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Pennsylvania Waking Up

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Jtlairisüiirg, öept, I. Arrangement aro buing made to forwurd u ihuoutranue of (Jun)berluoj Valley uil troops Qow hete and other regiment from New York and the E ast döstined for Lhat purpose. If an attempt shouldbo mado to ICivadüPonn sy'vania, a warm röeeplion uill await them. Óiüzens aio organiziog thorasulves into conipanies under the üovernor's proclamation. The employés of the Peunsylvania Retad sliop-s at this place, numbering over two hundred, inurched ycsteiday to tho Capitol groundd lor drill. Companiea ancl squads aio dl-il:iog to-day ui i!l our streuts and public piucos. The Governor has messeugers extended all along the bordéis. The rebel pickets are extended sevèn miles toward Hagèfalown. They poseessöd themselves of all the Ahnes, clothiog, &c, in the stores at Frederick, paying for tbem, Tho robels say thoy are fjoing to Balti:noro. The telegraph operator romains at HagorslowM, bat says he cannot hold the otiioo iiiuch longer. Noarlv all the Union men have left. Gov. Ciirtin i-i doing a!l in his power. Ilis hopj ir the futuro ia based entirely upón tho prompt response of our q'ltizena when oalled upon. Over 1,000 stand ol arma wore nont to Adama comity to-day, and 1,500 more to Franklin connty.


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