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T5 the IVojile of the State of l!iMgt: Tho State Central Cirmuitteo of the deiflocraiic party of Michigan' yielding ta rh.o desirü of ' a iáige nutnber of dem rferais, and abt-ving, their own sonse of dúty to the country, adopted and , fftittéd to the Republican State Centrul Ooinuuttce tho foüowiug cummuuicattO:, vis, . Detfoit, Aug. 26, 1862. At a meeting uf the Democratie State Central Coimmttee, held at their rooms hl this city tuis day, the follöwmg rosolution was unAniinoua'y adopted : líítnJeed, Tbat, iu the opinión of tlrs cAnntnittee, the present couditiou of the country demande the uspunsion of parturganiiations and party noajinationa for the approaoliing elections in this State, and roquiiüs the umted exertions of all citiion, to suppiOBS the present wieked cbellion, to maiutain the óoustitution and (fuíoroe the lavrt of the Uuitod Statea, and lo restore and perpetúate the tïnion. And for that purpose tho oomtnitteu rospectfullysubniit tn the Iicpublicai) State Central Coiumittc-e tLo t'olÜMving propoHition : That nci'.her a deuiocratic or republiean State Conveution fur tho ion oí' candidate." be held n this State the present year, and that in liea thereof, the respective Democratie und Kppnbliean State Central Curumitteca unite in calling a State Convention '■t' deleqates coiiipoíd equally of the two pohtioal parties, from the several cuuutii's of t!ie State, to be held in the city of Detroit on the da}' of , 1802, to nomínate caudidates for tho sevWral State offices. W o have tlie houor -to be, vcry roNpectfullv, etc , S D. ELWOOD, K KáNTEB, F. L1VE11M0RE, J. P. COOK, U. Ü. GILB1SBT, Mcrubcrs of tbc Democratie State Ceutral Comniittee. To this communiuation the committce reiieived the fuilowing reply, August 9th 1862: RzpvBLicAX Statu Comsiittee Rooms, Detroit, Aug. 20, 1862. 5 My Drab Sin: - I have tho honor to nu uiowledge the receipt of your coaimuu oitioü ot tlit 26th, coveriug the irup).Vni.ui of tho Democratie títute Joèn,r;il OóiÜuiittee for a joiut State Coaveiuiou. VVuh the bighest respect for tne sou roe wlionco tlic proposition aud Uitf paVnuUu suutiments whiuh porvada It, tku t'ollowing is rispeet tuit v submiitüJ : reply, ufter tlie mature ouustdortttiuu wlii-jti the subject de ïit.iiidèd : Tiio ltepublican State Ueutral CoramitUo. at a meeting held iu this city on VtfwUeUy., llieGtb rast., aíter a fulï and iwü iuterehango of op'mion, and in uew of the present urjs-.s, unaininously re-ulvid to cali a Kepubiicati tí ato Cmvention to bo heli in tlio city of Dotroit the last week in September. 'I'liey instruetud tho üxecttüve Co.nmitU'e tu issue a ïogular cali, bat broad ouongh to it.cludc all who would unito with i;fi iu suppress ing the priscut wiciiL'.l rcbvllioi:, i:i niaiuuiniitg the coustitution, enforcing the law% and perpetuating the Unio:i, loaviug to t!id Esccutive Cou:m;tto uo disoreiiou save ia tixing the peoüe d:y tt' tho weck. ' O.i Fi-iJay hst, tlo 22 1, tho Execu l'.v C):n.iittee met and naniej WoJucsd:iy, tho 24th of September next, and uiroctcd t! e cali to issue accordiugjy, und bj pubiislied f'orthwith. It sceius, therufori!, too late to accept and earry i;ito effj&t thu pcopoaitiou subuiittod in tho marnier offeraü. That it is tho duty of all citizeus to uni:e iu orushing out this wicked rebelliou, aud in inaiutaiiMDg the Union and the constituuo, is truly atated in the resolution ubmiticd by your comiiuitce. Tb ere caa bo but o;ie real issuo while the very esistonco of this goveruuH'Ht is eridaugered. It would aeeu), therefore, desirabie that therc shouid be but t,iu ticket in the field, m thero shouid be but ow party iu the country. With the most earuest desiro thut this w-.iy bc the re Bult, our cali as you will see, 'm very broad and liberal, invitiug all to uuite with us ouder oue b;uvncr, sj broad that no uian, whatever his party proclivities luay havo beeu, cuu hesilalo to uuite iu the salvation of tho oouütry. In nnswering your CJinmunicatioa without bubmitting thü saine to ths committee, the nJspouaibility wou d not have boen assuu:ed wero it not that their preiuus and wull-eousidered action upon the subject matter of your position preoluded