oí ciaimant ) Statk of i Oouni.v of f"'. Personully appi-iired the above natned , to .no e!I knowti, imJ subscri bed uid mada oatli to tho forgiing stiilement on this day of , 186 , before ma. (N.ime of offiuial title.) FOP.M OF ArFIDA"IT. We, ind , of 1 - , in the connty nl 1 and Stut of , on oath 8uy that we are and have neon fur - . - -- )e:ii's we]l aoquaintcd wl h , iho applioant, and witii the unid , decnsed, who was a - in company .f the rernnu'nt . und knotr to bu the if w.iici dtee;isod - _Ij ' he diid nrunnrried, tetiving no child, it shnuld la htre stuted; and if tía appU j catión in mulhtr, (he fact tf her j w dowoiOil, ur the ohandcnmett uf he' husband, shcnild be stuttd as m tie (ipp!icitr.n-iM thut we liuve t íntertjst whattjver Lo this apulioiiVoe (Signature.) (Signulure.) Cfrtljlcate of the magistrale thesame qs abüve]


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