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Sinec tho issuo of our last paper, iv hich we gavo place to a brief editorial under the he.iding of Ibis urticlo, a correspondence betwcen the majority of the Democratio State Committee and the obairtnan of the Rupublicau State Committee bas been given to the public. - This correspoudence will be found iu this sheet. It will be soen tbat tho Democratie State Committee made a direct proposition that no party conventions be held, and that a Union convent ion be calle.i aud a Union State Ticket nominated. This proposition " J. W. Tillman, Cliairman, &c," dcelined without even submitting it for tho oonsideration of his committee, and llrjn immediately issued the cali for a State Convention. - T li ia cali Mr. Tii.iman flatters hiinself is very " broad and liberal, iaviting all to unito with US (tho Republican party) under one bannor," ind that banner not one of unión, but a draggled nnd soiled partisan bauuer, inscribed. all over with Kepubücan mottocs. Self-satisSed, Mr. T. says, " there should be but one ticket in the field, as there should be but one party in the country," and if ho were dictator wo doubt not that the edict would be issued dissolving all parties save tho Republican, and requiriog all men to vote the ticket to be nominated by a "Republican State Convention." We distike to enter upon a political campaign ; we liad hoped that there would be for tho time being, or until the onemy ia corapclled to loosen h:s grasp of the national tiiroat, a cessation of political etrife; and tliat there might be at the coming election but ono tioket in the field, an'l that ticket nominated under euch circumstances, and compo3ed of such men, that all loyal citizens of whatever party ñamo could voto for it. But we are free to oonfess that we never had any idea of joining the llepubliean party, and as bold to assert that this " broad and liberal" cali will not catch a corporal's guard of the loyal Demócrata of Michigan. Wo would havo advised a uniou movement, leaving each party to resume its organizador when this accui'L?d rebcllion is endcd, but will not adviso Demoerais prouu of thoir name and heritage to enroll themselves as lïepublicans, merely to gratify tho aspirations of Mr. Tii.lman for " one party." Wc soa no eourse left but for Democratie couventions and Domocratie tickets ; t.liprft pprt.;iinW ia nu rtflipr finnrao if tlm mnss oí me ivepublicans endorso tac aotion of the chairmau of their State Committeo. Wo acknowledgc do suporior in loyalty, ncither do tfe acknowlcdge tliat the loyalty of the Rcpublican party is in excess of that of the proud old Democratie orgauization. Then, let a Democratie State Convcntion be called, a ticket nomiuated, our devotion to the Uuiou rc-affirmed, and the wholo matter restcd with ihe people. - Sinco writing the above, we soe ndications tliat liundreds and thousands of Republicans repudíate the action of Mr. Tillman' aud his advisers. A letter is published gonerally signed by the Republicana of Plymouth, Wayne eounty, a Republican strong-bold, dcclaring that they will support no exclusive Republican ticket, and in Detroit, on Wednesday, we learned of a general movement, of prominent Republicana in that city and througlumt the State, to initiute a unión movement. We presume, therefore, and would advise, that the State Committec wait tho moving of the waters. J52L Late forcign intelligence says that the insurroction in Italy lias terminated, and that Garibaldi, after a very sharp coutcst was compcllcd to surronder, and was imnodiately eonveyed to Spezzia in an Italian frigate. JEÜST ltepublicau talkers and scribblors havo long clamored for ;i union of partics in these troublous times. The kind of a union they demand is shadowod forth ia tho correspondonce in auothcr column, and in t!ie cali for a " Ropublican State Convontion." They propose a retentiou of the Republican org.mization, and grant gracious permission for all citizens to enlist under the Republican banncr. Wliat magaaoimitj ! LrjtT The Tiventielli Michigan did not "switch cft" at Cleveland and go to Cineiunati as was announced last week on supposed good authority. It went immediately to Washington, and will participate ju the defenoo of the Capital, and we hope in the capture of tho rebel avmy which has dared to c.i'oss tho Potomac and iuvatïe a loyal stato.


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