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The Late Col. Brodhead

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Last week we announoed that Col. TlIORNTON F. ]3l!ODIIJ!AD, of tho First Michigan Cavalrv, was 6oVefe'y wounded in one of the recent engagements bufore Washington, and today wo record his death, for he has fallen a marlyr to tho love he bore bis country, a victiin tü the rebfllüojQ wbich Ihreutens the lifo of the Government. Colonel Broduead was well known to the citizens of Michigan, and they have conferred upon hirn various pofitions of trust and honor, in all of whioh his duty hasbeen faithfully performed, but as the principal incidente in Lia lifo are recited in anothur artiule we wíl] not repuat theni here. It was our fortuno to intircately know Col. BitoDiiiiAD, and knowrnghim we may say love hitn. He was our room-matu during the logislative seas ion of 1859, and wo learnoi.l to appreciate his social qualities and cenerous naturo, his quiclc porception andaound judgmeut. He was an honest and ub'e legislator, and bad tho coDfidiince of the whole Senate. We last met him jnst bctore his departure for tho field, and then hoped to meet him aguin when the rebellion was ended. We havo watched his courpe with interest, havo rejoiced in the repu'.ation he has won, and now miogle our tears with those of bis widowod wifo and orphanod children. - His funeral was attendod from St. Paul'J Church, Detroit, on Wednesday, tho services boing conductodby Hishop McCoskry who paid a fit tribute to the noble dead, and his remains deposited in Klmwood Comotery. We visitod Firomen's Hall, whero hib body was laid in state beneath banncrs inscribed with the natnes of tho battlo fiulds on hich he has won unclying farne. Upon one of them was also insoribed this senteneo ir.jin thu last lotter to his beloped wifo penned after ho received his mortal wound, " I have iought maninlly and now die foarlessly." His features were natural and gave no evidence of any doath struggle. He has died the patriot'a deatb, and now sleeps in peace,


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