any othcr course, and fully warrants me iu this reply, most respoctfully autinitted. I m, dear air. verj repectf. Ir, Yoar obodiout üorrant, J. W. T1LLMAN, Ch:n, Rep. 2. S. púa. To S. D. Eiwood, Chalrman Democratie CeDtrat Cocmittcc. We have deeined it our duty to place this correepondeuco before tlie pcople. - In doing so we cannot repress ao expression of profouud regret that the repubhtan leaders have deemed their party orgauization paramount to the public good. We do not say this for the purpose of reproach, but with sorrow commeusurate with tho sense of duty and tho patriotio hopo which iinpclied our offer. That sorrow is inteusitied by tho fact that the reply of tho chairman of the republiean coinmittee eviuces that, while they accede to the spirit of our yropositioa that there shouid be a uniou oL all gaod citizens in support of the goveninii-nt agaiust the rebeliion, thcy disinss it wiltiout Berious eonsideratioo, and rejeet, upon grouuds whicli astouish and puiu us, the ouly method by which mich a unión can bo attained. Their reply ackuowledgeg the patriotism of our otter, and that "there can be but one real issue while tho very existenoe of the government ia endaugered," and it distiuctly asserts that " it would seem, thcrrfore, t&sirable that thm'e shouid bo bid one ticket in the at thei e shouid m bid one party in tho country.''' The conclusión ut which they arrive from these sentimeuts is, tb at the " oue ticket, and the " oue party ' shall be republiean. A conclusión so different from our espeetations, a rejectiou of ' sontiinonts " outil'essod to be so " patriolic " and of a lueasure which every ood citizen deerns ■O necessary in this honr " when the very exisstenoe of the governmuut is endangered," leaves us ocly the duty of jilaeing the entiro subject before the poople and to ask tlu;ir adviee aud action in tlie primary tneoiings. We eaunot accept this reply as the voice of the loyal illusies of Miehigun. They will agi-ue with uí that moie is duo to thfl country than to any party or or gani. ,tion, that her salvatiou shuuld ut ibis time be the first, last and only conHideration of her children. Wc make no argument, becauso none is uecossary - Our pTOposition and the reaaon ol' its rejoctiijii are now bofore tho people. Wero fie r-ight to mako it ? Were they right ' Ij rejeet it ? We bulieve that we have done our duty, that we havo responded to tlie pre(,onderating sentiment of tho State. Tho pcoplo will be paiued, as we havo been, to learn that an ín vitatiou to union hae been uoatrered by a gage of party hattle, íha: a cfforï ío udíío aU i t savö thu Union has been repelled wpón t'no ítpmuic! ihst the rcpubli cm party must contitíuo a partiran variare, Wa wish thut Üñs was not eo - A divided pooplo nieans a f uincd óountry, and the eontinuance of partisati strife msures a divided peoplc. Tlie necessity of ; tlio hour iá to hurí tbe compactod masaos of the loyal States against tho rcbelliuu - to surround and fortify tho govoni mí-nt witli a siiutiinent oí resolute devotiou w'uioh iil ptvserve the ooosthution and tho Union. Such a seutiment is not the solo possessioa of any party. Tt belongs to all raen, who are grateful for tlie blessing of constitutional liberty, ereated fur ihein by tlie tathers of tho Republic. It is a cottkmon grouud, on whioh patriota raay meet and act. All orgaoizationa aod all efforts wliich prevent them from meeting upon it in tliiw crisis are ill timod, and we believe, suicid il. - The people of the United States have a couamoa destiny. No one can escapo from beneath the ruin of tho eonstitution and tbe Union. Whethor pulled down by the rebels at the South or by tho faotions at tho North aiding rebela by paialyzing the resources of patriotisiu, it vrill involve all mcu, all utorests and all organizationa in inevitable destruc tion. Wo submit these reflections to the people, aud await tbeir advico and action. Do they desive that party orgnnizations shall divido tho love nnd monopolizo the efforts which beloag to the country ? Answer, patriots of Michigat). Are you fur your country or for a party ? 3. D. ELW00D, Chu. of Cora. Edwaud Kanteb, Secrolary.


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